Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016

Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016

Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016

by Philo Hagen

While most web sites and publications seem to do their big Year End Wrap Up at the beginning of December, our inclination has always been to wait until the year is actually over and the new one has officially begun. For starters, some really cool stuff can still roll our way during those final weeks of the year. Then, of course, we also have our annual Hoopie Awards celebration to consider. It took place later than usual this year due to technical issues and The Hoopies are, in fact, something pretty special. There’s something very cool about being recognized by your peers in the community. There were some truly amazing nominees this year too. That being said, it doesn’t mean the process is always infallible. Sometimes things we really think should have been more popular simply aren’t. Sometimes things that were quite popular during the year are met with a certain ambivalence later on. Does that mean either shouldn’t be acknowledged though? Absolutely not.

Every year once the voting for the Hoopies comes to a close we step inside our hoops, spin ’em in reverse, and rewind the clock for a look back at the hooping year that was. What are our Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016? What were the greatest hits last year too? It’s time for all of us to find out!

2015 may very well be remembered as the year everybody was singing “Hula Hoop”. Omi’s hit single racked up more than 40 million views on YouTube and made the top 100 songs of the year in Australia and Germany, as well as hitting the top ten hit in many countries. Sure, the hula hoops were nowhere to be seen in the music video, but rest assured – people were thinking about them whenever they turned on the radio. So what were the biggest hooping videos on YouTube last year? While there weren’t any super mega viral explosions like we have seen in recent years, in part because Facebook videos became an element in the mix this year, there were still some major hooping hits – and Native American Hoop Dance proved to be hotter than ever. If we missed something, let us know.

YouTube’s Top Ten Hooping Videos of 2015

1. World’s Best Native Hoop Dancers with N8tive Hoop: 600,296 views on YouTube with N8tive Hoop from Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA.
2. Rachael Lust: March Madness: 159,846 views on YouTube with Rachael Lust from Marion, Ohio, USA.
3. 50 Shades of Hooping with Martina Morati: 143,940 views on YouTube with Martina Morati from Verona, Italy.
4. Tal Fransky – Golden Hoop Dance: 129,405 views on YouTube with Tal Fransky of Tel Aviv, Israel.
5. Hooptown Hotties: Bang Bang Hoop Dance: 96,709 views on YouTube with Hooptown Hotties based in Los Angeles, California, USA.
6. LED Hoop Ninja with Rachael Lust: 89,433 views on YouTube with Rachael Lust from Marion, Ohio, USA.
7. Hula Hoop Dance to Reggaeton with Rebecca Victoria: 77,388 views on YouTube with Rebecca Victoria of New York, New York, USA.
8. Katie Sunshine Burlesque-esque Hoop Dance: 71,179 views on YouTube with Hooping.org’s Katie Sunshine of Conway, Arkansas, USA.
9. Trap Music Hula Hoop Dance with Izabelle Dean: 62,728 views on YouTube with Izabelle Dean of Montclair, New Jersey, USA.
10. Babz Robinson’s Badass Hoop Dance: 54,112 views on YouTube with Babz Robinson of Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

It was also another epic year for Hooping.org itself. We racked up over 2 million hits again during 2015 from more than 1.4 million visitors. We’d like to thank everyone out there for making all of the incredible hooping videos, tutorials, photos and more that we had the honor and privilege to share with the world last year. Our biggest hits of 2015 only consider data from hooping.org itself, rather than including data from all of our social networks. First up are our most popular posts of the year, followed by our Hoopie Award Honorable Mentions 2016 for hooping videos and hooping photos.

Hooping.org’s Top 25 Features of 2015:

1. 4151 Points: Hoopie Awards 2015: Rock The Vote!
2. 2160 Points: Hooping Idol 5: Let’s Meet the Contestants
3. 1999 Points: Lisa Lottie’s TEDx Talk at Binghamton University
4. 1955 Points: Hooping Idol 5: It’s New Wave Week
5. 1754 Points: Hooping Idol 5: It’s Disney Week
6. 1568 Points: Your Hooping High is Neuroscience
7. 1352 Points: Hoopie Awards 2015: Our Winners
8. 1267 Points: October 30-30 Hooping Challenge
9. 1255 Points: Hooping Idol 5: It’s Science Fiction Week
10. 1050 Points: Hooping Idol 5: It’s Pop Music Week
11. 1000 Points: Hooping Idol 5: Our Season Finale
12. 943 Points: Hooping Ink: When Hoopers Get Tattoos
13. 895 Points: Hooping Idol 5 Performance Week
14. 869 Points: 10 Hooping Moments Without Limits
15. 839 Points: And Then I Started Hooping: The Documentary
16. 822 Points: Hooping In Your Fifties: Flow For Every Age
17. 784 Points: Hooping Idol 5: Casting Week Begins
18. 759 Points: Hooping Idol 5: Let’s Meet the Judges
19. 757 Points: It’s Time For More Hoop Love in Our Community
20. 741 Points: Hula Hooping Through Your Pregnancy
21. 729 Points: Nikki Hunt: Our Hooper of the Week Interview
22. 604 Points: 10 Unwritten Hooping Community Guidelines
23. 589 Points: Roller Hooping Aims To Be The New Summer Hit
24. 560 Points: Hooping 2014: Greatest Hits & Honorable Mentions
25. 554 Points: Saul Paul: Do That Hula Hoop with Rachael Lust

