Hooping Idol 5: It’s New Wave Week

Hooping Idol 5 We’ve all been anxiously waiting for it to start. We put out the casting call, introduced you to our 21 contestants for season 5 and our special guest celebrity judges. And now, the moment has finally arrived. Hooping Idol is back, so join us for what is sure to be our biggest season yet. It’s time for Hooping Idol 5, our award winning contest leading us all on an ever spinning search for the next big hooper star!

We’re kicking our fifth season off with New Wave Week. One of the definitive music genres of the 1980’s, new wave music emerged from late 1970’s punk, incorporated this new thing called electronic music, and created a futuristic vision of pop with a heavily styled wave of fashion to go with it. For their first challenge our contestants all made videos showcasing what they were made of, were schooled on Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video, and were told to have fun and make it count because at the end of New Wave Week, six of them will be going home.


Seated at the judge’s table for season five, all of whom with the most excellent credentials, are Rachael Lust of RachaelLust.com from Marion, Ohio, USA, Nick Broyd of Nick Broyd Hoop from Bristol, England, UK, Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops in Conway, Arkansas, USA. They’ll be sharing their thoughts and advice all season long when it comes to just what our Hooping Idol 5 contestants are up to.

This season our contestants will also be receiving mentoring advice publicly and behind the scenes from Hooping Idol’s host Philo Hagen, Managing Editor of Hooping.org and a two-time Hoopie Award winner as well for Video of the Year and Male Hooper of the Year. He will not, however, be scoring our contestants.

We’ll be telling you all about our Hooping Idol 5 Ultimate Prize Package later this week, so without any further ado, let’s make our way to the hoop dance floor. It’s New Wave Week on Hooping Idol and we proudly present our 21 contestants in an order that was randomly drawn out of a hat.


1. Tiffany Hancock of Misawa, Aomori, Japan. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Tiffany – Love this video! Love your smile and your flow. My one critique was the edit at :32s. If you are going to cut the video, switch to a different background, otherwise it looks like you cut out a mistake. Other than that, it was great!! Score: 9.

Nick: Hi Tiffany – well done on embracing the theme with your outfits and a really nice range of tricks. The transitions in and out are fast and clean. Some nice technical work throughout. I like that you moved locations, engaged with the camera and provided a strong presence. You might want to think about slowing some tricks down to give the viewer time to absorb what they are seeing. But there’s lots of skill on show and a solid new wave entry. Score: 7.

Bunny: Tiffany – YOU’ve got the beat. Rokn video. I loved it. Very upbeat, captivating… ON. Your opening costume and pose set the stage. It’s time to release into your dance. You have nailed some kick-A tricks not to mention that one handed cartwheel. I want to see you explore your body’s movement more! Draw out the dance. I’d also like less video cuts, and the way in which you acquire your second hoop. Over all – powerful and stunning first video! Score: 8.

Katie: Tiffany, I thought you did a superb job with this weeks theme. I loved your costumes and choice of hoop spaces. I especially loved the clip with you in the workout clothes in the gym, complete with exercise steps! If I had once piece of advise it would be to choose all your locations to match your theme as best as possible. I know that can be tricky, so let’s say, for example, the gym was the only theme-appropriate space you could find…you could shoot from various angles and locations in the same gym. But all in all, great job. I loved your smile and your interaction with the camera, definitely kept me engaged. The transition at 1:12 was wonderful! So simple, but you performed it so beautifully it was quite stunning! I’ll be borrowing that one if you don’t mind. The dancing and kicking to the music was fun too. 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to bring the emotion next week. This is a great hooping video with some excellent hooping, but to take it to the next level you’re going to need to make us feel something too. Spin some emotion into your storyline and/or let your feelings go in your flow. Let us in, and we’ll all follow you anywhere.


2. Courtney Fagras of Bellingham, Washington, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Courtney – I love your funky style!! There were a few short moments when there was no hooping going on, so make sure to keep those brief. But you had some fun tricks and I enjoyed watching you dance with your lamp. Score: 7.

Nick: Yes yes! I really like this video – it is one of the best. Its definitely on message – early 80s, great costume and style to bring it to new wave! I really like the movements, particularly your footwork when hooping on the waist and legs. I love that you mix a range of hoop styles and a variety of hoops, with some genuine innovation in there. Dancing with the lamp was hilarious too! You have a slow relaxed style and that hits it with me. I am looking forward to a lot more from you! Score: 9.

Bunny: Courtney that was super dreamy! Love the surreal factor. Your video is really quirky! You have heaps of character, skill and awesome hoop vibes. I felt the narrative dropped off a little towards the end of the video. I wasn’t quite sure where it was going… just like a dream! I would really love to see more of your hooping with less edits too. I encourage you to extend your shots more so we can see your transitions and full performance potential. Well done! Score: 8.

