Hooping Idol 4: It’s Hip Hop Week

Welcome to Hooping Idol everybody, our award winning contest that is leading us all on an ever spinning search in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Are you ready for a Hip Hop Hoop Jam? Then welcome to Hip Hop Week and the official kick off of what is certain to be our best season yet. For their first challenge our 21 contestants needed to choose a Hip Hop soundtrack that spoke to them. They were to make a video showcasing exactly what they were made of and were schooled on Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video. They were also told to have fun and make it count. When our Hip Hop Hoop Jam comes to an end six of them will be going home.


We introduced you to the five judges that will be sitting in during the season, all of whom have most excellent credentials: Sharna Rose of Sharna Rose Hoop Dance in Maidstone, England, UK, Stefan Pildes of GrooveHoops in New York City, New York, USA, Lisa Lottie of LisaLottie.com from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Ayumi Mitake of Hoop Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, and Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops in Conway, Arkansas, USA. They’ll be sharing their thoughts this season on what all of our Hooping Idol 4 contenders are up to and sitting at the table for Hip Hop Week we have Sharna, Lisa, Ayumi and Katie.

We’ve also told you all about our most Ultimate Hooping Idol Prize Package yet, a prize package worth more than $3000 that includes a Hoop Revolution teacher training, a pass to the biggest hooping event of the year – Hoopcamp 2014, and another cool pass to attend Hoopurbia in Berlin. Our Idol will also be getting their hands on the Atomic Evoke 4 from Astral Hoops, two months of free advertising from Hooping.org, a $200 gift certificate from HoopSupplies.com, the fire hoop of their choice from Synergy Flow Arts, gift certificates from OceanChildOrganics and Hoopclothes.com, as well as the brand new DVD of The Hooping Life.

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So without any further ado, let’s make our way to the hoop dance floor. It’s Hip Hop Week on Hooping Idol and we proudly present our 21 finalists in an order that was randomly drawn out of a hat.

1. Jenna Drake of Lawrence, Kansas, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Jenna, this was a very well made video, lots of tongue in cheek and great fast paced editing skillz. You play the hard edged criminal very well. Your hoop skills are fantastic… perhaps a little bit more slow mo would have added another level to your video. I do look forward to seeing more of you. Score: 8.

Lisa: Hi Jenna, good for you finding out early in the competition that anyone who has a cat in their video instantly has my attention! What a cutie!! I love that we get a dramatic close up of your face because I instantly feel like I have gotten to know you. I adore that orbiting move at 1.01, but please don’t put string inside your hoop again, a hoop is for hooping! You’ve got some great skills and I want to see you do that floor-to-body roll at 1.56 again, and finish it this time! All in all-great effort for this video. Good job! Score: 8.5.

Ayumi: It was like a short film and wonderful. I loved your belly painting “Hooping Idol”. The change in locations and setting was nice and effective, but editing was a little bit dizzy so I felt that it reduced attraction of your flow. Score: 9.

Katie: I thought the editing on the video was great! I loved the different camera angles, and the panning up and down while you were hooping looked awesome. You picked a great song for this challenge. Your hooping style is fast, energetic, and I dig it! You are very talented with twin hoops as well. There was a moment at 1:46 when you started talking to the camera and I would advise you to cut snippets like that out. Even though it just lasts a second or two, things like that can pull the viewer out of the trance or mood you put them in. I loved the hooping with the chain, very creative and very gangster! All in all, great job. Score: 7.


2. Emilie Joy Rowell of Brighton, England, UK. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Emilie I loved this video so much. I loved how you interpreted the hip hop and really put it into your dance. I can tell how much you enjoyed yourself and the backdrops were perfect. I liked the backwards bit as it matched the music towards the end… not sure if it went on a little bit too long. However, I enjoyed the whole video and hope to see more of you. Score: 8.

Lisa: Emilie, what lovely feet you have there, great music choice and I found myself bopping along to this! I really like the use of camera angles, especially in the beginning, keeps things very interesting! I also really enjoy all that stuff you do with your knees. I’m glad you ended up having a bigger hoop at the end of the video, cause as awesome as small hoops are, I want to see some more on body stuff from you next time! Score: 7.

Ayumi: Emilie, you rocked me totally. Bold camera angles and camera work, editing, ill moves, the yellow small hoops. Everything was effective. The ending idea was very nice. I think you know what is Hip Hop. Score: 10.

