Beth Anne: The Hooping Idol Interview

Beth Anne Hooping Idol

Beth Anne: The Hooping Idol Interview

Last night, in a suspense filled Hooping Idol 6 Season Finale Results Show, we revealed the winner of our sixth exciting season of Hooping Idol. If you haven’t already watched it, please do. It’s quite the reminder of just how amazing this season was! Two months ago, while watching 60 auditions, I clicked play and saw the smiling face of Beth Anne of BA Hoops from Killen, Alabama, USA. With her immediate charisma and hoop skills I thought we should include her in the mix this year. Little did I know she was going to be capturing our hearts and spinning her way through to win it all. But who is Beth Anne, our new Hooping Idol? Let’s find out! Join me for a very special interview with our new Hooping Idol – Beth Anne.

Philo: OMG, you just won Hooping Idol! Congratulations! How does it feel?

Beth Anne: Holy what!!?? Is this real life?? It’s like a dream for real. This is incredible, I’m so stoked about winning!! I’m just so excited! I feel so many feels! I wanna thank you Philo for hosting this intense competition and I wanna thank the judges for watching my videos and giving advice that I can use to better my skills! Also, heyo and thank you supporters, you all helped me out so much! I worked so freakin hard and put everything I had into this and it is such an honor to have won!! My fiance, Dakota, who filmed and edited all but casting and sixties week, he worked so dang hard, I wouldn’t have made it without him! I can’t wait to see where this takes me. I am honestly in a bit of shock about the whole competition, what a wild experience it’s been!

Philo: What was it like for you being in the competition from the very beginning to the very end?

Beth Anne Zombies Beth Anne: Woah, this competition was CRAZY! I have been a viewer of Hooping Idol since season 3 and I had no idea the amount of heart and dedication it would take to make these videos. Each week got harder with some things and easier with others. I definitely felt confident in the beginning, but when I started getting lower scores from the judges it had an effect on me. I also started comparing myself to my fellow contestants and it was hard to overcome sometimes. The time constraints weren’t too bad at first, but as I got deeper into the competition it got way more stressful to have everything just right and in on time. I was also very, very emotional at times, especially when I was super proud of a video and it scored low. The behind the scenes was complete chaos when I had multiple computer crashes right before the season finale video due time. From beginning to end there were ups and downs, but finally getting that link emailed was always a relief.

Philo: What made you decide to enter this year?

Beth Anne: I entered this year because of Courtney Fagras who won last year. She inspired me so much, I instantly crushed on her. As soon as I saw her casting video last year, I was like WOAH, this girl is unique and this girl is talented, I wanna be like her. Something about her style and the way she connected to others, so true to herself, I wanted to do that too. I decided to practice super hard during the year and when I saw the article about casting 2016, I went for it!

Philo: It seemed like you really took to heart what the judges had to say and just kept improving every week. How was it having the judges critique you? Is there something that was said that didn’t sound right or something you really took to heart?

Beth Anne: Ahhh, the judges critiques. At times they were hard to read, but seriously I kinda liked it, I got excited each week to see just what they all thought and how I could improve. Most of the time, I feel like the judges helped steer me in the right direction and helped me be the best I could be. Sometimes though, yes, some things I was told I didn’t quite understand or agree with. To be told I was distracting them with hoop tricks or I was hooping too much or to see judges critiquing that their favorite part was the part without the hoop was super confusing to me. This is HOOPING IDOL, so I NEVER really understood those critiques. I honestly don’t remember other seasons being so focused on the dancing part of hooping either, so that definitely caught me off guard ALL season.

Beth Anne Philo: If Anah or Babz are at the table dance gets brought up, but I hear ya. Do you have any thoughts or comments for your fellow Hooping Idol finalists Tarryn Allan?

Beth Anne: Tarryn, you are a strong competitor, you are extremely talented and beautiful, throughout the competition your videos were my favorites, your Opera week and Horror week videos were AWESOME! I actually became a fan of yours from your casting video, girl, you got dem skillz! I wish you well in your future and hope to meet and flow with you one day!

Philo: And FireFox?

