Hooping Idol 4: Let’s Meet The Judges

Hooping Idol 4 Judges

We’re so excited about our fourth exciting season of Hooping Idol, we can hardly wait for it to begin! Casting is currently underway and as hoopers are busy making their audition videos and getting them posted over the weekend for a shot at our most ultimate Hooping Idol prize package yet, and a golden opportunity to learn and grow with the guidance of a truly incredible and international panel of hoop star judges, we are giggling with excitement. After all, when it comes to Hooping Idol 4 presenting a whole new series of revolutionary challenges in our search for the planet’s next great hooper star, two of the things that have us so excited this year are the judges and the prizes. What do our Idol contenders have a shot at winning and who will be seated at the judge’s table this go around? While we put the final finishing touches on our biggest prize package yet, allow us to introduce you to five of the world’s biggest names in hooping that we are honored to have on our panel for season four.

Sharna Rose Returning for her second stint up front and center is a hooper unlike any other. Sharna Rose of Sharna Rose Hoop Dance is well loved by the worldwide hooping community and continues to blow the minds of both newbie and established hoopers alike. With her heart felt, yet technical flow, she was one of the first to spin things up in the UK, and with television appearances from Blue Peter to Sky TV’s Got To Dance, this multiple Hoopie Award nominee is one of the most legendary in the UK. She says, “Hoop Dance is an unspoken language, the creativity and imprint of each dancer like words on a page. I love to witness the strings of sentences that we all create and I am particularly drawn to the hoopers that artfully construct beautiful paragraphs in the moment.” What is she hoping to read from our contenders this year? “I want passion, love, truth, expansion. Thats what I am looking for in my Hooping Idol.” Sharna Rose comes to us from Maidstone, England, UK.

Stefan Pildes Stefan Pildes has been at the nexus of hooping for more than 13 years, having taken the hoop to new heights with his co-creations: GrooveHoops and World Hoop Day. The Hoopie Award winning Male Hooper of the Year brings a wealth of experience and has taught at Hoopcamp, Hoop Convergence, and at festivals and gatherings all over the world. A New York University professor, VJ, and professional video editor for clients ranging from Google to Grey Goose, Stefan has been at the forefront of Digital Video Production and hooping for more than a decade, making him an incredible asset to our panel of judges for Hooping Idol 4. He’s created shows and stages for crowds as large as 70,000, down to the most intimate private celebrity studded events and his unique hoop style, clown training and stage experience remain a pleasure for audiences of any age. Stefan comes to us from New York City, New York, USA.

Lisa Lottie Lisa Lottie has been hooping since 2006 and has a legion of fans around the world who hang on her every spin. Originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and currently living in Australia, Lisa spends most of the year traveling the world with her hula hoop street and stage shows. Having started her career performing in a traditional circus in Mumbai, India, she’s since developed her skills and style throughout the multi-faceted performance industry. Having performed in over 30 countries along the way, Lisa has studied at the Brazilian National circus school and holds a degree in circus from The Circus Space in London, UK, as well. And yet, she’s known best in the hooping world for her million-hit hooping videos on YouTube and her signature multi-hoop dance style. The Hoopie Award winning spinstress told us, “I am SUPER excited to be part of the judging team of Hooping Idol 2014!” We’re SUPER excited to have her with us. She comes to us from Melbourne, Australia.

Ayumi Mitake Also seated at our judge’s panel this year is a woman who is routinely regarded as one of Japan’s most legendary hoop dancers, Ayumi Mitake. The Hoop Tokyo hoop star and her hoops have been featured at countless live events in the land of the rising sun. She’s made so many television appearances with her hoop, appeared in so many magazine and newspaper articles, and her performances are stunning. Crafting amazingly well choreographed pieces of such thought, creativity and artistry, this Hoopie Award nominated stylist routinely leaves the world in awe with a plastic circle, executing some of the most challenging moves with such grace and flow, she truly makes it look effortless. “I am excited to represent the Japanese Hula Hoop community at Hooping Idol this year,” she told us, and we’re so excited to have her here this year. Ayumi comes to us from Tokyo, Japan.

Katie Sunshine When it comes to the online world of hooping, Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops needs no introduction. With three of YouTube’s top 5 hooping videos of all time and more than 7 million views to her credit, we’ve all seen her smiling, spinning, and spreading the jubilance of hoop dance. She’s appeared on numerous programs, even appeared as herself in the CBS television movie Super Clyde, been animated into a music video by Goldfish, and hooped her way into country music in Jerrod Neimann’s hit music video for “Drink To That All Night”. The iconic Hoopie Award winning spinstress has done it all from performing as 7th inning entertainment with the Philadelphia Phillies to spinning things up at festivals, rallies and events across the country. She’s also a hooper with a heart of gold who entertains and teaches at a benefit for Mosaic Down Syndrome, and hoops annually at Winfest, an Arkansas music festival benefiting Meals-on-Wheels. She comes to us from Conway, Arkansas, USA.

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