Hooping Idol 5: It’s Disney Week!

disneyweek It’s Week 2 of our 5th exciting season of Hooping Idol and the competition is already heating up in our search for the next big hooper star – and we’re going to tell you all about the Hooping Idol Ultimate Prize Package for the first time today too! Welcome everybody to Disney Week on Hooping Idol 5.

For those just tuning in, we put out the Season 5 Casting Call, introduced you to our 21 contestants and our special guest celebrity judges, then kicked things off spinning our way back to the early 1980’s for New Wave Week. In our New Wave Week Results Show, six were eliminated, leaving us with 15 contenders to put their own personal spin on Disney.

Our final 15 have all been schooled on the Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video, were told to have fun with their Disney challenge, and were reminded to make it count – because at the end of Disney Week, five more of them will be going home.


Seated at the judge’s table for season five are Rachael Lust of RachaelLust.com from Marion, Ohio, USA, Nick Broyd of Nick Broyd Hoop from Bristol, England, UK, Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops in Conway, Arkansas, USA. They’ll be sharing their thoughts and advice all season long when it comes to just what our Hooping Idol 5 contestants are up to.

philo This season our contestants will also be receiving mentoring advice publicly and behind the scenes from Hooping Idol host Philo Hagen. The Managing Editor of Hooping.org and two-time Hoopie Award winner for Video of the Year and Male Hooper of the Year will not, however, be scoring our contestants.

What will our new Hooping Idol score for themselves this year? Our Ultimate Hooping Idol 5 Prize Package includes a Glamping Tent Package and performance showcase spot at Hoopcamp 2015 in Boulder Creek, California, USA, a coveted registration to the already sold out Austrian Hoop Convention in Vienna, Austria, an incredible registration to the German Hoop Convention in Hannover, Germany, as well as a registration to Australia’s hoop gathering – Hoopy Happenings in Sydney, Australia. Our new Hooping Idol will also be getting their hands on an amazing Atomic Evoke 4 Smart Hoop from Astral Hoops, two months of free advertising from Hooping.org to jumpstart their career or business, a $250 gift certificate from HoopSupplies.com, the fantastic fire hoop of their choice from Synergy Flow Arts, a $150 gift certificate to look good too from Hoopclothes.com, an Eco Hoop – the world’s first fully recycled plastic hoop – and a Hoop Revolution Core Foundation DVD from our friends at Hoop Revolution, and the award winning hoop dance documentary The Hooping Life on DVD and a deck of super cool hooper playing cards.

IdolPrize 4
The Hooping Life

A great big thank you to all of those in our community who have so generously donated prizes for this season, and to all of our judges for taking time out of their hectic schedules to share their thoughts with all of us this week.

So, are you ready for some Hooping Idol? Great, because it’s Disney Week on Hooping Idol 5 and we proudly present our 15 finalists in an order that was randomly drawn out of a hat.


“Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid

1. Crystal Smith of Jupiter, Florida, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Girl!!! This is amazing! First of all, the underwater scenes were great! How do you do barrel rolls underwater like that??!! Great scenes, great lighting, great outfit and the stuff with 3 hoops was very original and techy and I liked it!! Maybe some more core hooping next week? Score: 10.

Nick: Crystal – a really strong video this week. The theme, the music and your hoop style all moulded together nicely. Clearly lots and lots of effort has gone into this, congratulations. You tell a really good story and accompany it with some clean hooping, with really tidy planes too. The isolation work is very strong with lots of connected moves here. Be careful not to get stuck in this one trick family, although I can understand that given the theme of the video. Overall though, really top effort and we’ll see you back here next week no doubt! Score: 8.

Bunny: Crystal, what a beautiful mermaid you are! I love how you play with the water with your fishtail and your smile is just stunning. I felt kinda isolated by your isolations. I just couldn’t place them in the narrative. I really loved your chest roll, lasso spin and the twins sequence at 1.04 was super sweet! I got a little lost mid-second part of your video – too many edits and jumping between costumes and hoops. Try to keep your movement narrative flowing and consistent. Give purpose to your transitions between shots, tricks and hoop moves. Overall, a sweet video. Score: 6.

Katie: I had two favorite videos this week and this was one! You did a superb job! The underwater shots were stunning and you did an excellent job acting (and hooping) underwater. If anything, I would have liked to have seen more underwater hooping. All the locations were perfect and I enjoyed your costumes. Just because you didn’t have the fish tail, didn’t mean you weren’t channeling the Little Mermaid. So I guess my only criticism is that I wished we would have seen your awesome underwater hooping even more. Score: 9.5.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was about accessibility and you had it covered this week and then some. Great job! My note for you for next week is about endings. This started out as pure magic, great costume, excellent locations, fun with props, and you had me smiling all the way. What could have taken it even further was a stronger ending. When your song is peaking, your hoop dance and/or video somehow needs to take it to that next level too.


