Hooping Idol 5: Our Season Finale Results Show!

idol3finalefeat In our Hooping Idol 5 Season Finale Results Show, Hooping.org salutes all three of our outstanding finalists who made it to the end because all three of them totally rock! What an amazing Hooping Idol 5 Season Finale it was and all of them are winners in our book, even if only one will be spinning away with our Ultimate Hooping Idol 5 Prize Package. We invite and encourage everyone to share the love with all three of our finalists today, regardless of the outcome. We love them all and we hope you do too.

Who will be our new Hooping Idol? Will it be Dizzy Dynamic of Saint Charles, Illinois, USA, Crystal Smith of Jupiter, Florida, USA, or Courtney Fagras of Bellingham, Washington, USA? We’re about to find out.

For those just tuning in, we put out the Season 5 Casting Call, introduced you to our 21 contestants and our special guest celebrity judges. Then we kicked things off spinning our way back to the early 1980’s for New Wave Week. In our New Wave Week Results Show, six were eliminated. Next up came Disney Week and 5 more were sent home. After that we had a great time with Pop Music Week and thanks to a tie only 2 more were eliminated. Then came Science Fiction Week which resulted in 3 more contenders were eliminated, followed by Performance Week and 2 more were eliminated. On Tuesday we shared our Hooping Idol 5 Season Finale and now it’s time to find out what happened! So without any further ado, here’s Philo!

Hooping.org’s Philo Hagen hosts our Hooping Idol 5 Finale Results Show, spinning up love for all three of our contenders. And now, our search for the next great hooper star is complete! Thank you once again to all of our contestants this season. We love you all. Thank you to everyone who auditioned, all of our illustrious judges and special guests, all of our amazingly generous prize sponsors, and to each and everyone of you for being a part of the Hooping Idol this year. Congratulations to our new Hooping Idol and happy hooping everybody!

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