Beth Anne: Firefox, girl, you’re amazing, you’re a beast, and you’re a serious performer! It was super intimidating competing with you this season! You’ve inspired me to learn more circus hooping and work on my flexibility! My favorite video of yours was from EDM week! I wish you well in your future hoop endeavors and I hope to meet and hoop with you one day!

Philo: When did you start hooping and how did it happen?

Beth Anne: It was almost 7 years ago that I began my hoop journey. My boyfriend, who is now my fiance and my filmer/editor from Hooping Idol, gifted me a hoop for our 4 month anniversary. It was a big ole hoop, 44 inches big!! It sat there for a few weeks. I didn’t know what to do with that thing and I felt I looked completely ridiculous trying to waist hoop! It wasn’t until I watched YouTube videos, like Lisa Lottie’s street performance when she had dreads, that and other videos inspired me to finally start a diligent practice and soon hooping took over my life. It has been my go to work out, stress reliever, and my most favorite daily activity ever since. I was determined to be the best hooper I could be.

Beth Anne Philo: How has hooping changed your life?

Beth Anne: Hooping seriously changed my life, I now have a hobby that my full heart, body, and mind commit to. Hooping has helped me gain confidence and self esteem, which I’ve struggled with the majority of my life. Hooping has given me a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the mornings, a reason to reach out to others, a reason to grow, a reason to share, a reason to push myself, a reason to create, and reason to keep bettering myself. I’m so grateful I started hooping, I am who I am because of my practice.

Philo: What does current hooping life like then?

Beth Anne: Well, as of now I’m trying to get used to having won and being this year’s Hooping Idol. Eeeeeeek!! I’ve gained a lot of exposure and I’m hoping it’ll help me start performing and teaching more. I’m also hoping for more performances with my troupe here in Alabama, learning new routines together, and to finally get to work with my fellow hoopers in Ocoee, Tennessee. I believe we are aiming to perform our routine for the first time at Ocoee River Jam this summer, exciting! Really, I just wanna keep going from here, keep leveling up, continue learning and of course spreading that hoopy love!

Philo: Can you share a favorite hooping memory or two?

Beth Anne: One of my favorite memories is learning to chest hoop, watching videos and trying to look just like the girls I would watch. I would use a wall and watch my shadow because I was to shy to use a mirror. Another memory that sticks out is when I was learning to leg hoop, all the bruises and trying to explain, yes, it was a hoop that caused these bruises, haha. I’ll never forget the night I finally nailed consistent leg hooping, it happened in the forest where I filmed my Finale Week video!!

Philo: What are you currently working on?

Beth Anne: Currently I’m overwhelmed with inspiration from this competition! I’m going to continue to improve the skills I have and add a bunch more to it. I still gotta work on confidence while hooping for a crowd, that’s super hard for me! I am going to be working on adding a lot more multi hoop skills, I got great advice from Lisa Lottie to improve my on-body multi hooping and I’m going to be drilling daily. I fell in love with quads way more during the competition and I’m gunna work on getting a more consistent flow and add more to it. Lauren Cole has recently inspired me with her quads work, I’ll be studying up! ;).

Philo: Yay! What are you going to be doing now that Hooping Idol is over?

Beth Anne Hooping Idol Beth Anne: Hmmm, now that it’s over I’ll sleep, a lot, haha. Really though, I’ll be rafting the Ocoee River with Cascade Outdoors all summer long. I’ve been guiding 7 years, any hoopers wanting to whitewater raft this summer, please come see me. I LOVE TAKING HOOPERS RAFTING! We can even have a lil flow sesh! I’ll also be dancing, imbibing and hooping at my favorite bar, Dumpy’s, and I’ll continue to grow as a hooper, dancer, performer, and as myself. This experience was intense, emotional, exciting, chaotic, and a blast all at the same time. I did not know I would be a different person afterwards, but I AM. I have learned SO much about my hooping and myself. I’m taking ALL that I learned from the judges, friends, family and I’m gunna ROCK IT!

Philo: Awesome! So in closing, what advice would you have for someone just picking up a hoop for the very first time right now?

Beth Anne: Do it!!!! Pick it up and give it a spin! Don’t overthink it, just do what feels good and do what makes you smile. Hoop like no one is watching! Turn on your favorite tune, get lost and get moving! Just have fun with it!

Philo: Awesome, best wishes and congratulations!


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