“I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” from Hercules

2. Sarah Schireman of Seattle, Washington, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: So glad you did some foot hooping! I’ve been waiting to see some stuff like that. Anytime we see someone do something that no other contestant does its a bonus! Your hooping is great, but I think you did a better job last week on the filming. The quality wasn’t as good as it could have been and the hoop went out of shot a couple times. But I did like your backup hoopers. Little touches like that always make videos more fun to watch. Score: 7.5.

Nick: This is a solid quick moving video with an engaging upbeat song choice. I love the use of the backing hoopers, that adds an extra touch. There’s quite a lot of tricks and edits to take in and sometimes it felt like I was watching the same patterns on repeat. Also you need to tell a bit more of a story, rather than just hooping to a Disney track. I liked the start and end though, as it gave the video a natural real start and finish. Well hooped, filmed and edited! Score: 6.5.

Bunny: Great video! You are such a beautiful hoop dancer. I really enjoyed watching you work a single location and costume. My focus was on your dance and your back up dancers! The simplicity built your movement narrative and connected your shots well. My only suggestion is to slow it down. At times, your moves felt a little rushed where you could have really drawn them out and taken your dance into a more varied temporal realm. Well done! LOVE! Score: 9.

Katie: Really strong video this week! You did a wonderful job with your costumes and hair, and I loved the incorporation of your hooping muses! Your location next to the fountain was beautiful and the spot with the Greek columns was perfect! In some spots, I felt you were a little too far away from the camera. I wanted to see a few more shots up-close. Other than that, stunning hooping and great video! Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for last week was to play with speed changes while hooping and I really enjoyed what you incorporated here. Thank you and let’s see more. You’re so fast that when you give your viewers a little break, when you speed back up it’s exhilarating. I loved your backdrops, backup girls and costumes this week too. For next week my mentoring note is about engaging with your audience more. When you’re connecting with viewers like you are around the one minute mark and around 1:45, it’s so powerful. More of that please!


“Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas

3. Sammy Hoopleseed Rodgers of Anchorage, Alaska, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: You did a good job finding nice backgrounds and your blue hoops really pop out against the scenery so that’s great! I did get a little lost in the storyline. The puppets and apple didn’t really fit the Pocahontas theme, nor did the blue gown. Again, the quads were nice since we don’t see much of that and I liked the use of double LEDs. Score: 6.

Nick: A great song choice that suits the way you hoop. Lots of cool costuming which we’d expect from Disney week. Careful with those rolls, sometimes they get a little off contact and try to tidy up the transitions into them. Really good to see such a range of hoops being used with some nifty tricks with them throughout. I score you up on that versatility. The section with the four hoops was great as you engaged with the camera well, try to carry that into other sections and don’t get too far away from the camera itself. Make those changes and you’ll bump up your scores even more. Score: 7.

Bunny: Sammy, your second shot was so amazing I wanted you to stay with it for longer and extend that character’s presence. She had a strong impact. The shot, costume and moves at 1.35 are also a winner, although I would have cross faded the stop and start in hoop spin. There were too many costumes and location changes too quickly and throughout. I couldn’t connect with a story or where you were taking us. I really loved your sequence at 2.07 and the shot after that, but they felt disjointed. I want to see more connection in your shots, story and tricks. Give context to a second hoop and be careful switching between different scenes and hoops randomly. I would love to see more Sammy. You have a beautiful performance energy. Score: 7.

Katie: I can see you took to heart my tidbit of doing more with costumes and makeup and I really appreciate that! I think it made for a much more interesting video. With that being said, I’m not sure how well your costume choices fit with the Pocahontas theme. The blue ballgown, for example, reminded me more of Cinderella. Try to make sure with each costume change, it still fits with your theme. On a different note, your clips with quad hoops were really amazing! You have a beautiful hooping style and flow. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to focus on editing and there was a lot of improvement. That cut when the song begins to soar and we suddenly see you by the water literally took my breath away. Very nicely done! Smart editing can make a world of difference. My note for next week is about progression. Your video was building beautifully and seemed to be going somewhere. The tech scenes in that gorgeous dress with all the different shades of blue was gorgeous. Taking us back to outfits and places later on we’ve seen earlier can cause you to lose some of that momentum, and it can be a little confusing too. Take viewers along on a journey from start to finish.


