Hooping Idol 6 Opera Week Results Show

Hooping Idol 6 Opera Week Results Show

Hooping Idol 6 Opera Week Results

The results of Hooping Idol 6 Opera Week are in and Hooping.org would like to congratulate all of our contenders that are moving on to the next round – and we have nothing but love for every one who is making their departure this week. Who is going home and who will be moving forward in our quest to find the next great hooper star? It’s time to find out!

Can’t watch where you live? Try it on Vimeo and thank you all soooo much for being part of Hooping Idol 6! We loved having you in the mix this season and we wish you all only the greatest of things in the future!

Hooping Idol 6 Horror Week What’s next for our 7 remaining Hooping Idol 6 contestants? Things start getting pretty a little scary for them right about now, and they’re about to get spooky for all of us. Welcome to Horror Week on Hooping Idol 6! It’s been requested repeatedly and we’re finally going to do it. Our contestants can take on a character, pay tribute to a particular film, but whatever they do they better bring it. Here’s what they need to do:

1) Choose a soundtrack for your Horror Week hooping video

2) Claim that song via email to hoopingidol@gmail.com. If the song you’ve selected is already claimed by another hooper, you will be notified to choose another one.

3) Read Hooping.org’s Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video again. Seriously. Some of you are STILL losing points on these very items.

4) Create your next Hooping Idol video inspired by our theme – Horror!

5) Post your video on YouTube and Vimeo on or before Sunday, May 22nd, at 11:59 pm PST. Be aware that videos do take time to upload so don’t wait until the last minute.

6) Copy your YouTube and Vimeo video link urls and email them to hoopingidol@gmail.com. That’s it!

Have fun Hooping Idol 6 Contenders, but remember – make it count. At the end of Horror Week two more of you will be heading home. Happy hooping everybody!

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