Katie: Awesome Job! So many things about this video rocked. I loved the ground-level camera angles at the beginning, I loved your choice of location, and I loved the footage in reverse at the end. That was so creative, and made it feel like a real hip-hop music video. Most of all, I loved the way you don’t hold back and just go for it with your dance and your style. It’s obvious hooping makes you feel great and watching that makes me feel great! Although some of your tricks seem like they could use a little more finesse, I actually like that about your style. Your facial expressions were great and kept me engaged in the video the whole way through. Score: 8.


3. Sheri Alice O’Brian of New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Sheri…Wow! Wow! Wow! You totally embraced the hip hop theme, pulled off a ton of interesting hoop moves using a variety of hoops with some sweet editing. The framing was a little off for me from time to time, but that’s my only feedback from an otherwise stellar entry with some fantastic lip synch. Score: 9.

Lisa: Sheri, you did a perfect Gail o Brien front-to-back-roll, you are my hero. You look relaxed, in your element, you can isolate AND you can hoop with beats headphones, which is a trick on its own without them falling off your head! Next time I want to see more of your face, but in general I am really excited about you Sheri. Can’t wait to see your next video! Score: 9.

Ayumi: Lip sync hooping! Yeah! I loved your outfits, attitude, style, smooth moves, sick tricks. You reminded me a phrase “Don’t sweat the technique”. I think you know that. Score: 10.

Katie: Damn, girl! You are a ninja with four hoops! I am just totally impressed. I loved your outfits, especially the one with the headphones, and I thought you did a great job incorporating some hip hop movements in with your routine. If I had to come up with one piece of advice it might be to smile more, but in this case with your choice of song, your look of concentration seemed appropriate. The moves at 1:28 were absolutely killer! I had to go back and watch that two or three times. Score: 9.


4. Alycia Betts of Fernie, British Columbia/Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: I loved how you managed to get the light flare into your video to match the light theme of the song Alycia. A couple of the shots felt a little too long and I think it might have been better to have chopped them up a little and this would have tied in with the choppy music. Your hoop skills are undeniably fantastic and I hope to see more from you. Score: 8.

Lisa: Alycia, you have some fantastic moves, but are you maybe a little shy? I promise you the camera is not going to eat you!! Head up and focus forward and we can see your face! The next time you record a video I want to have a really good warm up before you start filming where you just put some headphones on and rock out to your favourite music while you are hooping, I bet you don’t hold back when you are absolutely sure that no one is watching! Relax, enjoy your practise and know that we will enjoy watching you! Score: 6.5

Ayumi: I loved your outfits, especially tear drop glasses. Nice flow and location choice. You took off your hat and glasses expressively at the beginning so I thought you might use them as props. If it was so or you would make some creative concept, this video would become more attractive. Score: 6.

Katie: Your flow is absolutely beautiful. One thing in particular I noticed is what you do with your non-hooping hand. It’s easy to forget about that hand when you’re hooping and just let it dangle awkwardly, but you constantly position and move it gracefully with the hoop. I would have liked to see you keep the hat and glasses throughout the video to emphasize the hip hop theme (I’m really big on the costumes, in case you couldn’t tell) but overall, good video. Score: 6.


5. Louzilla Ryan of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Louzilla, this was an amazing first entry, a truly entertaining video to behold. The superbly executed hip hop battle is full of skill and shapes and the use of your hip hoop dancing friend was genius. It was skilfully edited and your hooping is fantastic. I look forward to seeing more from you. Score: 9.

Lisa: Louzilla that is such a fabulous roll you did there on the floor at 1.01, great combination! You have a great liquid dancer-friend there, but I am not sure if maybe he is a little distracting from the video subject – you! If I were you though, I would pin him down to learn some awesome moves you can incorporate into your hooping!! I think you’re really great, though next time I want you to experiment with a few different camera angles and also more than just one location in your video. Score: 8.

Ayumi: Nice flow, unique idea. I like your concept. The sequence with an animation dancer was very interesting, but sometimes he seemed to be the main actor here. I would love to see you closer. Score: 5.