“Never Had a Friend Like Me” from Aladdin

4. Katherine Aurora Callahan of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Yes! I love this! So much personality! Awesome outfit! My only critique was the shaky camera right at the beginning. Not the best way to start the video, but everything else totally made up for it. I was entertained through the entire thing and I laughed out loud at the applause sign. Nice touch! Score: 10.

Nick: An engaging video Katherine. The song choice, costuming and edits are really strong and links really well to the theme. You hoop well with the music, good rhythm and flow with it, I think upbeat works really well for you. As I pointed out last week the trick level may need to go up to stand out in future rounds, but I think you should be fine this week. You have to sustain the video making effort throughout and you are doing that so far! Score: 7.

Bunny: Katharine – you are cool! I love this. The simplicity of your hoop moves makes space for your wonderful character to come through and to hit some key points in the music. Your editing skills are strong too ~ kapOw! For a moment I thought you were running out of tricks until your top knot got in on the hoop action! Your gold is in your creative expression with the hoop. I felt engaged to the end. My only recommendation is to be careful with your cuts between one and two hoops. I find your transitions between the two a little disjointed and it doesn’t add to any story of technical progression. Overall, well done! Score: 8.

Katie: Oh my goodness, you have done it again this week! This week I have two favorite videos and this is one! You certainly have a performers spirit and a connection to your audience that I think really stands out in this competition. Your costume was great, your choreography was spot-on for your theme and I especially enjoyed your serpentine arm movements. I also saw some great editing going on, 0:57 was my favorite. The only thing I wished you had done was built the energy of your video at the end when the drama in the music is building. Either add some exciting trick we’ve never seen or do some quick editing, changing from one clip to another rapidly. Other than that, I was totally in love with this video, great job! Score: 9.5.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to focus on progression and there was definite improvement this week, thank you! Loved your costume, location and excellent job engaging viewers this week. My mentoring note for next week is on musicality. You have such a beautiful slower hoop dance style that I’m not sure a song as upbeat and faster paced as this allowed you to really showcase your talents as effectively as I would have liked. Next week, really focus on musicality and choosing a soundtrack that allows your hooping to soar, serving up a hoop dance that brings everything to life.


“Circle of Life” from The Lion King

5. Lilly Hoopz of Los Angeles, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Glad you had some close ups in this one. Good theme, good costume and nice backgrounds. All on point. I could be wrong, but it looked like you almost dropped your hoop twice and then saved it on the way down and the isolations got a little repetitive. While I have no major critiques for your video, it didn’t really stand out from the other contestants. I really liked how you were actually dancing about a minute into it. I haven’t really seen much of that. Score 6.5.

Nick: Wow, a really big start with a great song, which is an absolute Disney classic. Fantastic costuming. Where did you get that head from? The outfits all felt very Lion King. I felt you engaged more with the camera this week too, so thanks for that. There were a few moments in which I would like to have seen some tricks of higher technicality, you may need to pull some of these out the bag later on. But that’s not to take away from a well structured video, fingers crossed for the public vote. Score: 6.

Bunny: Lilly the Lion Mamma. I knew there was a reason I wanted you more in the limelight. You ROCK woman! I was won by the light, locations, your hoop, the colour palette, your body’s movement, your presence, your mask… your beautiful Lioness smile, your mane, your ENERGY, your fierce moves… your connection with this song, the theme, your hoop. There were several points where I actually saw love radiating from your Lion Mamma hoop heart (which made me cry) and for that I give you a 10. Score: 10.

Katie: Lilly, I am totally in love with your hoop style! You are so expressive and you just seem like you’re having so much fun! I thought the Lion mask in the beginning was creative, but I was glad to see you take it off later on so we could all see your smiling face. Your make-up and hair rocked! The only (minor) adjustment I would suggest would be to end the video with the move you did at 3:35. That was such a powerful and dramatic move that I thought would have fit better with the dramatic end of the song. Other than that, wonderful job! One last thing…I loved the location that looked like a lion’s den, great job! Score: 8.5.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to focus on engaging your audience and there was a lot of improvement this week. Thank you! Great job this week! This week your note is about endings. This started beautifully on the hill and had great profession too. Next week I’d love to see a stronger ending. When the song hits its climax, bring your scene to a place that soars right along with it. While a great beginning reels viewers in to continue watching, a great ending is what your viewer sees last so make it count.



“I’m Odd” from Alice in Wonderland

6. Philosokitty of Bristol, England, UK. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Super cute!!! Your video quality is great! Perfect lighting and I really liked your background. There were a couple times when it seemed like you were concentrating really hard. Try to keep smiling and engaging with your audience. But I liked your fancy tricks in the beginning!! Score: 9.5.

