Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale Results Show

Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale Results Show

And The Winner of Hooping Idol Is…

In our Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale Results Show, Hooping.org salutes all three of our fantastic finalists who made it to the end because all three of them totally rock! What an amazing Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale it was. All of them are winners in our book, even if only one of them is spinning away with the title and our Hooping Idol 6 Ultimate Prize Package. We whole heartedly invite and encourage everyone to please share the love with all three of our finalists today, regardless of the outcome, because we love them all and we hope you do too.

Who will be our new Hooping Idol? Will it be Beth Anne from Killen, Alabama, USA? Will it be Firefox from Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA? Or will it be Tarryn Allan from Leicester, England, UK? We’re about to find out.

For those just tuning in, things kicked off with our initial casting call. We then introduced you to our 21 contestants for season 6. For week one our finalists all spun up something groovy for Sixties Week. After the judges scores and the public vote 6 were eliminated. Then the remaining 15 all hit the clubs for EDM Week and in the end 5 more were sent home. We threw everybody a curve ball for week three with Opera Week, and after that 3 more were eliminated. Then things got scary during week 4 when the remaining seven spun up something spooky for Horror Week, and 2 more were eliminated. The final five all spun up exciting performances for Performance Week to the exact same song and two more were eliminated. Which brings us to our Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale. Now it’s time to find out what happened! So without any further ado, here’s Philo!

Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale Results Show

Thanks for tuning in for another exciting season of Hooping Idol. Now our search for the next great hooper star is complete! Thank you once again to all of our amazing contestants this season. We love you all. Thank you to everyone who auditioned, our incredible judges and special guests, our amazingly generous prize sponsors, and to each and everyone of you for being a part of the Hooping Idol experience this year. Congratulations to our new Hooping Idol and happy hooping everybody!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Beth Anne. WOW! There must be so much excitement going on your end of the world right now with family, friends and FANS. I would also like to congratulate FireFox and Tarryn Allan for all their outstanding performances. Like Philo said, what made this competition very special is the unique style that you all individually possess. HATS OFF to all of you for your dedication, perseverance, skill, passion and creativeness. You are INDEED all winners and I sincerely hope this leads you onto GREATNESS. Thanks for the entertainment. I’m going to miss you all! Until next time….. TINA X

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