Katie: Very nice flow, and I like your outfit with the hoodie. I like the idea of having a hip hop dancer in your video, but be careful when you put very talented people in the video with you. You definitely want to be the star of your own video and at times I felt the male dancer was stealing the show. I did, however, love the copy-cat dance moves together at the two minute mark. That was a nice incorporation of hip hop moves in with your own dancing. Score: 5.


6. Lisa “SparkGirl” Disinger of Pahoa, Hawaii, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: A fantastic visual feast of locations and skills alongside one of my favourite hip hop songs. The camera was a little shaky from time to time, sometimes it worked and other times it bothered me. However, a great use of the hip hop boys and I really enjoyed watching them play with the hoops and I loved your little rap at the end. You really seemed to enjoy yourself and I hope to see more from you. Score: 8.

Lisa: Lisa, you are fun and I love to see you have a good time! You really got the brief and I really enjoy watching your friends perform in your video and really add to it without being distracting! + you are hooping on the DJ’s table, which makes you uber-cool! Remember that rolls always look better when your arms are completely straight and locked out, so work on that for next time. All in all, super fun and great energy. Score: 8.5

Ayumi: I feel you know Hip Hop and I like your video and overall style. I like that I could see you, thank you. Be careful of shaky camera. Score: 7.

Katie: You are just too cute. You definitely know how to flirt with the camera and I love that. It keeps the viewer engaged. I really liked the up close shots – it made me feel like I was right there hooping it up with you. I enjoyed that you lip-synced to the music, it shows me that you really enjoy that song and even made it feel more like a hip-hop music video. I liked seeing what your dancer friends did with the hoops. I would have liked to see you try a few more break dance moves throughout the video like you did there at the very end, but other than that, very fun to watch. Score: 7.


7. Heather Gregoire of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Heather, you were a joy to watch and it is clear that you really enjoy hoop dancing. Some of the shots felt like they were a little long and you got a bit lost, but your skills carried you through. I loved seeing you skip about like a little hoop pixie and hope to see more from you. Score: 7.

Lisa: Heather! This is the kind of video I love! Great backgrounds, you slap bang in the middle being fabulous and a total contrast to the backdrop. Put in some great hula hoop moves and I am super-happy! I love the transitions of your vertical body hooping into some of those stunning orbit-isolations. Remember that when you start a roll on your chest, you need to finish it with straight arms all the way – thats where the magic lies! Great job, loved it! Score: 8.

Ayumi: Nice music and background choice! I liked the opening. Your hooping was very musical and pleasing to the eye. Score: 7.

Katie: I am incredibly impressed with your flow. You are a truly talented hoop dancer. I liked your costumes and the bright, colorful graffiti wall was beautiful. You chose some great locations. I would have liked to see you incorporate more hip hop movements in your dance this week. You’re obviously a very talented dancer and I think it would not only be a fun challenge for you to change your dance styles, but would also help the theme of the video come across that much more. You have flawless transitions and an extremely professional style and I can’t wait to see more! Score: 8.


8. Grace Kalinosky of New Preston, Connecticut, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Grace, I loved your song choice and the locations were also very interesting. I would loved to have seen your awesome self a little closer because your hoop flow and style is very beautiful to watch. However the backgrounds swallowed you up from time to time and although it shouldn’t have to be about the over all setting taking the visual priority over the hooper in a compettion to find a Hooping Idol, we live in a very visual world and it does matter. That aside I really love your style and sincerely hope to see more from you. Score: 7.

Lisa: Grace! I love your moves! You have a very fluid style and you really utilise both on & off body hooping. I can tell you are really in your zone having a great time! What I want to see from you is some attention to your posture. You have a tendency to slouch a little which is sometimes distracting me from your moves cause you’re not presenting them with a nice body shape, especially when you are bending forward sometimes when you have the hoop in your hand in front of you, try watching yourself in the mirror and think about pulling your core in and holding your body nice and up! Not looking at the ground, but ahead of you. Great moves, but I want to see you closer next time and bring some more personality in your performance. I want to see your face! Score: 6.5.

Ayumi: Great hooping skills and smooth moves, but I could not feel your personality and expression enough. I would like to see your face more closer. Score: 5.