Katie: What a fun and creative video, I loved it! I loved the opening shot of the back of your head with the funky sunglasses on. Your costumes were great, and that edited scene with you in the hoop lair with the hanging eyeballs was wonderful! If I had to give one piece of advice, that would be to develop your storyline a little more. I loved the mystery person in black…who turned out to be you…and I got the sense you were transported to some crazy hooping place when you touched the glass globe, but then after watching the whole thing I’m not really sure how it ends up. Anyway, just think about bringing your story to a close at the end. Your mini hoop manipulation is absolutely insane! You are quite talented. And to do all that and keep smiling and dancing takes skill, you are definitely a natural performer. All in all, wonderful job. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on momentum next week. The first half of your video is so much fun. It’s so good, so new wave, such an adventure, that the second half ends up feeling a little flat after awhile. It’s like a circus hula hooper starting with a multiple hoop finale and working back to one. You want the energy and momentum to go the opposite direction to really engage and end with a bang.


3. Tea Bowie-Ford of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Tea – I liked that you were so creative, but there was a lot going on in this video and it was kind of distracting from the hooping. My favorite was the 4 hoop trick at 1:32. That was awesome! Score: 5.

Nick: Yeah mate – nailed it! Thank you so much for a highly entertaining, absorbing and well worked video. You hit the theme really well, I loved all the costume changes and quick edits at the start, I thought that fit the music perfectly. Thanks for all the effort here and for making me laugh. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. Score: 8.

Bunny: Tea – you ROKDIT girl! Fashion to boot. I love your characters, tricks, costumes, expression and sense of humour. I was a little lost on the video edit. I found it difficult to find a groove since it jumped a lot between “looks”. I wanted to see more continuity in movement to draw the narrative together and less jump cuts which I felt detracted from your performance. Develop the story that you know best baby! Amazing first entry. Can’t wait to see more! Score: 7.

Katie: Great video, Tea! Your costumes and facial expressions were spot on! I loved your interaction with the camera, that definitely keeps your audience engaged. The one piece of advice I have for you is to end your hooping footage with the end of your song. Yes, I know there’s only a few seconds of you dancing to no music, but tidying up little things like that can really make a video seem more professional. Later on in the competition, things like that, however small, can become make-it or break-it points. On a different note, I’m totally impressed with your hoop moves! Wow! It was an all around great video. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is about editing for next week, not necessarily video editing, but stepping back and asking – “How important is this moment?” Your creativity is amazing, but one can have too many ideas. We can get caught up in our own video shoot, get attached to every scene, and keep adding and embellishing and toss on filters thinking it needs more, when we need to reel it in, step back, edit, and let our best work truly shine.


4. Fay Ferrihsoon of Puebla, Mexico. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Fay – Nice, fun video. I liked how you isolated from scene to scene. I would have not included the drop right in the beginning since first impressions are critical. I really liked the rolls at 1:10. Score: 6.

Nick: There were some really nice isolation and linear off body work, some innovative use of contact rolls and I like the way you move out of shot and then into the next scene. I would like to have seen a little more on-body hooping to really get you dancing and I didn’t really feel you told too much of a story, although maybe that was lost somewhere in translation. Careful you don’t end up with lots of busy shots with others in the background too. That said it was a good first entry. Score: 6.5.

Bunny: Fay – you have such a sweet energy! I think you have a lot of potential and your tricks are impressive. I feel the hoop dancer in you is on the brink of busting out. Let it go! I want to see you dance more with your hoop. Great first video! I feel like I am hanging out in your hoop ‘hood already. Looking forward to seeing more of your hoop moves. Score: 7.

Katie: Fay, you are a spectacular hooper! There were a few things in the editing I found distracting however. At the 40 second mark you spin out of frame and you’re gone for just a little too long before the next clip. I found myself wondering what had happened to you! You did it again at 1:16 and that time you did great. I love how it went straight from you disappearing on the right and then reappearing on the left in the next clip – that was wonderful editing. I would be aware of that and in the future try to make all your transitions that good. Also, the video ends quite abruptly. I loved all your friends coming and swarming you with hugs, but I found myself feeling like the story wasn’t quite complete. Since New Wave is all about music and dress, you want to make sure those two elements are spot on in your video to match your theme. All in all you’re a fantastic hooper. I loved the move at 1:52, I’ve never seen that before and let me tell you, it tickles me to no end when I see hoop moves I’ve never seen before. In a nutshell, great hooping, but let’s work on the editing. Score: 6.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to engage the camera more next week. After all, the camera is us – your audience. Try not to get so focused on what you are doing, and are going to do next, that we can see you thinking about it. Your face was very serious and in deep concentration. Enjoy yourself and engage the audience more and we’ll all come along for the ride.


5. Nadiah Hoopflow of Brighton, England, UK. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Nadiah- You had some cool combos throughout this video, but the song kind of killed it for me. Had it been more upbeat I would have enjoyed it more. Other than the song, it was a good video and I liked your isolations there at the end. Very nice. Score: 5.

Nick: Great music, costuming and changing focus of shots. You really engage with the camera! You have some really nice tricks and I like that you mix on and off body hooping. That looks like a windy afternoon on Brighton beach – that’s hard to hoop through, so well done. I would suggest being a little more careful with the execution, as sometimes the planes wobbled a little and that would be something to focus on. Other than that a strong first round video! Score: 7.

Bunny: Nadia the song got me for sure. Classic track. Well chosen. I loved how you began by winding the hoop up your body – it gave your movement narrative good momentum. I want more dance! I want you to move your body and rock it out. I’d also like to know some more about how your locations connect with each other and the story of your video. Be careful with jump cutting between locations without giving a context to the cut. Great first video! Score: 6.

