30/30 Spring Fling Hooping Challenge: Day 23


It’s the twenty-third day of our Spring Fling 30/30 Hooping Challenge. How was it today? Tell us all about your Day 23 experience in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “30/30 Spring Fling Hooping Challenge: Day 23

  1. Day 23: Morning: Two 15 minute sessions of waist hooping with a bit of chest hooping practise thrown in. Then this afternoon 45 minutes mainly working on hands and arms – weaves, stir the pot, twirly whirly, overhead and elbow hooping. A few minutes on knees too.

  2. Just did an hour long hoop class with a new teacher and I loved it! It was my first in the intermediate class and I really enjoyed that it wasnt just learning new things but also focusing on breaking down known tricks and working on changing them slightly to create new things. I’m feeling really positive 🙂

  3. Day 23! I’m at a music festival this weekend so I am going to rock the hoops hard. Got my 30 minutes today working with my hoops tustbhave some glow tape tonight for the first time really practicing in the dark. You really gotta feel it and focus! 🙂

  4. Did about 1.5 hours with Seniors at our first time this year “Senior Safari Walkabout” at our park & zoo. It’s so rewarding to have one who says “I could never even hoop as a child” try it and succeed. There were some who came last year, and were really looking forward to coming back to hoop with us. One took some classes from the lovely Nessia Star since last year’s visits. The payoff of sharing Hoop Love!

  5. I had actually crawled into bed after a super long long day and my head said, “Dude, you didn’t hoop today.” So I got up and put in 30 minutes while watching TV. Mission accomplished. And now – it’s time for sleep. 🙂

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