Katie: You have a beautiful flow, I can’t believe you’ve only been hooping for nine months. You’re very comfortable with the hoop and your transitions are seamless. I would, however, liked to have seen some different camera angles and some shots closer to the camera. For a large part of the video, you’re very far away and sometimes out of focus! Also, when the fellas walk into your shot at 2:30, that’s very distracting from your performance. Make sure you get enough footage when you’re shooting that you can edit distractions like that out. You have a beautiful style that I would like to see more of. Score: 5.


9. Emille Rae of Garrestville, Ohio, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: I really enjoyed this entry Emille. I can tell that you have a genuine connection to your hoop by the way your body moves. Great locations, great story, some smooth hooping and some killer editing skills. The only thing I didn’t like was the dark tunnel shots without the back light as I felt I lost you. Front light so we can really see you would be even better, but apart from that I really enjoyed it and hope to see more from you. Score: 8.

Lisa: Hey Emille, you seem like fun and I like that you have a good sense of humour. Great camera angles, great backdrops and I love the speed you’re working at, fast paced and energetic. Next time I’d like to see you try some higher throws and catches to mix the levels up a bit, and you get total bonus points for the cop car shot! Great work. Score: 8.

Ayumi: I could find your mischievous personality through this. I was fascinated by your slick and slow moves of LED. I think it would be better if you could make difference between daylight PP and LED. I love the ending. Score: 7.

Katie: Alright, first things first. Those fur boot covers kick ass! You’ve got a great smile, perpetual energy, and a very entertaining flow. I really enjoyed this video. The only thing I might say is to watch the length. Think about editing out some of the footage that shows tricks you’ve already done to save some time. With that said, you still kept my attention all the way through. You had great facial expressions, hip hop attitude, and the sustained spinning at 2:48 was gorgeous. Loved it! Score: 8.


10. Flavie Steelandt of Ulm, Germany. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Great story telling Flavie and fantastic use of your family. I am a mother too and I know how much our children want to become involved when we hoop. I did find them a little distracting, my gaze was taken from your hooping, which I really enjoyed, to your sweet children. I can imagine that it is super hard to find time to hoop without them. This makes you a Hooping Idol in my eyes. Great settings. I hope to see more from you. Score: 7.

Lisa: Flavie, I watched this both on YouTube and on Vimeo and a lot of the footage was very shaky, thus making me dizzy. I love the idea of a hula hoop battle and the video intro is so cute, but I think you could have worked it out a little bit better so as to film actual battle sequences, cause it seemed more like a compilation of jam sessions. Saying that though, you went through some great effort and DAMN you’ve got some moves! You look so relaxed, I love the looseness in your knees, the speed of which you manipulate the hoop around you, great isolations, and I really enjoyed the setting in which you filmed and also the colour hoops you used! It sounds petty, but if you use a colour that stands out in contrast, I can really SEE what you’re doing and I love that! Score: 7.

Ayumi: What a cute hip-hop battle! I had never seen before. I loved your outfits and body movements. Your foot works were very hip. I also am willing to clean up for your kids. Haha! Score: 7

Katie: I love the story line you created with this video and the fact that you included your kids. It’s very endearing to see how important they are to you, so much so that you include them in your hooping videos. Your little girl cracked me up at 4:10, she’s quite the talent herself! Some of the hand-held camera work was a little shaky, so I would suggest investing in a tripod for your future videos. If you don’t want to buy a tripod, often times a ledge or the right-sized chair can do just as good of a job. Lastly, I loved the locations you chose. That is such an interesting spot with the free-standing graffiti walls. Very nice choice. Score: 6.


11. Lisa Ellipse of London, England, UK. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Lisa, what an amazing video. You are a joy to watch. I loved the hard edged vibe to the video and the moves you chose to use match the staccato style of the tune. I don’t really have any feedback for you as all the framing and camera work was very well executed. Look forward to seeing more from you. Score: 9.

Lisa: I found it a little bit hard to listen to this music Lisa, but you do score bonus points for having the same hoop as I do ;). I really enjoy the looseness in your lower body and the bend in your knees while being so quick with the hoop on your top half, skills! Top pirouette footwork, but I don’t understand the masked figure in the video. Perhaps I am missing some point of the story? All in all, I love your moves, great job! Score: 8.

Ayumi: The graffiti background and music choice were nice. I love your foot work like a slide step and your smooth moves. But I could not understand the necessity of a mask man and why you always had a serious look on your face. If you expressed your feeling more, this would become more attractive. Score: 5.