The Hoopie Awards and Hooping Idol 5 were huge again last year, along with some other great pieces worth checking out. Here’s 5 more 2015 features we think are worth remembering.

LED Hooping Photos Light Up National Parks
Marium Akhter: Pakistan’s Hooping Star Passes From Lupus
Loss of Hooping Technique or Freedom of Flow?
Hooping Through Anxiety
Your Hooping Connection with Ancient Greece

Hooping.org’s Top 25 Videos of 2015:

What were our top hooping videos of 2015? It’s time to find out.

1. 2455 Points: Silvia Pavone’s Hula Hoop Show Blows Us Away
2. 1756 Points: Mckenzey Simper Totally Knocks Our Socks Off
3. 1156 Points: Lisa Lottie: Moondust
4. 1097 Points: A Burlesque-esque Hoop Dance by Katie Sunshine
5. 889 Points: 9-Year-Old Sara LeDuc’s Amazing Hoop Dance
6. 750 Points: Jane Jensen: Hooping at 94-Years-Old
7. 727 Points: Babz Robinson’s Badass Hoop Dance
8. 715 Points: Grace Good’s Badass Hoop Dance Flow
9. 712 Points: Flowmance with Lee Jeffries & Morgan Jenkins
10. 689 Points: Rachael Lust: March Madness
11. 675 Points: A Hula Hoop Flashmob in Barcelona
12. 647 Points: Nutcracker Hoop Dance: Emerald City Hoop Troupe
13. 638 Points: Bang Bang: LED Hooping with Hooptown Hotties
14. 627 Points: Hoop Tech: Gentlemen of Hoop Tech
15. 610 Points: A Flourescent LED Hooping Duet with Flow & Ila
16. 591 Points: Haris Adele & Lee Jeffries
17. 568 Points: The Hooping Highway Flagger
18. 531 Points: Cara Urban: Central Hoop Station
19. 530 Points: Angelina Rose Knocks Our Socks Off
20. 505 Points: Jedediah Walls: Hula Hooping Unicorn at the White House
21. 501 Points: Hoop Dancing with James
22. 485 Points: Eva Lou Hoops: 10-Year-Old Hooping Harlequin
23. 459 Points: Black Hoopers Unite: The African Diaspora Spin
24. 451 Points: Philosokitty: Trippiest LED Hooping Video
25. 434 Points: Disco Hoop Dancing with Ali Williams

Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016: Hooping Videos

Beyond the Hoopie Award nominees and greatest hits, here are 25 Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016 for hooping videos in alphabetical order.

1. Ariane Cabana: Most Elegant Hoopcamp Contest with Ariane Cabana of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2. Cara Urban: Central Hoop Station with Cara Urban of Tel Aviv, Israel.
3. Courtney Fagras: Hooping Idol 5 Finale with Courtney Fagras of Bellingham, Washington, USA.
4. Crystal Smith: Hooping Idol 5 Disney Week with Crystal Smith of Jupiter, Florida, USA.
5. Dana Carman: Hooper with Dana Carman of Durham, New Hampshire, USA.
6. Dizzy Dynamic: Summer Hoop Demo with Alexis Collier/Dizzy Dynamic of Saint Charles, Illinois, USA.
7. Dylan T Bradley: NYC Hip Hoop with Dylan T Bradley of San Francisco, California, USA.
8. Emma Hörnell: Boom with Emma Hörnell of Toulouse, France.
9. Evan Davis: Manhoopttan with Evan Davis of Boulder, Colorado, USA.
10. Jacquie Imhoff: Circles in Grand Rapids with Jacquie Imhoff of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
11. Year of the Hoop with Jennifer Dennehy, Rachael Lust, Kaeli Kluge and Katie Emmitt.
12. Katherine Aurora Callahan: Hooping Idol 5 New Wave Week with our very own Katherine Aurora Callahan of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
13. Lainey Be: Indian Outpost with Lainey Buchignani of Seattle, Washington, USA.
14. Flowmance with Morgan Jenkins and Lee Jeffries.
15. Lyon Hooping Club with the Lyon Hooping Club from Lyon, France.
16. Marianna De Sanctis: After Hoop with Marianna De Sanctis of Toulouse, France.
17. Meg Amor: Hoop Paint Love with Meg Amor of Chico, California, USA.
18. Mckenzey Simper Knocks Our Socks Off with McKenzey Simper of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
19. Ngaire Leighton: Anndala The Hooper June 2015 with Ngaire Leighton/Anndala The Hooper of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
20. Phoebe Carlson: Old Wind Chimes with Phoebe Carlson of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
21. Rachel Sullivan: The Egyptian Spirit with Rachel Sullivan of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
22. Rager Rabbit: Hooping On The Natch with Rager Rabbit of Boulder, Colorado, USA.
23. Flo Bear: Welcome to the Freak Show with Sarah Parker/Flo Bear of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
24. Talya Solomon: Never Tire of Hooping with Talya Solomon’s of Massachusettes, USA.
25. Tiffany Hancock: Star Wars Day Hoop Dance with Tiffany Hancock of Misawa-shi, Aomori, Japan.