Katie: Nadiah, I love your pink hair! How appropriate for this weeks theme, right? Your hooping is wonderful, but there were just a few issues I had with your filming. The beginning of the video is far too dark. When it’s really sunny outside, and you’re standing in the shadows, you look so dark you almost look like a silhouette. The colors looked great, but what I found was popping out at me more than anything were the sky and the cars in the background because they were in the sunshine. What I want to see popping out is YOU with that fabulous hair! I also thought there needed to be more close up shots, you felt a little too distant for a lot of the video. To me, distance reads as disengaged. I loved the close up shots of your face and I would have liked to have seen more of those. All in all, great job and wonderful hooping! Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you for next week is to commit to your storyline. Love that you had one, but own it, sell it. If I found a hoop on the street I’d have started off hooping poorly and progressed over time as the story builds. Give us a scene that said it was Monday. Save the beach moment until you “walk down to the beach” then share those blues while hooping on the shore.


6. Rachael Riot of Jamestown, New York, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Rachael – At first I was thinking, “I’m 40 seconds in and haven’t really seen any hooping.” Then BAM!!!! Talk about hooping!! Bravo on everything. Score: 10.

Nick: Looks like you were having lots of fun in that video. You have a lot of energy and that really came through in an engaging video. I love the backing hoopers too – really nice to see you integrate others into your video. The really quick hoop stuff happens so fast sometimes I can’t see it or take it in, and I much preferred the slower edge in other parts of the video. A solid job and I’m sure I’ll see you back here next week. Score: 7.

Bunny: Rachael! You took me back to one of the best moments of my life! SO GOOD! I love your choice of song and the fluoro is a HELLO from me! The movement narrative was super sweet from beginning to end. Your back up dancers were ON – loved their pop-ups. I would love to see your face more! More closeups next time please. Also, you can really slow those killer moves down and add some more movement punctuation and pose like around the 2.40min mark. Really great first video! Score: 8.

Katie: I loved your back up hoopers! What a fun and creative addition to your video. You did a great job choreographing their moves to be simple and repetitive and therefore not a distraction from your awesome hoop moves. Your costumes looked great as well. If I had one thing I would like to see from you that would be tighter camera angles. The distance you are from the camera at 2:49 is perfect! I’m not saying film all your hooping from that exact same distance, but definitely sprinkle more of those close ups in, it really helps to engage your viewers. I loved the shot at 3:31, fun little things like that add a lot of interest to your videos. Oh, and your hoop moves are amazing! Really good job. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to own your spotlight next week. I sensed that being the center of attention might have been a bit uncomfortable, and you totally deserve to be. Be the star of your Hooping Idol experience. Radiate, shine, let us see you, let us see what your shirt says, put yourself up front and center and be the star we already know that you are.


7. Ziggy Starshiine of Paintsville, Kentucky, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Ziggy – I liked the majority of this video. I wasn’t a huge fan of the bed hooping, although I like the idea behind it. I think those tricks would have looked better in full view on a yoga mat outside or something. Other than that, good video and I’m glad you included some breaks in there! Score: 6.5.

Nick: Hi Ziggy – I was amazed it took me until about the 8th video I watched to see some LEDs during new wave week. I thought that would have been obvious – thank you for getting that in there! Also I love The Cure and the style of this track fit your style of hooping. Don’t be shy of the camera, sometimes you looked a little nervous, but that’s to be understood this early in the competition. Just go for it! A nice start from you! Score: 7.

Bunny: Ziggy you are so adorable! I really love your originality and experimentation with this video. Waking up to and through the hoop is a powerful message. I was a little confused by your edits. I would have closed with the light hoop in the dark and I recommend more ambient light with LED hoops so we can see you better. I also want more context to your location and costume changes and more dance from you! You have a really beautiful smile and hoop style! I want to see more! Score: 7.

Katie: Great video, Ziggy. I loved the bed hooping, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before and I loved it! You have some killer moves and some seamless isolations! If I would make one suggestion it would be to choose your locations carefully. When you were hooping in front of the red brick building, your purple hoop almost vanished up against it. So be careful to choose your locations or your hoops to go with them carefully. Also, I love the LED hoop, but be careful about getting too dark when shooting LED footage. Yes, it needs to be dark enough for the hoop to stand out, but I prefer when it’s also light enough you can see the performer as well. Other than that, costumes were great, the hooping was amazing, all in all, job well done. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on framing next week. The bed scenes would’ve been so much better if we could’ve seen the hoop on your foot. Your framing was too tight. The brick wall scenes could’ve been much more powerful if you framed it tighter. Unless the scenery behind you is spectacular, we’d rather see more you and less background so we don’t miss a thing.


8. Crystal Smith of Jupiter, Florida, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Crystal- This is one of my favorite videos. It was very well put together. Your skills are super clean and the camera shots were great. I know it was a really long song, but there was a little bit too much non-hooping scenes for me. But great job overall! Score: 8.5.