Nick: Another high speed trick laden video you. You possess loads and loads of tricks and pull out really well edited videos. Just a note that it’s really really fast, which for me can be overloading for my brain and ends up being repetitive. I felt like a watched the same trick pattern 3-4 times. You might want to think about how you change that or show some versatility in what you are doing. That aside, lots of interesting use of wedgies (careful not to overuse them!) and some cool speedy transitions throughout. Score: 6.5.

Bunny: This is SO colourful and cute! The opening was fantastic. I love it. Be careful with switching between one and two hoops randomly to fill your edits. I would have loved to see you draw out your single hoop routine before moving onto two and to build some movement narrative with your hoop routine. 0.43-1.00 was epic (my favourite) and I LOVE your slides at 0.58. It was a little bit of a wedgie overkill for me to be honest. I’m going to suggest you cut back on Wedgies on your next video and feature them selectively. Your transition to night and LEDs was quite lovely. I enjoyed this video! Score: 7.

Katie: I absolutely love your location! It definitely made for an interesting video right away. You also made quite the charming Cheshire Cat. I think my favorite part of your video was at 1:36 with the quick edits. It was really interesting and yet we didn’t lose sight of the tricks you were doing. I think your LED hooping was a little too dark and also a little too far away, but that is my only critique. All in all, this was a great video. Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to focus on your facial expressions more and there was definite improvement, thank you! Great locations and costumes this week too. My note for you for next week is about editing. Try not to over edit. Too many cuts can interfere with enjoyment of your flow. Try to only cut on beats and at song transition moments too so it all ends up feeling deliberate, thoughtful and helps accentuate the feel and flow of your video.


“Everybody Wants to be a Cat” from The Aristocats

7. Marley Jade of Humboldt County, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Marley – There was nothing about this video that I felt really needed to be “fixed” but I couldn’t help thinking, ‘I’ve seen all of this before.” I’m really glad your hooping is so clean, I think it is very important, but lets see something that makes you stand out more too. Nice job overall. Score: 7.

Nick: One of my favourite Disney songs! Some speedy tricks and skills, with lots of edits and varying range of shots. You hooped really nicely to the pace of the music, maybe just think a little more about musicality as there are lots of pace changes in the music that you could have reflected better. Just try to keep it slow and smooth, listen to the music more and you’ll progress well in this competition. Score: 6.

Bunny: Lady of the Cat – you do it well. You drop into character and musicality really well. The way you move between feline and show girl is masterful. The shot around 2 mins lost me a little just because the one before it was so stunning, but I can see why you used it. I would have kept it on stage or by the window which were you two strongest shots. You are a fantastic performer Marley! My only recommendation is to keep on werknIT because its WERKN! And to keep exploring your dance. Score: 9.

Katie: Wonderful storyline! I loved the end when your “Be A Cat” box was checked off. That was a great way to bring it all back around. Your costumes were great and I really enjoyed your “catty” movements. Some of your camera work was a little shaky, which for me always distracts from the hooping and it was once again a little too long. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Score: 7.5.

Philo: It’s no big secret that the internet loves cats! My mentoring advice last week was to experiment with a variety of camera distances and angles to help engage viewers more. It was great having the camera closer this week so we could really see you hoop, thank you! I’m going to challenge you to play with this even more next week though. I don’t know that the fish eye lens or the upward view from the floor are featuring you and your beautiful hooping as well as I’d like, and we got a lot of both this week. A floor camera is also really challenging to engage with and you want to be sure to engage with your audience. Great job with those costumes and that ending was superb.


“Reflection” from Mulan

8. Benjamin Berry of Alfred, New York, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Really liked how you added core hooping into the mix. Also, great job on the fire hooping, sometimes its really hard to see whats going on in fire videos, but you captured it well. There were a couple times when I felt your presentation needed a little tune up. It kind of seemed like you were just going through the motions at times and not really into it, especially at the beginning. Try to extend your movements and take up space when you can. Score: 8.

Nick: Thanks very much Benjamin for adding lots more on body hooping and taking that on board. It was nice to see some different technical styles of hooping this week and some well executed on-body hoop dance. Occasionally, I felt your hooping didn’t quite hit the music, especially where the beat dropped out of the song. It picks up later particularly when you are on the stage with the candles. There were some really nice sequences there. Maybe not quite as booming as last weeks entry, but this shows a versatility to your hooping which is good to document. See you next week no doubt. Score: 7.