Katie: You did a great job finding locations for this video. That tunnel or indoor space was perfect! I can appreciate it when you take the time to find that spots that really make the video. I would have liked to see you do a little more to resolve the story line in this video. There was so much time devoted to you being chased by the masked man I was expecting some big climax at the end…like you fighting him off with some ninja hoop moves or getting into a hoop off… I don’t know, but something other than what happened. Lastly, your breaks are spot on, and you looked great doing them. Keep up the good work! Score: 6.


12. Sara “Violet Ponderosa” Harrison of Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: You used some interesting angles and shots during this video and they totally paid off visually for me. You have a variety of talents with many hoop styles, but I did find the backdrop of the four hoop stuff distracting. I do really like your style and flow and I can see how much you enjoy hooping which is a total must for me when judging this competition. Score: 8.

Lisa: Top music choice Sara and I really like the split screen video! YOU have got some amazing tricks. I adore your two hoop isolation skills and I am going to have to steal that little butt-transition at 1.25. You also got a really good camera-person on this cause your video is definitely one of the nicest ones to watch with the moving camera work and lovely bright colours. Next time make all the scenes perfect cause I really wanted all of your stuff to be out of the background when you were standing in front of the pillar! This was maybe not the most hip hop themed video, but you have some seriously lovely moves and I am really excited to see more of you. Score: 9.

Ayumi: Sara, you had great skills and I loved your smooth flow. The outfits and setting were nice and cute. But I felt that there was not a hip-hop element except for music. I would love to see more hip hop style moves or so. Score: 6.

Katie: Awesome hooping! Wow, your style is so fluid, creative, and fun to watch. You have the ability to perform some insanely difficult tricks with a look of pure comfort and bliss on your face – very impressive! And very enjoyable to watch. My only criticism would be the part when you were hooping in front of the old, wooden fence with pig-tails, overalls, and a crop top – it felt more like I was watching Farmer Brown’s daughter rather than a hip hop girl. Other than that, great tricks, great flow, and great video. Score: 8.


13. Esmeralda Garcia of Hermosillo, Sonora, México. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: What a fantastic story you told us Esmeralda with great backdrops and a fantastic choice of tune. You are very expressive and have a genuine smile, but it was lost from time to time due to not having enough lighting inside. Be careful when something is brighter behind you as many cameras will darken what is in front. I did love how you took your hoop to different levels. It really felt like you had a dance partner. Score: 8.

Lisa: I utterly adored this video! This is so not the first music you would think of when saying ‘Hip-Hop’ but it 100% works. Your movement is fluid, fun, you’re totally with me the way you speak to the camera and I love the little story line. You have some great leg work and some great tricks. The only thing I would say is that some of the imaging is a little bit dark and I can see a bit too much silhouette. Next time light yourself from the front, or film outside. I would love to see where you live and I love watching you! Score: 8.

Ayumi: Great song choice and setting. Did you take this inside of a gallery? I loved this plece! The concept of direction was very clear. I enjoyed this as a video work with the stories. The mix of circus style hooping and hip hop was very interesting. Score: 7.

Katie: I loved this video! I really liked the storyline with the hoops seeming to be men asking you to dance. And such great acting on your part as well! I loved the part at 2:28 when the red hoop decides he’d like to cut in and you give him a look like “Where have you been all my life, handsome!” Wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed your routine from 2:48 to 3:00. That hip-hooping was exactly what I wanted to see for this challenge. The only thing I might say is that the location could have been better. Inside of an art gallery seemed almost too sophisticated for a Hip Hop themed video, but I do understand it’s very hot where you are and hooping inside is often a must. Overall, great job. Score: 8.


14. Deaja Mkhallati of Davis, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: I loved it Deaja, such passion and expressive hooping and an innate sense of musicality. Beautiful backdrop, some creative hoop decoration and funky use of hat and multi angle shots. Its hard to find some critical feedback as your camera person was professional and your hooping rocked. Score: 9.

Lisa: Woa Deaja, I really enjoyed this video!! Not only some really great production value, but also some amazing footwork that I am envious of! GREAT camera angles so we can see your tricks from all sides. You’ve got some beautiful isolation style tricks going on there, but I would love to see you mix it up a bit more and try a little more hooping on body as well as off body so you’re working more on different planes to keep things interesting. Also I noticed that you seem really confident talking to the camera in the beginning of the video, but while you are hooping you tend to shy your face away a bit, I would love to see you take in your ‘audience’ (the camera, us!) a bit more! Score: 8.

