Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions Are Open

Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions Hooping.org proudly presents our 10th annual Hoopie Awards honoring greatness in our world wide hooping community. Your submissions for 2017 Hoopie Awards consideration are now being accepted and will be until 11:59 pm PST on Friday, January 13th, 2017. Please read all information below carefully. Properly following awards requirements will ensure your Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions will be considered.

PREVIOUS WINNERS: Previous Hoopie Award winners are not eligible to win within the same category twice, but feel free to nominate them for other award categories. Review all previous Hoopie Award winners here.

NEW THIS YEAR: Changes for the 2017 Hoopie Awards are as follows: We have added one new awards category for Mini Hooper of the Year and nominees for this award can be submitted as you see fit. We’ve also changed a few ongoing awards requirements. Last year we added two new Hooping Performance Video awards that required all video submissions to be uncut and unedited. After so many wonderful performances were disqualified for even the most minimal video editing, we realized this was too strict and have removed this stipulation. Also, our Hooper Hall of Fame Award honoring someone’s long term contributions to the world of hooping has been expanded from eight years to ten in honor of our 10th Hoopie Awards celebration.

IT ONLY TAKES ONE: Don’t make social networking appeals or contact friends or family to get others to submit your name or group for awards consideration. All that is necessary for consideration in one single submission. Just one. Got it? Good. Submitting more will not only provide you zero advantage, it unnecessarily clutters and slows down our whole awards process. You’re more than welcome to submit your own name in any award category you think you’re deserving of recognition in too.

PRELIMINARY SCREENING: Once all of your Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions are received, hooping.org staff will lightly prescreen them to determine if they’re worthy of further consideration, photo, video and tutorial awards. This preliminary screening is essential in order to streamline the final nominations review process for our randomly selected 2017 Hoopie Awards Panelists.

2017 HOOPIE AWARDS REVIEW PANELISTS: Our 2017 Hoopie Awards panelists have the distinguished honor of deciding who receives our final Hoopie awards nominations. As in previous years this panel will consist of 50 randomly selected hoopers from those who have checked the “Yes” box regarding their availability on the form below. All panelists for 2017 will receive notification by email that they were randomly selected to serve this year on Saturday, January 14th.

Please note that in making yourself available to serve on the panel you’re agreeing A) to maintain secrecy regarding your awards participation and confidentiality regarding all submitted content until the final nominees are announced. And B) You’re confirming that you have free time next week to review the submitted content in order to make the most informed and impartial voting decisions possible. Please note that nominating yourself for an award does not exclude you from making yourself available to serve as a panelist as well.

Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions: Specific Category Requirements

Some of our awards categories require specific information for your submission to be considered. If you don’t include it, it won’t be considered. Given that you have until Friday at 11:59 PST to get your Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions form into us too, if you don’t know something you have time to go find out. If required info is missing your submission will not be considered.

Categories with special submission requirements this year are as follows:

• Hooping Photo of the Year: You must include the url to a PUBLICLY VIEWABLE photo from 2016 for consideration. If said photo is not currently publicly viewable, ask them to change their privacy settings to public. If it’s not publicly viewable it will not be considered.

• Hooping Tutorial of the Year: Submit both the name and the url for any tutorial video from 2016.

• Solo Performance of the Year: Include both the name and the url for a hooping video performance from 2016. Performances may be on stage for a live audience or filmed in a private setting for an online audience.

• Solo Hooping Video of the Year: Please include both the name and url for a nominated video from 2016 featuring only one person hooping.

• Hooping Performance of the Year (2 or more): We’ll need the name and url for a hooping video performance featuring two or more people. Performances may be on stage for a live audience or filmed in a private setting for an online audience. All nominated videos must be from 2016.

• Hooping Video of the Year (2 or more): Include both the name and url for a hooping video from 2016 featuring two or more people hooping.

• Youth Hooper of the Year: Submissions can only be made for hoopers under 18 years of age and must include their current age for consideration.

• Over 40 Hooper of the Year: Nominated hoopers in this category must be between 40 and 64 years of age.

• Senior Hooper of the Year: Hoopers nominated in this category must be 65 years of age or older. Please confirm that your nominee is eligible in this category prior to submitting them.

• Hooper Hall of Fame Award: Nominees in this category must have a minimum of ten years of hooping experience. Please verify that your nominee is eligible in this awards category prior to submitting them.

THE SUBMISSIONS FORM: Below you’ll find your Hoopie Awards 2017 Submissions consideration form. Your full name and email address are required. Email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than contacting randomly selected Hoopie Awards Review Panelists and clearing up any confusion we may have regarding your submission form. Only one (1) nominee can be submitted in each awards category.


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