Hooping Idol 5: Let’s Meet the Judges

meetthecontestants We’re so excited about our fifth exciting season of Hooping Idol, we can hardly wait for it to begin tomorrow! Our 21 contestants are busy putting the finishing touches on their New Wave Week videos and getting them posted, all for a shot at our ultimate Hooping Idol prize package, and this golden opportunity to learn and grow with the guidance of our incredible panel of international hoop star judges. When it comes to Hooping Idol 5 presenting a series of revolutionary challenges in our search for the planet’s next great hooper star, all four of our judges already know what being a hooping star is all about. So, who is seated at the judge’s table for season 5? Allow us introduce you to four of the world’s biggest names in hooping, four super hoopers that we are honored to have with us this year.


rachaellust Rachael Lust of RachaelLust.com was first noticed in the hooping community when her “Thrift Shop” and “Away We Go” videos both went mega-viral within just a few short months of eachother. Her Thrift Shop hoop dance helped propel her into winning the 2014 Hoopie Award for “Hooping Promotional Event of the Year” having inspired a whole new legion to step inside the circle. She also scored herself the 2014 Hoopie Award for Female Hooper of the Year, and all of that was just the beginning. Soon after, she released her mega-viral “Groove” video which also caught the attention of hoopers and non-hoopers alike. She’s made countless television appearances including the Queen Latifah show, started teaching, touring, and making tutorials, and has spun her way into music videos and other projects. What is she looking for as a judge for Hooping Idol 5? She told us, “As a former gymnast, I place a lot of emphasis not just on fancy tricks, but presentation as well. I would much rather see clean hooping than advanced skills that are sloppy, and core body hooping is a total bonus.” She comes to us from Marion, Ohio, USA.


NickBroyd Since winning the inaugural season of Hooping Idol in 2011, Nick Broyd of Nick Broyd Hoop has been bringing his unique vision of hooping to the UK, throughout Europe and overseas. Well known for his relaxed street style of hooping, Nick knows more than anyone the benefits that being on Hooping Idol can bring. Using it as a launch pad, he has since taught and performed at countless hoop, circus and dance festivals all over the world, appeared on national television in the UK on ITV’s Loose Women, and topped it all off this year by winning our 2015 Hoopie Award for Male Hooper of the Year. With a number of acclaimed videos and a solid following online, and understands the demands and requirements of making good hoop videos, and he knows just what it takes to win Hooping Idol. Currently one of the many making a living from hooping, he’s delighted to come full circle from Hooping Idol contestant to judge and is looking forward to seeing all the new talent out there. He comes to us from Bristol, England, UK.


Bunny Hoop Star Making a return to the judge’s table this season is the one and only Bunny Hoop Star. Bunny is the founding owner and creative director of Australia’s first hula hoop business – Sydney based Hoop Empire, established way back in 2005. She is also the founding creative director, writer and coordinator of Hoop Kids – a dedicated hula hoop program for kids and the adults who wish to teach them. Having introduced the international “hoop dance” community to Australia, Bunny’s circular mission has been to encourage and guide kids of all ages, skill and size to rediscover the lost art of movement and play in and beyond the hoop. She has appeared on numerous Australian TV programs, in web series, has had numerous Hoopie Award nominations, and is well known for her intergalactic activities both in and out of the hoop. Sourcing much of her cosmic information from both the stars and Galactic Mayan cosmology, she spins wheels within wheels in the name of multidimensional art and universal travel. She lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Katie Sunshine When it comes to the online world of hooping, hoop dancer Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops needs no introduction. With several of YouTube’s top hooping videos of all time and millions of views to her credit, we’ve all seen her smiling, spinning, and spreading the jubilance of hoop dance. She’s appeared on numerous programs, even appeared as herself in the CBS television movie Super Clyde, been animated into a music video by Goldfish, and hooped her way into country music in Jerrod Neimann’s hit music video for “Drink To That All Night”. The iconic Hoopie Award winning spinstress has done it all from performing as 7th inning entertainment with the Philadelphia Phillies to spinning things up at festivals, rallies and events across the country. She’s also a hooper with a heart of gold who entertains and teaches at a benefit for Mosaic Down Syndrome, and hoops annually at Winfest, an Arkansas music festival benefiting Meals-on-Wheels. She comes to us from Conway, Arkansas, USA.

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