Ayumi: Wow, Deaja, I loved your chain hoop and outfits! Nice shooting location. I really enjoyed your expression and flow, especially the movement with hat. It was very cool. Score: 9

Katie: Wow, girl! You really knocked this one out of the park! The video is beautifully edited and has great cinematography. I really appreciate your attention to detail to make this challenge theme come to life: your costume, the chain on your hoop, the location, and the colorful graffiti. But most of all, I love how you incorporated a hip-hop style to your performance. You weren’t just hooping in front of some graffiti in a hop-hop costume, you were hip-hop hooping! You’ve got the moves, the attitude in your facial expressions, and the way you used the hat with your hoop was outstanding. I would like to see more variety in the tricks that you perform with your hoops, but honestly, that’s me really digging to come up with some sort of constructive criticism. Absolutely loved it! Score: 9.


15. Jenny Marie of Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA.If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Jenny, Your video totally brightened up my day. Great hooping and humour go together so well and you have mastered this with great immediacy, from the lipstick to the dog’s afro. Whilst I loved the use of the small children, they did become a little distracting at one point. A great first entry into the judged part of Hooping Idol. Score: 8.

Lisa: Hey Jenny! First of all, love your glasses, but LOVE YOUR DOG EVEN MORE! What a cutie!! What I really liked about your video is how you manage to really connect your movement to the music and seamlessly get that beat right to your hips! Speaking of hips, it’s really impressive you get it going so fast while it’s so low on your hips, for example in 0.48, AND you’ve got nice feet along with that, that’s a lot trickier than a lot of people might think! I think it could be good for you to experiment with some throws and catches, especially in the second part of the video in the basketball court, that would have really fit in nicely and created a little bit more variety in your tricks. Score: 7.

Ayumi: I was fascinated with the intro, and…what a fun video! I love your outfits and makeup. I envied on you because you seemed to have many hoopy friends and supporters. I would love to see more variations of hip-hop moves. Score: 8

Katie: I love that your sense of humor comes across in this video. I immediately started laughing as soon as the song started! Of course, I loved your little companion in the afro wig, that was priceless. You had a great costume, and I liked that you incorporated some classic Hip Hop moves in with your hoop dance. Towards the end of the video, I noticed your smile starting to fade, so be mindful of that. I’d like to see that great smile and facial attitude all the way through. Lastly, I loved the trick at 2:34, that was awesome! Keep up the good work. Score: 7.


16. Liam SpinYang of San Diego, California, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Liam, I can feel your passion for hoop dance shining through in this entry and it gave me so much joy to watch you in that space. It would have been great to see a small smile from you, nothing fake, but just a glimpse. You live in a beautiful city also and I loved all the art that you included in the background. Score: 8.

Lisa: Hey Liam, I love you! You’re wild, fun and you seem consumed by what you’re doing, completely in the zone! I would like you to address the camera a little more next time with some more close ups of your face so I can feel like I can get to know you a little better, also I would like to see you experiment with some rolls, on the body and over the floor too! Score: 7.5.

Ayumi: Great locations! The camera angle and works were very nice. Because the editing was clean, I could feel some kind of hip-hop dopeness. Your moves were unique and creative. I think you succeeded to make this as a video dance work. Score: 8.

Katie: You did an awesome job scouting out some locations. I can definitely appreciate how much time it took to shoot in each one of those spots, and they looked great. That wall at 2:12 was so cool! I really liked the break dance post you landed there at the very end. I wish you would have done more of that throughout the video. I can tell by your expression you are totally lost in the hooping and you are really enjoying yourself, but I suppose I was hoping for a little more energy for Hip Hop week. Generally, a very beautiful video. Score: 6.


17. Rachel Black of Madison, South Dakota, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: I loved the story that you told Rachel and I also like the settings you choose. Sometimes you were lost amongst the frame and I think if you had made an establishing shot and then come closer it would have worked better. Overall though your hooping was a pleasure to watch and you did look like you were enjoying yourself. Score: 7.