Bunny: Ben! You are like the love child of John Waters and David Lynch. The song (which almost killed me) was a sweet choice since 1.26 gave it the pizazz you are known for and made for a great transition. 2.08 is a signature move I would be owning if i were you. Just the right amount of wedgie to take it into the beyond. The fire hooping didn’t do it for me – it changed the tempo and broke the spell. Perhaps a slow-mo edit may have got me, but as it is, I felt it lost the musicality and dramatic body movements that you were building on stage… except around 3.49 which I enjoyed. Less trick focus, more body movement and theatrical expression please. Great flow this week and really enjoyed longer cuts. Well done! Score: 8.

Katie: Wonderful job this week! Your storyline was very strong, your costumes were great, and I saw you really took to heart what the judges said last week. I adored the incorporation of the umbrella and I really would have loved it if you would have added even more! The one (tiny) critique I have for you is the addition of the up-close edit at 1:27. I like that edit, but since it only appears that one time, it felt out of place. I wanted to see a few more of these up-close edits. Lastly, I loved the transition from the candle flames to the fire hoop, that was very nice. Definitely one of the strongest videos for this challenge! Score: 9.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to focus on flow and we got to see some beautiful longer sequences this week that didn’t disappoint. Thank you! My mentoring note for next week is to bring the emotion to go with it. This started quite intimate and felt rather internal and private, which was actually quite captivating, but with Christina Aguilera eating scenery with her vocals, I doubt I was the only one waiting to see you throw it down too. Flow doesn’t have to be soft and pretty. Week one you brought the drama. Week two you brought the flow. Let’s see you bring the two together and serve it up next week.


“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story

9. Spinner Ella of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: You did a great job filming this. Close ups were good along with the lighting. However, it didn’t really have much of a Disney theme besides the song choice. Maybe dressing the part or using toys somehow would have helped with the storyline. I also noticed you kept bending your arms on your body rolls (I do it too!) but really try to straighten those out. I was glad you used more than one background this time! Also, props to you for hooping on a boat while it was windy. That had to be super challenging. Score: 6.5.

Nick: Really great song choice Ella! I thought it suited your style of hooping and you danced well to it. I really enjoyed the location too, it went well with the theme. It would be cool to see you do a bit more on body hooping as you tend to stay off body throughout and it therefore gets a bit repetitive. Or maybe add a second hoop. That would help you push things on a bit as the standard is pretty high in this competition. Keep it coming though! Score: 6.

Bunny: The shot at 1.04 is divine! I would have shot or edited a lot more from this location. When you’ve hit gold there’s got to be a convincing reason to choose otherwise. The other locations before and after it, including on the boat, didn’t have nearly the impact that this treasure does. That single shot (which was long) was absolutely stunning – your performance, the light, the composition, the poetry. The shots around it feel distracting and way less compelling in comparison. All in all a really lovely video. Score: 7.

Katie: I thought your storyline was really cute – your hoop is your best friend. Certainly something I think all hoopers can relate to! I noticed you interpreted the lyrics of the song more so than the theme of the Disney movie from which that song comes. On the one hand, that was a different interpretation which I thought was clever and, as I said above, made for a great storyline. On the other hand, at times I felt as if I was watching just a regular hoop video rather than a “themed” hoop video. So I’m a little conflicted about that. Lastly, you have a great flow and an obvious friendship with your hoop that puts a smile on my face. Score: 7.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was about storyline and there was improvement, thank you. It felt a lot more cohesive. Great locations and I loved the very Disney boat too. My note for next week is simply about letting your light shine. There were times in this you appeared nervous and a little tentative and I couldn’t see any reason for you to be. You had a great outfit, great locations, you’ve got great hooping skills, so own your star, let go and let your beautiful light shine bright next week.


“Chim Chim Cheree” from Mary Poppins

10. Rachael Riot of Jamestown, New York, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: Everything you do looks so good! Its so clean and that is great!!! I did think you got a little lost in the scenery. Maybe a different outfit or a brighter hoop would have helped you pop out a little more. My advice to you is to find a fancy trick or two and really start drilling them now. As you get further along in the competition I think it will help to surprise us with something we haven’t seen. Score: 7.

Nick: Yeah – best Disney film ever! Top marks for the song choice. I would have liked to have heard your Dick Van Dyke accent too! On a serious note, thanks so much for the slower technique, it shows you can adapt and hoop to a range of rhythms. You might need to add some different technical styles later on or show some versatility with one hoop, but a solid entry for this week to a great Disney song. Score: 7.

