Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge 2015

curvesness2015 by Rowan TwoSisters

“Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy, I’m Calling All Curvy Hoopers!”

Back in 2011, our girl Lissa Anne Pruitt started’s original Curvy Hooper Video Challenge, asking all the hoopers who felt that they didn’t fit within the usual hooper video girl look, to be brave and film themselves hooping anyway. She knew there were other curvy hoopers like her out there, but she wasn’t seeing them. She wanted to change that. Now, I am asking you to do the same.

Feel too fat to film? Film anyway.

Afraid someone will be a douche about your video (and they might)? Film anyway.

Don’t have any cutie clothes ’cause they never come in the right sizes? Film anyway.

Running low on slick moves this week? Film anyway.

The only person that matters is the one inside your hoop. And you know what else there is room for in your hoop? Love.

And self love is the most important love of all.

Screw the haters, they don’t matter. Get your best self and body lovin gear on. Flip the camera on and hoop dance like no one is watching. Blythe and I will be right here, clapping and cheering. Lissa will be too. So will all your other curvy hooper peeps, not to mention the rest of the hooping community.

Still needing some inspiration? Check out Lissa’s Hoopie award nominated video and the videos of previous Curvy Hooper Video Challenge winners below, along with full challenge info and prize information.

[Lissa Anne Pruitt inspires us every time.]

[Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge Winner 2014: Stephanie Payne of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. More 2014 participant videos here.]

[Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge Winner 2012: Shelli Mosteller of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. More 2012 participant videos here.]

[Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge Winner 2012: Brandy Hug of Pell City, Alabama, USA. More 2012 participant videos here.]

[Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge Winner 2011: Jennifer Wagner, aka Loop D Lu, of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. 19 degrees, 43 mile per hour winds, knee deep in snow, and she went for it anyway.]

Between now and Sunday, January 25th at 11:59pm PST, make a hooping video of yourself. Post your video on YouTube or Vimeo with the title “Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge 2015 on”, then send your video link over to just so we don’t miss you somehow. Voila, you’re done, you’re included, you’re entered! You’re representing for yourself. You’re representing for all the other curvy hoopers out there too.

xhottiehoopcamp Need more incentive? We’ve got some prizes. One lucky hooper will win the grand prize: an “Everything But The Bed” pass to Hottie Hoop Camp 2015, the body-friendly hoop gathering. It’s taking place again this year in Surfside Beach, Texas, USA, and the dates to mark in your calendar are March 26-29, 2015. Hottie Hoop Camp is hosted by Blythe and I of Punk Rock Hoops and we can’t wait to see you there.

But wait, there’s more. Our first runner up will win a brand new custom-made glamour hoop from Hoop Mamas, so we hope we’ve given you the extra incentive to throw your hoop in the ring. Trust us, you’ll already be a winner and feel good about yourself just for accepting the challenge. Worried about internet trolls, share it on Vimeo where that’s rare to nonexistent, but join us in changing the climate for plus size hoopers by creating greater curvy hooper visibility. We’re already sending you our cheers and applause and there’s a whole lot more in store for you.

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