Nick: Strong to the theme and a wonderful song to go with it. Plus a backing musician ready to steal the show! I love the edits and the mixture of wide and narrow shots. You definitely want to tell a story, make sure you find the right balance between story and hooping – at times the hooping was put maybe too far behind the story, but that’s only a minor criticism. Your twin hooping was really engaging to watch – slow and controlled, and that’s the way to be. Good luck! Score: 7.

Bunny: Crystal that was truly wicked! I was worried for that little baby! Really great experimentation with the hoop, narrative and location. I felt a tad unfulfilled by where the story went. I wanted something to happen. Not the baby! I guess I wanted your characters to “meet” in some way. I also want to see more continuous moves rather than isolated tricks. Great first video! Score: 6.

Katie: Awesome video, Crystal! You know, it’s hard enough to pull off one cohesive story line in a short video, but you managed to do two! I loved your performance in front of the mike with your adorable back-up musician, as well as the illustration of the psycho killer narrative. It was like watching an actual music video! If I might make one suggestion, I would’ve loved to have seen some color in your video. There’s a filter you can add that will gray out all the color but one of your choosing. I think it would have been nice to see your hoops in color, or your guitar in color, something like that as a cool effect somewhere in the video. With that said, I did appreciate your choice to do it in black and white. Oh, and your skills with doubles is amazing! Wonderful video. Score: 9.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on accessibility next week. While your psycho killer drama was excellent and your black and white film noir camera work with multiple storylines was art, some will find it difficult connecting with disturbing characters, others don’t like horror, and others may have felt confused. Next week reel everybody in.


9. Lana Mae of Scott City, Missouri, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Lana – Great song choice! I liked your energy and I really liked how you just hooped and hooped through the whole thing. Try to keep your breaks a little straighter and your isos a little tighter, but overall, great job! Score: 7.

Nick: Wow – that was some set up, clearly a great camera and some clever edits. Some strong technical hooping, but do take care that you don’t sacrifice clean execution for speed. The breaks are great, but try to not let them get messy and keep control of your planes on big tricks. Overall though you were really engaged with the camera, had some nice flow and presented us a strong opening video. Score: 7.

Bunny: Lana Mae I loved everything about your video! The narrative, set, your costume, hoop moves, the song. You have got what it takes to slow down and milk your talent. I want more sustained eye contact with your audience, more punctuation and pose and more varied expressions. Well done! Super colourful, bouncy, fun, creative, great lighting and shazam! Score: 8.

Katie: Lana Mae, what a fun video you’ve created! Great special effects too when your companion is zapped into an LED hoop. You have wonderful facial expressions, great energy, and I loved your costume as well. I loved the shot with what looked like a GoPro attached to your hoop, but it was a little dark and difficult to see. I would suggest more light. I loved your choice of music, not only did it fit the theme well, but it’s a perfect hula hooping song too. Great job. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on musicality for next week. While your hooping in this is great, there were times it didn’t feel like you were hooping to the song playing. Take advantage of the big moments in your song and punctuate them with key moves in your hoop dance and it’ll totally take it to the next level. A little clever editing can also help keep displaced scenes on beat too.


10. Spinner Ella of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Ella I liked this instantly because of the lighting and the bright colors and fun atmosphere. Also impressed that you also hooped through the entire song without any “fill ins.” I think a second background would have made this a teeny bit better, but I’m looking forward to more. Score: 7.5.

Nick: Lots of nice tricks and great flow here. You run through both on and off body hoop dance, which is the right balance to strike. Sometimes I felt the shots were a little long and could have moved on a bit quicker, or perhaps you could have done with a second or third location. On the whole though this was a solid opening demonstrating what you’ve got for us. Thanks Ella – good luck! Score: 7.

Bunny: Ella that was so fun! You exude hoopiness. More eye contact please! And slow the moves down, draw them out, own your prowess. I enjoyed your longer cuts – it allowed me to vibe out your dance with you. You drew me in. Thank you! And what a colourful space. Congratulations! This is a wonderful first video. You got talent girl. Score: 8.

Katie: Nice video, Ella. I loved your costume, and your colorful location. I especially loved that you smile! It’s easy to get caught up in what your doing and maintain a permanent concentration face, but you did a great job glancing at the camera and never letting that smile fade. I liked all the different camera angles in your video, but I did notice your camera man stays almost exactly the same distance away from you. You were well framed, but quite frankly, after a while it started to get a little boring. Yes, you’re doing different moves and fabulous moves at that! But with the same costume, same colors, same distance from the camera, same location, it does start to feel a little monotonous. So try to think of ways to break this up a little bit. Add in some really close camera angles, change costumes, add transitions to your video in the editing process. In the end, you’re a really talented hooper and I enjoyed watching you perform. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on storyline for next week. You found a great location that looked like a candy store with an ice cream parlor and a place that sells hula hoops, but who were you in that space? What were you doing there? Are you the owner? Someone who wandered in and decided to give it a spin? Even a little storyline and context can sell it even more.


11. Benjamin Berry of Alfred, New York, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Benjamin wow! Lots of very impressive moves in there. Those horizontal chest rolls were NICE! Only complaint I have was the image quality around 2:56. But I liked how you kept the non-hooping scenes to a minimal. Score: 10.

Nick: Wow – great character – I think you really enjoyed this theme. Very much what new wave is about! The quads and the triples were really strong – that’s some fine execution. In future weeks you may need to add some on-body hooping to push it to the next level as you stay mainly off body, but this is a small point in an otherwise really strong first video. Score: 7.5.