Lisa: Hey Rachel! I love the setup of your story, I sure remember feeling like that when I was in school! You seem to really have your chest & upper body hooping down, nice work! One thing I really want you to focus on next week is to move around! You like standing in one spot and that is why you can seem a bit tense. Relax! Take a breath, feel your hoop touch your body and just move with it. If you don’t know where to start you can begin by just walking around in circles with the hoop in your hand and gradually progress to hooping off body, on body and moving your feet into different directions. Your music choice is lovely, so put on some headphones, get the hoop out, relax and move those feet! Score: 6.5.

Ayumi: Rachel, I love your concept. The story touched me about you. I felt your power over the hoop. I think you could get more dynamic body movements and vary the pace. Score: 8

Katie: Wow, girl, when you are hooping you absolutely beam with self-confidence! I love that about your hooping style. I think you did a great job choosing locations for this week’s theme and I love your braided hair. I would like to see you diversify your tricks a little more. Towards the end of the video, I felt as if I was seeing the same tricks over and over and I would just like to see a little more variety. All in all, you have a fun, energetic flow that I would like to see again! Score: 7.


18. Rosey Bloom of Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Rosey, you are natural hooper who moves beautifully, bringing a breath of fresh air with your double hoop flow. The only feedback I can give is that your framing was a little out from time to time, but it wasn’t a major issue. I really enjoyed watching your video and you made me laugh as well. Score: 8.

Lisa: Niiice work on those double isolations Rosey, and what on earth are those elbow breaks at 1.20? I have never seen those before, but I like them! I do need you to focus on your posture a little bit more and keep that head in line with your neck, sometimes I think you let your head sink, maybe because of confidence or perhaps concentration. You’ve got some original moves that I love and get bonus points for doing the washing machine isolation! Ha! I love it. Score: 8.

Ayumi: Rosey, I really loved some unique moves about 0’58” and 1’21” ( I called it “hands up break”). Very creative. I loved that you dance with a single hoop. I could hear music to see your move even if I made speakers mute. “To be continued…” Wow, I am looking forward to seeing the next video. Score: 7.

Katie: You have a fun, funky style that I really adore. I loved the scenes in the laundromat. That was somewhat unorthodox, but now that I think about it, I have seen several Hip Hop videos that take place in a laundromat, so great job! And I love that your video is to be continued…definitely leaves me wanting more! If I were to make one suggestion, I would say that I would like to see you do a little more with your costuming because that can definitely help get the videos theme across to the viewer. Other than that, really fun, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Score: 7.


19. Alexandria Truex of Portland, Oregon, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Alex, I find you very fascinating to watch as you make very interesting shapes with your body and the hoop. I would have liked the video to have been chopped up a little bit more, as I think it would have matched the music. Your hoop skills are fantastic and I cant wait to see what else will manifest for you out of this competition. Score: 8.

Lisa: Hey Alex, Wow, I can see how much you are into your dance. You look like you’re completely carried away! You have some fantastic footwork and some great manipulations, but I really wish you had used a brighter colour hoop so I could actually see a bit better what you are doing! My favourite is at 2.32 when you are doing that flipping-iso move, great stuff! I can tell that you can hoop, but next time I want to see you closer to the camera for at least a few scenes and use more colour contrast so I can SEE YOU! Score: 7.

Ayumi: Great moves, awesome techniques. Your hooping skills looked perfect, so I felt sad the shaky camera. Not only the camera was out of the horizontal, but also your hoop sometime framed out. If you used a tripod for the next shooting you could express your charm to the maximum. Score: 9.

Katie: This is one of my most FAVORITE Hip Hop songs ever! I’m so glad you chose it. You have a great flow and performance style. I love that you move up and down, side to side, you’re very aware of your feet, your hands, the space around you, and you strike some beautiful poses throughout your hooping. I would have liked to see you incorporate more of a Hip-Hop feel into your movements. For me, parts of the video seemed like you were jamming to a different song. However, at 2:30 you were moving right on beat with the music and it seemed like you were really feeling it (not to mention that was an awesome combo!). That was wonderful! I would have liked to see more of that in the video. All around, very impressive and enjoyable. Score: 7.



20. Anna Willis of Exmouth, England, UK. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: Anna, your entry was sublime, a feast for the eyes and the soul. It was such a pleasure to witness the meditative quality of your entry because it reminded me of my own meditative connection to hoop dance. I don’t know if your camera was on a tripod because it moved a little from time to time and it was a little distracting, but apart from that I was very moved by the beautiful combinations of orange soulful colours. Score: 9.

