Ana Fernandez: The Real Nashville Hooping Housewife

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives by Philo Hagen

On The Privates Lives of Nashville Wives, the American reality television series that kicked off last month on TNT, the series revolves around the social circle of six women who reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Life, however, revolves a lot more for one of our housewives than the rest. Ana Fernandez started hooping at the age of 40 and she not only credits hooping with giving her the body that she has today, you’ll find her hooping on the show and taking a little time out to spread the hoop love. In fact, she’s even teaching others how to make a hoop of their own and start spinning up their own lives. As she explains, “All you need is some PVC pipe, a connector that you can buy at the hardware store, pipe cutters and some tapes.”


When it comes to the hoop in her life Ana says, “It changed my body completely.” She credits hooping with getting her arms in great shape too and Ana likes being able to have some fun with her fitness. “When I hoop I wear hand weights, work out my legs, listen to my favorite music – and then I get to look like this doing it!” Her and her sister have a laugh about that last part by the way, but Ana’s pretty serious about one of her favorite pastimes.

Ana Fernandez


Born and raised in Miami, her and her identical twin sister, Betty Model, are two of the six housewives on the show and it’s Betty who helps her out with her hoop making video. When Ana challenges her to a little hooping contest though Betty immediately says, “You won.” Ana’s response? “I’m used to that.” Don’t you just love sisters?

AnaFernandez Ana is a single mom with two children – Christian (21) and Gabriella (aka “Gigi” – 11). She’s also a serial dater who is struggling to find the right guy and has just started online dating. Betty thinks Anah has poor judgment when it comes to men and Ana’s highly extroverted personality often clashes with Betty’s ideals, which are a little more conservative. Ana says, “The key to my personality is freedom. I lack a mouth filter, discipline and order, and I can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things I regret later. I love to ride my scooter, dance, hike, hula hoop, race and compete. Music, art, food and other sensory experiences are essential to the enjoyment of my life. I love to be involved in several things at the same time as long as I’m not tied down to any one thing.”

One thing that seems to be constant in her life though is hooping and we love that she wants others to try it too. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend 1″ pipe for everybody (3/4″ is probably more universally appealing), and figuring out the diameter of your hoop simply by the height of your waist doesn’t work for all bodies of all sizes, she’s obviously caught the hooping bug and you can watch the tutorial on how to make a hoop with her and her sister Betty on the TNT website. It’s the first of their How To Videos here.


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