Brenmar Hula Hoop with UNiiQU3 & Marawa

Brenmar Hula Hoop

Brenmar Hula Hoop is the brand the new single and music video from Brooklyn-based producer Brenmar of Fool’s Gold Records, and while there have been many hip hop and dance hall inspired hula hoop projects over the years that have urged us to get our hips in the spin, they’ve typically been light on the hula hoops. THIS, however, isn’t one isn’t of those, not at all. Featuring the incomparable hula hooping talents of Marawa The Amazing along with Kaneesha Ross-Baird and Blue, they’re joined by the New Jersey queen of club Uniiqu3 and when these ingredients come together the result is something super tasty!

Hula Hoop is the new single off Brenmar’s Award EP and you could say this one is slated to be this summer’s most triumphant dance hall jam. The call to action is simple: “Swing them hips like a hula hoop.” We won’t give away any spoilers, but things get even crazier in the second half when they bust out the LED hooping, and y’know that with Marawa’s Guinness World Record history, you don’t want to miss a single second of Brenmar: Hula Hoop.

Brenmar: Hula Hoop

Brenmar Hula Hoop

Brenmar Hula Hoop



The video was directed by LIL INTERNET and produced by Brenmar & Brian Scully. You can download the banging tune too quite easily on iTunes.

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