Bunny: Benjamin!!! Amazing. The clock, the eyebrows, the lips, the song… your locations, the lighting… your hair. Pure art. Next video – longer cuts. I want to see your flow and transitions. Be careful of becoming too trick obsessed. You have WAY more to offer than next level wedgies girl. Score: 9.

Katie: First off, Ben, you have got to tell me where to get an alarm clock like that!! I fell in love with your video from the beginning thanks to that hooping hippo. Second, I loved your costume and makeup. You know, with those pink lips and red hair, you did favor Annie Lennox! That was brilliant! Your multi-hoop tricks are unbelievable. I wasn’t sure, however, about some of your location choices. The farm, the barn, the forest, they all seemed like strange places given the theme and especially your song choice. That song is so heavy on the synth I picture a club or a discotheque, or some place with lots of colorful lights and lasers. But other than that, you did a great job. Your move at 3:13 was certainly a show stopper and a good one to end on! Great Job. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on flow for next week. There was a lot of short scenes in this going from trick to trick, and they were great, but to reel in the hoop dance viewers as well, they’re going to really want to see more flow in your mix too. Give them a nice section of you throwing it down to the song that is playing and you’ll wind up with even more fans in your corner.


12. Dizzy Dynamic of Saint Charles, Illinois, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Dizzy I don’t feel like this video did you justice. Scoot the camera back a little bit so we can see all of you! That amazing knee trick you did was kind of lost because of the close up camera angle. I know you have some amazing tricks up your sleeve. I just want to visually see them better! Score: 8.

Nick: Good job – some strong hooping on show. My favourite part was the sustained spinning section as it was well executed with good control and footwork. You must be exhausted hooping this way as it was so fast, like some others this week, and you may need to slow it down a little in the future to stand out. That said, the track really suited the way you hoop and the location, camera angles and edits were top drawer. Lots of skills on show and a good start. Score: 7.

Bunny: Dizzy. WOW. I love watching you spin. I also really enjoy your sense of rhythm. I think you can definitely work the dance more. I most enjoyed when you played with tempo in your dance. I think overall, you can slow it all down a little to enhance your powerful moves. I found it difficult to see detail in your video. The quality of the video seemed a little off – maybe in compression? Also shooting into the light didn’t really work for me. I wanted to see the colour of you against that grey rainy background more than your silhouette. You’ve got sass! I’ll give you that. Score: 6.

Katie: Wow, I can certainly see why you’re called Dizzy Dynamic…your hooping is certainly dynamic and your speed and transitions are dizzying! I really enjoyed the hand-held 360 degree camera angles. You have to be careful with hand-held because it can look a little shaky. There were some shots that were a little dark. At 0:54, for example, I don’t know if you were going for a silhouette or not, but it’s almost as dark as a silhouette. Also, your video ended quite abruptly. You certainly don’t have to make your video last the entire length of the song, but ending mid-lyric is a little sudden. Editing issues aside, your hooping skills are stunning! Your sustained spinning is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to seeing more videos from you. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on your overall polishing for next week. Starting off smoking wasn’t smart, the dark sunglasses needed to go at some point. It may have been character, but it felt a little amateur. There was some shaky camera work, rough edits and poor lighting too which distracted rather than enhanced. Polish it up and you’ll take it to the next level.


13. Shannon “Inertia” Sealey of Ione, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Shannon I really liked how you worked the different camera angles for certain moves. You also had some unique stuff in here, especially the 4 hoops. My only complaint is the song. Score 6.5.

Nick: Yes Shannon – an absolute new wave classic track – well done on the song choice. Some really strong camera shots and utilisation of the spaces you hoop in. I like that you hoop slowly as it helps me absorb what is going on, and also that you mix a range of hoop styles and techniques. You might want to think a bit more about how you engage with the camera as sometimes I felt slightly separated from you. All in all though, this is a good entry. Score: 7.

Bunny: Shannon – cute video! The colours were vibrant, your story was meaningful, your costume ROKD, the lighting was really beautiful and your tricks are rad. The shot from above was killer. I want you to explore audience engagement and expression more. I think it will really add to your awesome. I also encourage longer shots so you can draw out your dance. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art. I look forward to seeing more. Score: 7.

Katie: Wow, my number one favorite video for camera angles! You did a great job of getting well-framed shots up close, from a distance, and my favorite, the birds-eye view! That made your video so much more dynamic and interesting than a single perspective shot. Great job with that. The editing was great, but I was a little lost on your storyline. I didn’t get the part about holding the match over the tabloid…and sometimes your character seemed sad, and sometimes you seemed happy. I was just a little confused as to what was going on with your story. With that aside, however, your costumes were great, your makeup was perfect, and your hooping is wonderful. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on getting as comfortable on camera not hooping, as you are when you are hooping. The hooping scenes in this video were fantastic, truly some of the best this week. The non hooping scenes in this often felt tentative and nervous, probably because you were. Own that same confidence outside the hoop as you have when you’re in it.



