Hooping Idol 4: Casting Week Begins

idol4castingsm Hooping.org is proud to announce Casting Week is officially open for our fourth exciting season of Hooping Idol. Our award winning competition that has consistently broken records will once again be presenting a series of revolutionary challenges in our search for the planet’s next great hooper star! Could it be you? Not sure if you have what it takes? While hooping skills are certainly helpful, we all know that when it comes to audience favorites that the most technically proficient aren’t always the ones that rise to the top. So why not throw your hoop into the ring and let us decide? Last year Maryève Gaudreau from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, did just that and went on to become our Hooping Idol, to score her first Hoopie Award nomination, and she also scored our most ultimate Hooping Idol prize package ever.

Do you (or someone you know) receive compliments regarding your hooping, yet people beyond your own local hoop community don’t really seem to know who you are? Have you always wanted to be a little more in the spotlight, but haven’t taken the time to simply step into it and shine? Then welcome to Hooping Idol, a contest unlike anything else in the hooper sphere and the biggest hooping thing there is. Last year five of the top ten hooping stories of the year were all Hooping Idol.

We are looking for a diverse roster of hooping contestants of all ages, sizes and more. We’re looking for representation from around the globe and hoopers of all kinds of styles. Given that we are looking for the planet’s next big hooper star, hoopers previously nominated in our Hoopie Awards celebrations are not eligible, with the exception of Newbie, Photo and Youth award category nominees that did not win. In order to be considered for Hooping Idol 4 you must follow directions. If you don’t, your Casting Week submission will not be considered. Have we made that clear enough? Good. Let’s get started.

1) To be considered for Hooping Idol 4 you need personality, creativity, a video camera, a YouTube account and a Vimeo account. Yes, you absolutely need to have both.

2) Read and absorb our Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video before you even begin filming. It’s loaded with valuable tips every future Hooping Idol needs to know and we want you to be able to present your best audition possible.

3) Film your three minute long audition video. What we want to see included is as follows: A) Introduction: Spend approximately one minute telling us about who you are as a hooper and why you want to be in HOOPING IDOL 4. Be sure to include your full name, your hooping name if you have one, and tell us how long you’ve been hooping and where you are currently living. If you are under 18 years of age you will also need to include that you have parental permission to participate in the competition. B) Mini Tour: Spend approximately one minute of your audition taking us on a little tour of your hooping life. Show us your hoops, your hoop space or area, whatever you feel tells us more about who you are as a hooper and where you are coming from. C) Hooping Demo: Spend approximately one minute giving us a demonstration of your hooping.

3) Post your casting week submission to both your YouTube and Vimeo Accounts. Casting Week submissions must not exceed 3.5 minutes in length for any reason and they must be posted no later than 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, April 6th.

4) Once your audition is uploaded send an email to hoopingidol@gmail.com and include your full name, your hooping name if you have one, your location, and your YouTube and Vimeo audition links. That’s it.

Need more inspiration? You can always watch our previous seasons of Hooping Idol if you wish. Thanks so much for considering being a part of Hooping Idol 4 and thank you for helping us spreading the word all about our exciting fourth season and our search for the next great hooper star.

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