Hoopie Award Photo Honorable Mentions 2017

Hoopie Award Photo Honorable Mentions 2017

by Philo Hagen

While most web sites and publications do their big Year End Wrap Ups at the beginning of December, we’ve always waited until the year is actually over. For starters, some really cool stuff can roll out during those final weeks of the year. Then, of course, we also have our annual Hoopie Awards celebration to consider.

The Hoopies are pretty special. There’s something very cool about being recognized by your peers, and there were some truly amazing nominees this year too. That being said, it doesn’t mean our community based awards process is infallible. Sometimes things that were quite popular during the year are met with a certain ambivalence later on. Sometimes things we think were deserving of being much more popular simply weren’t. Does that mean either shouldn’t be acknowledged again though? Absolutely not.

So every year, once the voting for the Hoopies has come to a close, we step inside our hoops, spin ’em in reverse, and take a look back at other noteworthy hooping moments of the past year that are worth revisiting. Yesterday we took a look back at video, and today we’re turning the spotlight on hoop photography. Here’s our Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions list for 2017 and our greatest hits for photos.

Hooping.org’s Top 25 Photos of 2016:

What were the top 25 photos of 2016 on hooping.org? It’s time to find out, listed simply by popularity.

Vini Cirque Spins Foot Hooping at Soulvision

1. Vini Cirque Spins Foot Hooping at Soulvision
2. Kim Eitze Spins In Her Fifties Beautifully!
3. Emily Ruth Hooping at Royale Boston
4. Lauren Grace Morgan’s Fierce Hoop Body Paint
5. Sharna Rose Spins a Hooping Smile
6. Circles of Flames with Alie Rose
7. Adva Ben Shlomo and the Dead Sea
8. Jewel Baker’s Fire Hooping Smile
9. Dragon Hooper Spins Summer in November
10. Kenndrick Mason Spins Shoulder Hooping
11. Janet Glover Spins Up a Triple Threat
12. Romina Micheletty and Simon Nogueira
13. Fire Breathing Hooping with Jandro Nerdo
14. Eva Lou Hoops Spins Multiple Hula Hoops
15. Tori Hessler-Allen Relaxes Inside Her Circle
16. Jaan Elly Monogatari’s Dreamy Underwater Hooping
17. Minty Atherton’s Fierce Hoop Dance Action
18. Luna Devika is a Hooping Mermaid
19. Blair Welcome at the Beach
20. Tiffany Starr Fire Hooping at Cambridge Music Festival
21. Bali Waterfall Hooping with Lila Chupa-Hoops
22. Ashlee Shostrom’s Red Desert Hooping Heights
23. Devin Sewall’s Fire Tornado at Suwannee
24. Kiyoshi Shelton is Working on his Hoop Skills
25. Zip Line Hooping with Cara Urban

Hooping.org’s Top 25 Photos on Instagram:

What were our top 25 photo posts on Instagram? Let’s take a look and these are listed by popularity as well.

Casey Lee Finds Balance at Home Festival

1. (467) Casey Lee Finds Balance at Home Festival
2. (447) Double Hooping Backbend with Ebonie Hoops
3. (402) Katherine Means Spins Hoop Grace
4. (391) Grace Burgner Spins Spirit of Suwanee Hoop Magic
5. (374) Antarctica Hooping with Shiho Sparkle Hooper
6. (366) Daniel Edmondson Hoops It Up
7. (360) Isopuppy Fire Hooping on the Coast
8. (346) Sunset Silhouette Hooping with Billie Tyler
9. (337) Naoise Hefferon’s Beautiful Hula Hoop Toss
10. (319) Rachel Sullivan’s Amazing Hula Hoop Toss
11. (308) Lisa Lottie Festival Hooping in Christchurch
12. (308) Romina Micheletty and Simon Nogueria
13. (307) Ayla Roda’s Maryland Rennaissance Festival Hooping Magic
14. (302) Amanda Hickman’s LED Hooping Rainbow
15. (297) Supermoon Hooping with Isabella Maria
16. (288) Jaan Elly Monogatari’s Dreamy Underwater Hooping
17. (285) Bex Luna Spins Serenity Gathering
18. (278) Bali Waterfall Hooping with Lila Chupa-Hoops
19. (268) Chi Chi Revolver Foot Hooping
20. (267) Lola Hoop Darling Spreads Her Wings
21. (265) Ariel Patriki Hooping and Juggling at ConFest 2016
22. (262) Silvia Pavone’s LED Hooping Metamophorosis
23. (261) Alana Karma’s Space Princess Mini Hoop Portrait
24. (260) Morgan McKniff’s LED Hooping Light Show
25. (260) Gail O’Brien Takes Hooping to New Heights

With the Hoopie Award nominees and the greatest hits above, here are our 25 Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions for photography listed in alphabetical order by subject.

The Hoopie Award Photo Honorable Mentions of 2016

1. Alicia Dart: View Here
2. Alysha Shah: View Here
3. Amy Hooplovin: View Here
4. Angeliki Hope: View Here
5. Chi Chi Revolver: View Here
6. Flowpunzel: View Here
7. Hula Hooping Hannah: View Here
8. Jacqui Imhoff: View Here
9. Jane Fondle: View Here
10. Jeanette Conklin: View Here
11. Jennie Brennen: View Here
12. Jessie Rose: View Here
13. Jewelz Hanssens: View Here
14. Kristy Fortes: View Here
15. Lucia Volker: View Here
16. Maevey Lizabeth: View Here
17. Marco Kalc: View Here
18. Miss MichelleBell: View Here
19. Nicole Casper: View Here
20. Katina Dunkerly: View Here.
21. Outa Control Saturn: View Here.
22. Sarah Bellum: View Here
23. Sarah Ellen Fernandez: View Here
24. Silvia Reiter: View Here
25. Simon Jeffory: View Here

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