14. Philosokitty of Bristol, England, UK. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Philosokitty, I really liked your 1 leg hooping trick around a minute into it. If I had to pick something to improve upon I would say add a bit more variety. There were a lot of escalators in there. But overall, very nice. Score: 7.5.

Nick: Wowsers! You possess a dazzling range of skills, high level combos and have a really strongly edited video with lots of different shots. Lots of hoopers this year are super fast, you’ll need to stand out so maybe you should slow things down a little. I’d love to see those tricks, but with some slower execution. Great song choice and I loved the add of the whip. I’m sure we’ll see you back here next week as this is a strong video. Score: 8.

Bunny: PhilosoKitty! You whipped it good. I love your style. Your skills are fierce and bang on. I would love to see more closeups of you to tune into your experience. I would also like to see you slow it down and add more dance. The quality of your video wasn’t quite on. I’d be taking a look at your compression settings. I found it a little distracting. Overall, amazing work! You are a hoop ninja for sure. Score: 8.

Katie: I loved this video! You costume was superb – reminiscent of those Devo costumes and silly red hats…but sexier! Your locations were wonderful: colorful, lively, and definitely complimented the theme. I especially loved the scene that starts at 0:46 where the background is changing colors very slightly. It’s a small change, but it makes those scenes just that much more interesting. I thought it was quite sophisticated. One thing I might suggest is having your hooping footage start and end with the song. I noticed the song starts twice in the beginning and in the end there’s a few seconds of you hooping to no music. Just for the sake of continuity, I think it looks better when everything matches up together. Other than that, your hooping is excellent, and I loved the incorporation of the whip with your hoop. Great job! Score: 9.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on your facial expressions next week. You’ve got a killer smile that lights up the world when you use it. The whip scenes were some of the best moments simply because your face comes alive. You can sometimes look a little emotionless or detached while hooping. Smile, emote, and engage us.


15. Lilly Hoopz of Los Angeles, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Lilly Hoops Wow! That is some awesome flow you have going on! I did like the light up scene, but felt it went on a little bit too long. Cant wait to see what else you have in store for us! Score: 7.

Nick: Great costuming – love the hair and the use of LEDs and lighting. Another one with really super fast skills this week. I loved the range of tricks, but not the fact that they happened so quickly I couldn’t take them in. Also, careful you don’t get too far away from the camera as you did by the pool. My favourite part was the section in the dark with lights flying at me all over the place. Very new wave. Very best of luck to you! Score: 7.

Bunny: Lilly you are a bad-ass. What a spirited performer you are! You have a really great sense of rhythm and I love your hoop dance vibe. I want the camera to be closer to you so I can see you better and I also want more ambient light to see you at the hoop disco. Congratulations on your first video! I would love to see more. Score: 6.

Katie: Lilly, I knew when I watched your audition video I was going to love seeing your submissions each week. I have to say, your hooping style is one I really identify with…you like to let loose, have fun, and shake those hips! Well, you didn’t disappoint this week. I love your costume, especially since it matches your locations! Both the brightly colored living room space as well as the poolside with the plastic flamingos all reflect that melon pink and teal, I adore it! If I could make one suggestion it would be to mix up the footage of the poolside hooping with some closer angles. Other than that, well done! You did a great job with the LED hoop footage – it was dark enough to see the lights but light enough to see you and see how much fun you were having! I love your energy! Score: 9.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on engaging your audience more next week. Fantastic hooping, but between the camera distance by the pool and the darkness of the club it wasn’t as easy to connect with you as others. Make sure you’re well lit and get more close ups in there from time to time so we can really see you.


16. Katherine Aurora Callahan of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Katherine – what I liked most about your hooping was that it was pretty clean. However, I’d like to see you up the difficulty a bit. I would look up some tutorials and try to find a trick or two that is unique and sets you apart from the rest. But bonus points for including breaks! Love seeing everyones breaks. Score: 6.

Nick: From the moment you started I thought yes! This new wave! A really strong start, moody lighting, smoke, costume, make up – you hit the theme more than any other this week! Your engagement with the camera is first rate and easy to watch. I also thought the use of mirrors was a genius touch. Thanks for keeping it slow and lots of on and off body tricks, although you may need to up some of the more technical parts of your hooping for future rounds in a strong field. That said, this was really enjoyable to watch and a strong entry. Score: 8.

Bunny: Katherine! Captivated from the beginning. Great introduction, set, lighting and mood! I love that you take the hoop so much slower than most hoopers! It’s a hard edge to break through and you do it well with consideration for the music, the choreography and your audience. Nice cuts between shots – they all transitioned seamlessly. Your split character had some really lovely polarities – light and sparkly, dark and deep. Well done! I really love your hoop art. More please. Score: 9.

Katie: Congratulations Katherine, yours is my favorite video this week! Very well done! I’ve been getting on to other contestants this week for some shots being too dark, and although your first scene is backlit and dark, it achieves a certain effect that is ideal! I absolutely love the double mirror effect. I think that’s a positively genius solution to make your video instantly more interesting. There were a few little cosmetic things I would try to fix if at all possible…things like you can see one of your tripod’s legs in the mirrors, and that visible cord and outlet on the floor by the mirrors. Other than that, your video was splendid! Great costumes, great hair, I loved your theme-specific dance moves, all around wonderful video! Score: 9.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on progression next week. In Hooping Video 101 class we learn to film in two or three different locations, chop them up, and edit them all together. In a competition like this, however, be more aware of your visual progression. Every time you take viewers back to somewhere they’ve already been before can become less and less interesting over time.