Bunny: Rachael, I really loved this! It made me smile. You have such great musicality in your body. I can really feel the song in your hoop moves. Well done! Your choice of character, location and flow props are all super great. Your colour palette, filter and edits are also spot on in creating a mood. The only thing that didn’t work for me me was your closing shot. The rooftop was such an awesome location I didn’t want it to end and your narrative was so strong there. I would have worked that a little more. Otherwise… Score: 9.

Katie: Bravo! You did a great job with your distance from the camera. Also, I loved your costume and the incorporation of your prop in with your hooping, that was a lot of fun! I don’t really have anything specific that desperately needed improvement, so I would just remind you how stiff the competition is this year. Each week, try to think of what you can do to really stand out from your competitors. Great job. Score: 8.5.

Philo: Last week my mentoring note was to own your spotlight and you stepped into it more this week. Thank you! I’d like to see more though. My note for next week, which may help with that, is about musicality. There were times it didn’t feel like you were hooping to your song. When it looked like you were it was so captivating. Hoop to the music and really work all of the changes and big moments, punctuating them with key moves to take it to the next level. A little clever editing can also help scenes that may not have been there look as if they were too.


“Jack’s Obsession” from The Nightmare Before Christmas

11. Courtney Fagras of Bellingham, Washington, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: I liked your shadow effect and how it really pulled in the movie theme. Again, you had some funky moves in there, specifically hooping on 1 leg and jumping to the other (been working on that myself). I also really liked how you included breaks and they seemed to be pretty on-point except it was dark and I couldn’t see very well. While there was nothing wrong with this video, there wasn’t really anything that really stood out and set it apart from the others. You’ve definitely got the personality to stand out. Score: 6.

Nick: Courtney this is a tricky one because the hooping is really high quality, great movement, footwork and style. I think you are one of the best movers in the competition. However, I don’t know if the music quite fit with what you were doing. You have rhythm and musicality in abundance, but I felt the beat of this music was not quite with the beat of where you were going. That said, I still find you one of the most interesting to watch this year and still found the hooping compelling, just please be careful with the music. Score: 7.

Bunny: What an amazing video! One thing I suggest is a slower introduction to your tricks. It felt like you gave it away a little too quickly. I loved 0.33 >> all of that was very engaging! The wedgie was not a compelling shot for me nor was the shot at 1.15, both of which I think could have worked well with focus on your character’s facial expression. Your breaks were wicked at 1.36 and great edit at 1.45. LOVE your rockout around 2.30! This was really great and my favourite part. The only other thing I would have developed more is closeup character shots. Otherwise… Score: 9.

Katie: Wow, there was some really impressive hooping in this video! I loved your hooping with your shadow, and the different angles you incorporated. So far in each video, you’ve added some really creative edited shots which I think makes your videos instantly stand out. However, your storyline was still a little unclear to me. I was looking for something at the very end to tie it all together, but I was still a little confused by the finger puppets. With that being said, your hooping is very expressive and totally entertaining. Great job. Score: 7.5.

Philo: My mentoring advice for last week was to focus on momentum and this definitely built and came to a dramatic conclusion. Great ending. My note for next week is about accessibility. While I personally love The Nightmare Before Christmas and loved what you did with this, between the artsy filming, hard lighting, and darker outlook and character choice, there may be some that felt distanced or confused. Next week reel everybody in with something all can connect with to really help propel you to the finale.


“I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book

12. Tea Bowie-Ford of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: This was so good!!! That trick at 1:01 was great, along with your personality shining throughout the video! All of your little added touches really made this video (Mowgli with the fire and the funny dancing at :50 sec). I think you were a little lost in scenery during a few spots. Specifically the yellow hoops against the yellow/green leaves, but everything else was great! Score: 9.5.

Nick: Hi Tea – I thought you got the costume, location and the song choice all bang on. I love the music and themes from The Jungle Book so I am glad you chose this. You stuck to the characterisation really well and demonstrated some really diverse technical skills. I felt like the fire shots toward the end were possibly a bit too long, but that doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the video. Score: 7.

Bunny: Tea – you are one gorgeous flapper! Such pretty lighting and gorgeous set and locations. The art direction was very strong and your character is as always superb. The opening shot with you in the cage was killer! I want to encourage you to draw out your movement narrative a little more. The twins came in way too early and then they were gone – it threw me around a little, I wanted to see you set it up more. Your kick-ups ROKD woman and that whole shot was total SASS. The transition to fire WERKD. You didn’t lose any of your musicality which is rare for fire performance. HOT hot HOT! Score: 8.

