Roxanna Redfoot Hula Hoops on TMZ and Beyond

Roxanna Redfoot Hula Hoops on TMZ and Beyond by Philo Hagen

Roxanna Redfoot hula hoops and not only does the model and rising star know how to keep it spinning around her waist, it turns out she’s got some pretty impressive hoop dance skills and flow too. Redfoot, who is playing killer Jodi Arias in the new Reelz television show Murder Made Me Famous, was tracked down by TMZ to get the scoop on her and the show. What did they find out? Roxanna always has a hoop in the trunk of her car and she wasn’t afraid to take it out and give it a spin on the air. Starting things off with some beautiful breaking one of the guys at TMZ calls her hooping “Hypnotic” and we’re honestly inclined to agree. This all prompts Shevonne, who is one of the gals working at TMZ, to chime in with, “Hooping is a really good workout! I have one in the back!” And no big surprise this results in Shevonne needing to demonstrate her talents as well. So, who winds up being the better hooper? Redfoot, hands down. See for yourself.

That’s all because Redfoot isn’t new to hooping at all, as evidenced by her Instagram. Some of you may have spotted her and spun things up with her recently at Wakarusa and elsewhere. See the pics below.

If you have any doubts that she truly is a hooper, check out the “I’d Rather Be Hooping” license plate rim on her car. And as she says herself, “P.S. Hoop friends, you can find the plate cover on Amazon.”

In fact, Roxanna has some super sweet hooping moves and flow, above and beyond what TMZ captured in their little segment. Check her out!

Truth be told, Roxanna’s so in love with hooping it’s like they’re growing from the trees.

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Roxanna Redfoot Recently interviewed by DFW Style Daily, the Dallas / Ft. Worth style site, Roxanna is proudly holding her hoop high and when asked about any hidden talents she responded, “I started hula-hoop dancing to get through a tough time. Ever since, I have been giving away hoops in hopes of helping others explore what has been such a positive outlet for me. I hope to continue expanding in that direction, and using hoops as my way of giving back. If modeling ever slows down, I hope to set up a business selling hoops, and perhaps teaching classes. I want a percentage of the profits to benefit an organization that encourages young women to pursue STEM-related fields (STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math).”


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