In Dust We Trust: Our Annual Vacation

In Dust We Trust: Our Annual Vacation It’s that time of year again boys and girls. is spinning away on our annual vacation so don’t be expecting any updates or emails answered for a little while. It’s a special time of year when hoopers galore head to Burning Man, quite possibly the largest gathering of hoopers on the planet annually, while other hoopers who aren’t going there seem to be taking off to enjoy all sorts of festivities befitting the last hurrahs of summer.

Many of us at have our hoops packed and all of us are looking forward to a holiday adventure of some sort, and we hope you’ll get a chance to get out and spin up something festive for yourself too, even if it’s just for an afternoon or evening. We will return on Tuesday, September 8th, with big smiles on our faces and all sorts of super cool hooping stuff to share. So until then, dear hoopers, we wish you nothing but the hoopiest of times possible and we hope you have a fantastic long holiday week and weekend. Happy hooping everybody!

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