17. Kenya Fluorscente of Puebla, Mexico. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Great song choice! I loved your head balancing. But the multiples starting at 2:25 was my favorite. I’d like to see some on-body hooping too. Score: 7.

Nick: Kenya – I love the fact that you went all out on sticking to the theme and trying to tell a story. It was a good choice of music and there are lots of settings and edits going on. I was slightly disappointed that it took so long to get some actual hooping going on because when you did there was some nice creative stuff in there. Clearly you’ve got the skills, I just hope you didn’t leave it too short on the hooping front because I want to see more of the creative approach you’ve got in you. Score: 6.5.

Bunny: Kenya! You are gorgeous. I love your fun vibe! I feel like you were holding back in this video though. I wasn’t sure of what your story was apart from your obvious love of the circle. I felt lost. Is that the story? Thank you for your offering. Score: 5.

Katie: Kenya, I love your energy and enthusiasm! I think your hoop jam with the guitar and drums is delightful. Your costumes are great and the different locations are interesting. I would warn you about using footage where you’re lip-syncing, but not matching up to the song. It can be somewhat distracting to the viewer and take them out of the moment. Yours is also the second video this round I’ve seen bed hooping! That’s great, I love it. All in all I saw some really creative hoop moves and I’m excited to see more! Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on your hooping more next week. The characters and scenes are always fun, but not at the expense of showcasing your hooping talents. This challenge you were to show us what you’re really made of and I know there’s so much more than we’ve seen here. There’s too many great hoopers for you not to bring more of your best hooping next week.


18. Sarah Schireman of Seattle, Washington, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Sarah – Amazing! Now lets see some on-body from you too. Score 10.

Nick: Some nice technical hooping with one and two hoops. Clearly you have a solid range of moves, well executed with some fluid transitions between them. To make it even better next time you need to start telling a story with what you are doing. You’re already using lots of shots and footage, so now make it speak! That doesn’t take away from the fact that for week 1 you’ve laid it all on the line with a highly skilled hoop video. Score: 8.

Bunny: Sarah, you are a beautiful hoop dancer! I love your interpretation of this FAB song. Your location was great, the filming was well done and the editing was mostly really great. I got a little thrown by your cuts from hoop dance to twin minis. I prefer to see the segue between different hoops rather than having them just appearing. Jumping back and forward threw my enjoyment of watching you get into the dance. I want context for those minis! Overall, this was a really great video and I enjoyed it a lot. Your dance is really fluid and your vibe is super sweet. Score: 9.

Katie: Sarah, great video! That backdrop is beautiful, and so funky! Perfect for this week’s theme. I completely adore your Egyptian hand movements throughout your hoop dance. That not only makes your hoop dance fun to watch, but it ties you to the song your hooping to. I think that is really important. When you see a hooper performing and they seem to have no connection to the song they’re hooping to, it can be distracting. You did a great job with camera angles, and your hooping is amazing! The only piece of advice I have for you would be to refrain from using clips where you have people accidentally stepping into your shot. I know it’s frustrating, especially if you’ve just FINALLY captured that one move on camera that’s been so hard to do, but every time I see that my eyes wander towards those uninvited guests. Other than that, great job, great costume, and I can’t wait to see more! Score: 9.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on speed changes next week. While the full on high speed action here is a lot of fun, it really is, having some more moments where you drop it down to a slower beat can help keep things unexpected and visually interesting. A few slower moments can also allow you opportunities to bring a little more drama or art or dance into the mix too.


19. Sammy Hoopleseed Rodgers of Anchorage, Alaska, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Sammy – I really liked the scenery in this video. I also think you chose good camera angles during the right tricks. I think just a little fine tuning on your form in certain spots could help. Like keeping your arms straight and extended. But good job overall!! Score: 8.

Nick: Wow – hooping on a cable car – not seen that before, it was a great touch! Your locations are beautiful, great outfit, strong edits and nice camera shots to boot. I would suggest you think a little more about the theme, as to stand out more you need to tell a story. Really think about what it means each week and how you can build a narrative on that. Really nice slow technical hooping on show though, lovely video for opening week. Score: 7.5.

Bunny: Sammy I love your colour palette and locations! Beautiful direct expression to camera work and great smile. I want you to go deeper into your dance. You’ve got the tricks. The expression of your body is waiting to flourish. Also, I want you to tell more of a story with your epic locations. Thank you for your beautiful video. Score: 6.

Katie: Sammy, you are one talented hooper, girl! I would have liked to have seen more done with the theme this week however. Yes, I did notice those totally rad shiny pants, but I felt like your costumes were things I would see any hooper nowadays wearing, not necessarily a “New Wave” hooper. Perhaps next time think about what you can do with your hair, makeup, clothes and/or location to better illustrate the theme. With that aside, you have an absolutely gorgeous smile! I loved the up-close and personal shots of you on the ski-lift, I’d like to see more of those. Also, consider having more than one costume to change it up a little bit. You did a great job with the angles and the depth between you and the camera, but it was still feeling a little repetitive by the end of the video. All in all, great job this week. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on your video editing next week. Try not to over edit. Too many cuts can interfere with enjoyment of your flow. Know what to leave out, like the talking home scene, and try and cut on beats and at song transition moments so it feels deliberate and accentuates the flow of your video.


