Hooping Idol 4: Classic Rock Week Results

Classic Rock Results The results of Hooping Idol 4: Classic Rock Week are for those who rocked and are moving on this week, we salute you. Hooping.org congratulates all of our contenders that are moving on to the next round and we whole heartedly celebrate each and every one who are departing the competition here. Who will be leaving us following Classic Rock Week and who will be moving forward to rock it even harder in the challenge ahead? It’s time for all of us to find out.

Hooping.org’s Philo Hagen shares the results of Classic Rock Week with 40% of the vote coming from our judges and 60% of the vote coming from all of you. We have nothing but love for all 15 of our Hooping Idol 4 contenders and would like to take this opportunity to really thank the five who are going home this week for being a part of our exciting fourth season and for making it so awesome. A big thank you to our judges for all of their hard work this week. Another big thank you to all of our prize sponsors for their amazing generosity and community support. And a really big thank you to each and every one of you out there who voted and participated in our search for the next great hooper star.

What’s next for our remaining Hooping Idol finalists? It’s High Society Week on Hooping Idol 4 where all of our contenders will be spinning of some class and elegance. We know they can rock it out for a festival or get down in the big city, but can they bring it up to a level that will allow to perform at cultural events far and wide? Here’s what they need to do: 1) Choose any soundtrack they want for their video, 2) claim that song via email to hoopingidol@gmail.com. If the song they’ve selected has already been claimed by another hooper, they will be notified to choose another one. 3) Read Hooping.org’s Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video again. Some of the things mentioned by our judges this week that may have helped send people home were covered in there. 4) Create their High Society Hooping Idol video inspired by our theme for the week 5) Post their video on YouTube and Vimeo on or before Sunday, April 27th, at 11:59pm PST. 5) Copy their YouTube and Vimeo video link urls and email them to hoopingidol@gmail.com. That’s it! Have fun Hooping Idol contenders living it up with the rich and famous – but remember, make it count – because at the end of Classic Rock Week three more will be heading home. Happy hooping everybody!

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