Lisa: Hey Anna, wow, you can turn! You made me almost dizzy with all those gorgeous pirouettes. I love the way you orbit the hoop around yourself. Your video is very calm and pretty which is enjoyable, but I wish you had a little more Hip Hop in there and a little less R&B. You definitely got the camera angles down though, and the beach is simply stunning, but next time I want to see more! Contrasting tempos in your hooping and a more upbeat track! Score: 6.

Anna: Beautiful shots, great camera work, graceful flow. There was a lot of nice stuff in here, but I could not find anything hip hop. I would like to see more hip expression and creation. Score: 5.

Katie: I thought this was a really interesting interpretation of Hip Hop. Your smooth and tranquil hoop moves matched the music perfectly. You also had some absolutely gorgeous footage in this video. It could have been a commercial for an exotic hoop retreat! I really loved the birds-eye view. Those black and white hoops looked awesome moving above the textured sand. I would suggest cutting the time down on your next video. Close to five minutes is just a really long time to keep your audience engaged. Lastly, I absolutely loved the escalator-into-head-hooping trick you surprised me with at the 2:07 mark. That was amazing! Score: 7.


21. Seth “FloFox” Hill of Watertown, New York, USA. If for some reason the video isn’t viewable where you live or on your device you can try watching it on Vimeo.

Sharna: I loved the humour in your entry Seth, the shots of coconut water made me chuckle out loud. I enjoyed the variety of hoops you used to demonstrate your skills. I would have liked a little bit more light and a less distracting background during the inside filming, but this is my only feedback as the rest of this entry is truly epic. The lowering of the track so we could hear the fire was a genius move as it got my fire desire burning. Score: 8.

Lisa: Hey Seth, I can see that you have some great moves in store but I can’t help but feel that you’ve underdone yourself a little in the production value of your video. I don’t get the coconut water boost and the inside space says more ‘Hippie Loft’ than ‘Hip Hop House’ to me, if you see what I mean? Also, in parts the camera is struggling to focus and I can hear the actual ambient noises of the space you’re working in. Next time try just to put the track over the video, muting out the rest of the sound. It will come across so much cleaner! Score: 6.

Ayumi: The opening with some popping and tuting moves was very inspiring. I want to see more advanced mix with hooping in the next video. I should mention that you were really brave. I know what the mini twins with a fire wick on the inward side are. Not only you were courageous but also you had great skills. Needless to say, I loved your outfits especially tops of Pokemon, because I am a Japanese. Score: 7.

Katie: I like that you started with some pop locking, that got the video off to a great Hip Hop start. I would have liked to see you do some while hooping at the same time. I also enjoyed that you dutifully took a shot every time the song instructed, that cracked me up! One issue that I might bring to your attention is the lighting. The whole video is very dark, and when you were hooping with the magenta hoop, it would almost disappear against the dark wood ceiling/background. I thought the fire minis were mesmerizing, that was my favorite part of the whole video. It appears you feel most in your element holding something engulfed in flames…and more power to you! Score: 6.


There you have it, your Hooping Idol 4 contestants and their Hip Hop Week submissions. Our judges have submitted their scores that will comprise 40% of our final vote. The remaining 60% of the vote comes from you – and the time has come to cast your ballot. You can vote for the one finalist you want to see continue on in the competition, and please keep it to one ballot per person. Thank you. If by some chance get a message that says you’ve already voted and you haven’t, close your web browser entirely and reopen it and try again in a few minutes. Thanks.

Are you ready? Choose one from the ballot belowLet’s vote!


Your Hooping Idol 4 Hip Hop ballots are being accepted only until Wednesday, April 16th at 3:00pm PST. The six finalists with the lowest scores will be eliminated from the competition and the remainder will be moving on to the next round. Stay tuned for those results along with the details of the next challenge and happy Hip Hop Hooping everybody!

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  1. Omg! Was wondering where the hooping girl from Atlantic Beach was, and here she is. Use to watch her practicing on the beach, in the 7-11 @ the beach, anywhere she could. She’s come a loooooong way in her first year go hooping. A natural? They’re all awesome, but home girl gets extra points for her moves and humor!

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