20. Marley Jade of Humboldt County, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Marley – Awesome! Love your flow! And those knee breaks. Song choice was the only thing I wasn’t a big fan of. But the hooping totally made up for it. Score: 9.

Nick: Thanks Marley – a well told story of new wave sticking closely to the theme. Points scored for that. Like a few others this week I’m seeing really fast paced hooping with really small hoops that sometimes feels too quick for me to take in. I can’t help thinking maybe you should slow down and take time between all the trickery. That said I like all the breaks on the knee and the contact point throws and want to see more of that. Good job and fingers crossed for you. Score: 7.

Bunny: Nice timing! I love your moves girl. I was super drawn into your epicness. It’s like you hit the exact right speed with some very cool moves. Great song too. With you, for some obscure and rare reason, I don’t need to see “the dance” because you replace it with a captivating “hoop stance”. By that I mean the way you position your body compliments your moves in a way that really leaves me wanting nothing more! Score: 9.

Katie: Marley, great job with your costume and set! I loved that your costume not only reflected the theme for this week, but also the specific song you chose. I really liked the staged elements you added with the shots of the candles and skulls, that helped break up all the footage of just hooping and made it a lot more visually interesting. With that being said, your video was too long. I found myself getting bored by the end, but it wasn’t because your hooping wasn’t good, it was just too long, too much of the same thing. That could have easily been solved by cutting the time down by 30 seconds or a minute. You certainly don’t have to make your video last the same amount of time as the song you choose. That aside, great job editing. I like your choice of filters and the different locations. Very nice. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to experiment more with camera distance and angles. Indoors things were great, but outdoors you were pretty far away from the camera for long stretches of time. Too much distance, especially for too long, can create distance with viewers and their ability to connect and stay engaged. A different perspective and close ups can help prevent that from happening.


21. Jasmine Kienne of Austin, Texas, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: That’s some fancy doubles work! Awesome on that. Also good backgrounds, good lighting and camera work. I would have liked to have seen some more core hooping from you as well, but overall it was a great video. Score: 9.

Nick: Some highly technical twins and pooping going on here, really high end techniques. Careful it doesn’t get repetitive, you may need to save some back for future rounds. Also, you might want to focus a little more on the theme and storytelling. Saying that you have a really nice way with the camera, which scores points in this competition. Nice song choice, costuming and edits too. Good work for week 1. Score: 7.5.

Bunny: Jasmine you have some major skills in the hoop! I really wanted to see you flesh out this story of love in your video. While I love your tricks, I found your video too trick focused rather than exploring a narrative in movement or concept. Also, I want to encourage you to explore your body’s movement more with twin hoops rather than getting caught up in the tricks. I really enjoyed you rokn it with a single hoop. Bust it! Score: 7.

Katie: Jasmine, great job this week! I loved all your costumes! I found myself wanting to see what you’d show up in next, it definitely kept my interest and kept the video from getting dull at any point. Your skill with doubles is absolutely hypnotizing! You’re so fluid and graceful. With that being said, I would have liked to see a little more of what you can do with one hoop, or three hoops, or something different than two. I can tell doubles must be your favorite, but I would like to see you branch out more in future videos. Finally, your connection to the camera (and your audience) was superb. You did a great job looking at the camera and smiling. Watching you hoop with that big, beautiful smile on your face made me smile too! I really enjoyed it. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you is to focus on context next week. I love that this started off with love. It set a beautiful first impression and tone, but why? What did that have to do with the rest of the video or New Wave Week? Some later scenes felt like they could have been edited in from a different hooping video without context. Set it and maintain it to really help engage your viewers even more.


There you have it, your Hooping Idol 5 contestants and their New Wave Week submissions. Our judges have submitted their scores that comprise 40% of our final tally. With 40 points possible the total scores from our judges for New Wave Week are:

Sarah 36
Benjamin 34.5
Rachael 33
Philosokitty 32.5
Katherine 32
Marley 32
Tiffany 32
Jasmine 31.5
Courtney 31
Crystal 30.5
Lana Mae 30
Ella 29.5
Dizzy 29
Lilly 29
Sammy 28.5
Shannon 28.5
Tea 28
Ziggy 27.5
Fay 25.5
Kenya 25.5
Nadiah 25

The remaining 60% of the vote comes from you and the time has come to cast your ballot. Vote for the contestant you want to see continue on in the competition, and please please please – keep it to only one ballot per person. Thank you!

If by some chance you get a message saying you’ve already voted and you haven’t – close your web browser entirely and relaunch it and try again in a few minutes. Thanks.

Are you ready? Choose one from the ballot below. Let’s vote!


Your Hooping Idol 5 New Wave Week ballots are being accepted only until Wednesday, April 15th at 2:00 pm PST. The six finalists with the lowest scores will be eliminated from the competition and the remainder will be moving on to the next round. Stay tuned for those results, along with the details of the next challenge and happy New Wave Hooping everybody!

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