Hooping.org’s Top 15 Photos of 2015:

What were our top photos of 2015? It’s time to find out.


1. 629 Points: Brittney Isphording’s LED Hooping Magic
2. 461 Points: Fire Hooping Breathing Blast with Jandro Nerdo
3. 440 Points: Samantha Novak Has One Word For Us: Dance
4. 377 Points: Sylvi Spins Sailor Moon With Hula Hoops
5. 321 Points: Paige LaWall: Hooping Unicorn
6. 308 Points: Amy Hoopsalot: Sweetest Hula Hoop Engagement Photo Ever
7. 304 Points: Brittney Brinkley: Mermaid Hooping
8. 291 Points: Jandro Nerdo: Flaming Pizza Toss with Jandro Nerdo
9. 269 Points: Maria Jacobs Lights Up the Badlands
10. 263 Points: Hula Hooping Bride Lucille Schneider
11. 263 Points: LED Hooping with Asha Ashwell
12. 242 Points: Matthias Elliott’s Hula Hoop Halo
13. 226 Points: Lisa Lottie: Multiple Hooping in the Las Vegas Desert
14. 221 Points: Gizela Guimaraes: Bolivian Desert Hooping
15. 212 Points: Full Moon Jam Fire Hooping with Colleen Pecho

With the Hoopie Award nominees and our greatest hits, what photos did we think deserve to be part of Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016? Here are 15 to remember in alphabetical order.

Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016: Photos

1. Annika Hakala: Floating While Hooping with Annika Hakala of Vienna, Austria. Photo by Christian Unger.
2. Caitlyn Woods: Sydney Mardi Gras Parade with our very Caitlyn Woods of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Photo courtesy of SBS.
3. Casey Martin: Hooping at the Cadillac Ranch with Casey Martin of Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo by Rob Williams.
4. Dallys Newton: Burning It Up with Dallys Newton of Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Cody Augustine Photographie.
5. Emilia Pieśkiewicz: Spinning Color in Autumn with Emilia Pieśkiewicz of Warsaw, Poland. Photo by Ewa Motylewska Photography.
6. Heather Terral: Spinning Up Mount Shasta with Heather Terral of Ashland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Sangye Ince-Johannsen of Multimythic Media.
7. Heike Hoops: Hooping in a Field of Poppies with Heike Hoops of Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Kersten Pfletscher.
8. Jade Jeckel: Fire Hooping with Jade Jeckel of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Photo by Taryn Wattles PhotoEvents.
9. Jandro Nerdo: Flaming Pizza Toss with Jandro Nerdo of Houston, Texas, USA. Photo by Andrew Dolan Photography.
10. Jane Fondle: Rocking It Out with Jane Fondle of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo by Spinferno {Fire & Photography}.
11. Jennifer Campbell: Super Fun Hula Hoop Day with Jennifer “Kitty” Campbell of Foley, Alabama, USA. Photo by Brandy Hug of Bombard Photos.
12. Kammi Matson: SUP Hooping Alaskan Style with Kammi Matson with Kammi Matson of Homer, Alaska, USA. Photo by Rose Grech.
13. Kate Ryan: Acro Hooping at Astral Harvest with Kate Ryan of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Photo by Luke GS Art & Photography.
14. Shannon Sol: Hooping at Beloved with Shannon Sol of Oakland, California, USA. Photo by Zipporah Lomax.
15. Steve Bags: Spinning It Up Poolside with Steve Bags of San Diego, California, USA. Photo by Robert Stone Nadel Photography.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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