Hooping Idol Maryève Gaudreau: A Year Later

maryeve Last year, at just about this time, we were all anxiously awaiting the announcement of who would become our next Hooping Idol. It was super exciting when the news finally broke and Maryève Gaudreau of Hula Hoop Quebec emerged victorious as the winner of Hooping Idol 3, spinning her way to victory in our third season after dazzling us with her steady progress all season long. With the end of Hooping Idol 4 rolling in this week with our final three competitors spinning up their very best for the finale, I talked to Maryève amidst the whirlwind that has become her life to get the story of how being a Hooping Idol has played out for her this past year.

Philo: So what was it like to actually win Hooping Idol last year?

Maryève: I was really happy. I had spent so much time and energy in the competition that I was really relieved to win. It was heartwarming to feel my friends and my family encourage me, and to even have people I did not know like my videos.

[Maryève: Fairy Tales Week on Hooping Idol 3]

Philo: So what has your year been like?

Maryeve Maryève: I was moving the week after Hooping Idol, so I had to hurry to pack my things. But my new flat is awesome. So many things happened in less than one year. I travelled a lot. I went to do a fire show in Italy for Festa del fuoco di Stromboli. At Hoopcamp I performed as well. I really love California. I also went to Mexico for the Circonvention and I have a nice contract in Dubai. I am still working at Cirque du Monde teaching circus and it’s my student’s final show this weekend, and then I am off for the summer. And I still give private hoop classes. What else? I adopted a kitten. I named her Moonshine.

[Maryève: Tribal Week on Hooping Idol 3]

Philo: Awww, that’s awesome. And it all sounds amazing. How has being in and becoming Hooping idol affected your life?

Maryève: In my normal life, it has not affected my life very much, but a friend of mine still calls me “my little idol”. In my hooping life it did change some things. I gained confidence and experience. I feel more comfortable on stage now after Hooping Idol. I am still a bit shy, but people recognize me from Hooping Idol at hooping events, so it is easier to connect with people.

[Maryève: Finale Week on Hooping Idol 3]

Philo: What are you currently working on?

Maryeve Maryève: Mostly, I am trying to learn German and I am working on a new hula hoop act. This summer I‘ll be teach in some hoopfests. Also, I think it is easier to teach somwhere when the hoop community knows you. I‘ll be in Germany for the German Hoop Convention and Hooplaland, in Paris for Rendez-v’hoop, at Swhoop in the UK, and at In flow in Ontario, Canada. I really love teaching! And, I don’t know how yet, but I would like to go to Burning Man this year. I’ve never been and it looks really crazy!

Philo: It is crazy, and it’s also amazing. I hope you get there. What advice do you have for our final three Hooping Idol contestants who will be spinning up our finale tomorrow?

Maryève: You do not have any theme for this video, so put everything you dream of doing in this one. Be crazy, take risks, and do not be afraid of your ideas. Impress us and surprise us. And most of all, have fun!

Philo: Thanks Maryève!

[Maryève: Her new demo video]

Hooping.org is eagerly anticipating the exciting conclusion of our fourth season. The judges are excited, the prize package is amazing and it’s going to be something you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned and happy hooping everybody!

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