Katie: Once again, wonderful job this week! Your facial expressions were great, body language and movement were fantastic, and your skill with multiple hoops is amazing. I would like to see you flow from one multi-hoop move to the next, at times it felt like it was a collection of clips of each move. But other than that, marvelous job. I also liked the fire hoop at the end and your Mowgli pal in there dancing with you. I read what you wrote in your video description about wanting to be like other hoopers and I can definitely identify with that! Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was about editing and you pretty much nailed it this week. Almost every moment felt worthwhile, important and well put together. Great job, great locations, great props, great moves! My mentoring note for next week is to try incorporating a little more flow. There were a lot of shorter scenes going from trick to trick, which were great, but if you want to reel in the hoop dance set as well, they’re going to want to see a little more flow in the mix too. Dazzle them with what you can do with some longer stretches of uninterrupted hooping too.


“Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid

13. Fay Ferrihsoon of Puebla, Mexico. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: That cartwheel kick move was so awesome!! Love stuff like that, but this video had some very basic issues that we shouldn’t be seeing. Your cameras autofocus kept going in and out causing a lot of blurry spots. I would have definitely reshot those scenes before submitting. Also, you did some hooping in the dark and it was really hard to see. If you are going to do night scenes a fire or LED hoop would have been a lot better choice. The hooping itself was impressive, but I really wish you would have reshot those blurry scenes. Score: 5.

Nick: Oh my! Fay that was really entertaining. And surreal. And confusing. But mainly awesome. At the heart of your video some moments of wonderfully bizarre storytelling mixed with some really innovative hooping and great combos. Felt like Monty Python meets Disney. There are some issues around video and sound editing that you can easily improve. You may want to be careful with blurry screens and mute your video’s audio when playing other music. I’m going to score down because of that. However, when you remove those problems there is actually some great work going on here and Ariel sold it for me. So entertaining. Score: 8.

Bunny: Fay! WOW. You took me on a psychedelic journey. I LOVE your sense of humour and experimentation. It’s very refreshing! I really like how you challenged traditional notions of sounds in hoop videos and used traffic and nature as part of your soundscape. Fay as a chipmunk will keep me coming back. The thing I would most develop is a routine so that we see a progression of story with the hoops themselves as well as a video narrative. Tie the tricks into your story. I loved this Fay! Score: 8.

Katie: Fay, you have an infectious smile and a charm and charisma that is unmistakable. However, this video needs some improving. When you’re hooping as the Emperor, there’s no music playing, I would have liked to have heard some music during those clips. Later, you switch to hooping as the Little Mermaid, but a song from the Lion King is playing, which made no sense. Also there were several things that needed to be edited out, such as you running back up to the camera at the end of a clip. I would have much preferred to see you stick with one Disney character and develop that storyline as opposed to jumping around to unrelated characters. You’re an excellent hooper, but I think your video editing is going to have to improve to stay in this competition. Score: 5.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to engage the camera more and you definitely did that, thank you! This week I’d like you to simply focus on your overall production value. There were some truly amazing things going on in this from your costumes to your sense of play to that cartwheel pizza toss I had to rewind and watch three times. That being said, the overall presentation felt amateur. The camera was often out of focus, shaky, mistakes could’ve been edited out or incorporated into your presentation, but they just happen and things end. These things distract from rather than enhance your video. Raise the level of quality next week so all we have to focus on is you and how incredibly talented you are.


“In a World of My Own” from Alice in Wonderland

14. Dizzy Dynamic of Saint Charles, Illinois, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: You did much better on your lighting and the actual filming. The sun was a little much at the beginning, but only for a brief moment. I really liked the hoops against the brick wall for an added touch. Your isolations at 1:53 were a little rushed. Make sure you complete the isolation on one side before moving onto the other side. Overall, it was very nice and the added piece with the cane was great! Score: 9.

Nick: Thanks Dizzy for slowing things down a little this week. Those aspects of the video worked really well for me. You have some nice combos especially in the throw and contact roll areas. Sometimes I felt that perhaps the edits were a bit long, or that I noticed this because you lost your engagement with the camera. Perhaps try to keep the camera in mind a little more and focus on chopping it up to keep it moving. I think you did this well last week. All in all a good entry this week. Score: 7.

Bunny: Dizzy this was so magical and FAB! The opening and closing shots really set your story. As Alice, I felt you dropped into your tricks too quickly. I wanted to see Alice discover the hoop more rather than be instantly RAD – it didn’t leave you a lot to work with in terms of building the hoop story within your WonderLand. The Mad Hatter, however, was born for those killer moves! This was my favourite vignette. Overall, I really loved your video and would only suggest that you not give away all your moves so quickly next time. Build the movement narrative! Good job. Score: 8.

Katie: Great job with the storyline this week! Your costumes were wonderful, I loved that your hoops matched the blossoming flowers in the opening scene, and the locations were great. If I had one criticism it would be that at times your hooping didn’t match your song. The song you were hooping to was slow-tempo, gentle, and dreamy, and then your hooping was lightning-speed and high energy. I want to see hoopers who not only embrace the theme in their storyline and staging, but also their choreography. In the future, I would suggest either adapting your hoop dancing to your music’s theme, or choosing music based on your hoop style. With that being said, I saw a lot of things I liked in the editing and I look forward to what comes next! Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to focus on overall polish and there was a lot of improvement this week, thank you! Be wary of overusing filters though. We knew it was a dream sequence and I really loved your costumes and pinwheels. My note for next week is about engaging with your audience more. You have such great skills, you just need to reel your audience in more. When you connect with the camera like you do around the three minute mark we, the audience, feel important and included. Connect with us more next week.


“Sugar Rush” from Wreck It Ralph

15. Tiffany Hancock of Misawa, Aomori, Japan. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Rachael: The hooping was very good, but to be honest you looked a little bored. I said to someone else it seemed like they were just going through the motions and it seemed to be that way for you too at times. Bring back the personality that you had last week and you will do great! I should also mention.. props to you on your camera work. Its all very clear and easy to see and you never get lost in your backgrounds. Also, if you watch the other videos you will see a lot of them added special touches and little extras here and there to really pull in their theme. Don’t let it overwhelm the video, but those are always nice. Score: 7.

Nick: Some really nice clean single and double hooping here. All of your tricks are nicely linked together with some innovative transitions. You have all the right technical attributes to do really well in this competition. It seemed a little slower this week, which made things easier to take in and I thought you hooped well with the music. I would maybe like to see a little more interplay with a story and occasionally I thought the edits were a little long, but that doesn’t take away from a nicely put together video. Score: 7.

Bunny: Hi Tiffany! That was a cute video with your signature killer moves and timing. I was a little confused by the introductory shots. They didn’t make any real connection for me, nor did the car ride midway. Your vibe seemed a little lower this week. You seemed to be dropping in and out of your performance energy. And yet somehow you maintained those incredible highly technical moves! You have a powerful autopilot, which comes in handy, but not the most bad-ass light to shine. I want to see you really let go in the hoop and express yourself full force. Score: 7.

Katie: Once again, great job! You certainly did a much better job of choosing your locations, and yes, I noticed your “finish line” set that I thought was wonderful! One thing I noticed was that when you were in front of the light pink wall, your white hoop tended to disappear, so in the future choose your hoops or backgrounds carefully. Lastly, I loved the candy mini-hoops, very creative! Fantastic job! Score: 8.

Philo: My mentoring advice for you last week was to bring some more emotion and I think we got more this week, thank you, though I’d like to see more next week. My main note for next week though is to play with camera distance and angles. The edits during the scene with the video games would’ve been much more effective with a new angle or close up tossed in. Tip: film a little “extra” footage from a different angle or two just so you’ll have it already on hand should you find you need a little extra something when you’re putting it all together.


There you have it, your Hooping Idol 5 contestants and their Disney Week submissions. Our judges have submitted their scores that comprise 40% of our final tally. With 40 points possible the total scores from our judges for New Wave Week are:

Katherine Aurora Callahan: 34.5
Crystal Smith: 33.5
Tea Bowie-Ford: 32.5
Benjamin Berry: 32
Dizzy Dynamic: 32
Rachael Riot: 31.5
Sarah Schireman: 31
Philosokitty: 31
Lilly Hoopz: 30.5
Courtney Fagras: 29.5
Marley Jade: 29.5
Tiffany Hancock: 29
Sammy Hoopleseed Rodgers: 27
Spinner Ella: 26.5
Fay Ferrihsoon: 26

With only 8.5 points between first and last place, this is still anybody’s game and the remaining 60% of the vote comes from you, our viewers. The time has come to cast your ballot. Vote for the contestant you want to see continue on in the competition, and please please please – keep it to only one ballot per person. Thank you!

If you get a message saying you’ve already voted and you haven’t – close your web browser entirely, relaunch it, and try again in a few minutes. Thanks.

Cast your vote for one of our finalists from the ballot below.


UPDATE: Watch the Disney Week Results Show.

Your Hooping Idol 5: Disney Week ballots are being accepted only until Wednesday, April 22nd at 2:00 pm PST. The five finalists that come in with the lowest scores this week will be eliminated from the competition, bringing us to our final top ten who will be moving on to the next round. Stay tuned for those results and the details of our next challenge and a very happy Disney Week to one and all. Happy hooping!

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