Hoopie Awards 2014: Our Winners


It’s time to announce the winners of our Seventh Annual Hoopie Awards, although we would like to be clear that all of our nominees are winners in our book. We love them all! The call for preliminary submissions for the awards went up at the start of the year. They were screened, compiled and presented to 50 randomly selected hoopers who made themselves available to serve on our Finalist Review Panel. They voted for their top 5 selections in each awards category and those votes were compiled, resulting in our official 2014 Hoopie Award nominees. Voting began on Tuesday, closed on Friday, and now the time has come to reveal our winners.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the celebration this year from start to finish, giving an extra special thank you again to those who served on the Finalists Review Panel this year. We’d like to congratulate all of the nominees one more time and give a big hug to Hoopin’ Annie of World Hoop Day for taking on the responsibility of validating the computerized vote counts again this year. And now, with thousands of votes cast in a record breaking awards celebration, we proudly present your 2014 Hoopie Award Winners:


While all of our nominated photos this year did well, the winner of the 2014 Hoopie Award for Photo of the Year with 20% of the total vote goes to Tokyo Sunshine of Buffalo, New York, USA. Photo by thinkincolor. View Photo.

Tokyo Sunshine

Also nominated:

• Alli McCracken, photo by Doug Sanford: Washington, DC, USA. View Photo.
• Hannah Stanton-Gockel, photo by Brien Vincent: Athens, Ohio, USA. View Photo.
• Jaan Elly Monogatari, photo by Estefania Ponce Fotografía: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. View Photo.
• Jenn Worroll, photo by Chad Forsberg: Boulder, Colorado, USA. View Photo.
• Jenny Hoopnosis, photo by Eiko Jones Photography: Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. View Photo.
• Lee Jeffries, photo by Meka Milla: Pensacola, Florida, USA. View Photo.
• Maggie Ryan and Kaeli Hansen, photo by Cadencia Photography: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. View Photo.


In reviewing the vote totals for outstanding Solo Video of the Year, a video featuring only one person hooping, with 25% of the total vote the Hoopie award goes to Tiana Zoumer of Oakland, California, USA.

Also nominated:

• Ayumi Mitake: Tokyo, Japan. Watch Video.
• Cheko Cabrera: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Watch Video.
• Gail O’Brien: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. Watch Video.
• Kristin Lahoop: Berlin, Germany. Watch Video.
• Maryève Gaudreau: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Watch Video.
• Mike Hayataka: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Watch Video.
• Nick Broyd: Bristol, England, UK. Watch Video.


In the most decisive decision of the 2014 Hoopie Awards, with 42% of the total vote, our Video of the Year award goes to Etereas with Tiana Zoumer and Brecken Rivara of Oakland, California, USA. Video by The Flaminguettes of Mexico City, Mexico.

Also nominated:

• Andy & Jo’s Hula Hoop Flash Mob Proposal with Andy Broughton and hoopers of Brighton, England, UK. Watch Video.
• Hooping Idol 90’s Dance Hits Week with Cheko Cabrera, Renata Ibarra and Moises Olmedo of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Video by Moises Olmedo. Watch Video.
• Hoopy St. Patricks Day with Jon Coyne and hoopers from Seattle, Washington, USA. Video by Jon Coyne. Watch Video.
• Hula Hoopology Spring Fling with Hula Hoopology of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Video by Croshane. Watch Video.
• One Hoop by John de Kadt featuring hoopers from around the world. John lives in Lee, Massachusetts, USA. Watch Video.
• Meiosis with Spunshine of Austin, Texas, USA. Video by Karmakaze Productions. Watch Video.
• Shootin Hoops: Troo Hoops Collaboration with Kyle Johnson and many others. Video by Kyle Johnson of Brunswick, Maine, USA. Watch Video.


Our 2014 Hoopie Award for Tutorial of the Year, with 21% of the vote, goes to The Infinity Toss with Tiana Zoumer of Oakland, California, USA.

Also nominated:

• Body Rolls with Anah Hoopalicious Reichenbach of Los Angeles, California, USA. Watch Tutorial.
• Bouncy Jump with Hoopsie Daisy of Berkeley, California, USA. Watch Tutorial.
• Chest and Shoulder Hooping with Deanne Love of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Watch Tutorial.
• No Handed Smear with Caterina Suttin of Austin, Texas, USA. Watch Tutorial.
• Three Beat Weave with Emma Kenna of Bristol, England, UK. Watch Tutorial.
• Waist Control with Jess Wagstrom of Dallas, Texas, USA. Watch Tutorial.
• Wedgie Flip to Scorpion Combo with Carla Snow of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Watch Tutorial.


When it came to songs that hoopers spun it up to in 2013, nothing inspired us more than “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, scoring 31% of the vote.

Also nominated:

• Biff Tannen: Sugar Skull.
• Ellie Goulding: Burn.
• Emancipator: Minor Cause.
• Griz: Hard Times.
• Illya Kuryaki and the Vaderramas: Ula Ula.
• Lorde: Royals.
• Twin Apple: Editol.


Since 2003 our mission at Hooping.org has been to share the joy of hooping with everyone all over this incredible planet. Each year we honor an event that helped to do just that. This year, our clear winner with 33% of the vote, the Hoopie for Hooping Promotional Event of the Year goes to Rachael Lust Hooping Videos Go Viral.

Also nominated:

Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Ellen Hooping.
A Glee Hula Hoop Explosion
Hooping on The Tonight Show with Morgan Tsu-Raun and Nathan Kepner.
Hula Hoop Incident on Good Day New York with Diana Lopez and viral news.
Kelly Osbourne Lost Weight Hula Hooping.
NASCAR Hooper Steals the Show
Oprah Winfrey Hula Hoops.


The winner of our Hooping Event of the Year award, in one of our tightest races this year with 17% of the vote, the Hoopie for 2014 goes to Sacred Circularities Bali in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Also nominated:

• Brighton Flow Fest: Brighton, England, UK.
• Florida Flow Fest: Lake Worth, Florida, USA.
• German Hoop Convention: Hannover, Germany.
• Hoop Path 7: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA.
• Return 2 Roots Hoop Gathering: Lehighton, Pennsylvania, USA.
• Spin Summit: Black Forest, Colorado, USA.
• SWhoop: Bristol, England, UK.


Of all of the amazing hoop communities on the globe this year, one stood above the rest this year. The 2014 Hoopie Awards for Outstanding Community goes to Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Also nominated:

• Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
• London, England, UK
• Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
• Mexico City, Mexico
• New York, New York, USA
• Paris, France
• Portland, Oregon, USA



Of those who picked up a hoop for the first time in 2013, the two who stood out to our voters above the rest resulted in a tie. The awards for Newbie Hooper of the Year go to Alice Rose of London, England, UK, and Tyler Von Spence of Athens, Georgia, USA.

Also nominated:

• Amy “IrieAmy” Neel: Houston, Texas, USA.
• Heather Clements: Panama City, Florida, USA.
• Laurel Cleveland: Seattle, Washington, USA.
• Michelle Ivanek: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
• Pegah “Seabird” Pooya: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
• Sheri Alice O’Brian: New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.


Honoring our hoop community members under 18 years of age, the winner of our Youth Hooper of the Year award goes to Michaela Perdue of Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

Also nominated:

• Jane Ann Arnado: San Remigio, Philippines
• Kaitlyn Morrin: Eerie, Michigan, USA
• Lauren Resnick: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
• Marium Akhtar: Karachi, Pakistan.
• Mridula Shankar: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
• Pupperdoodle: New York, New York, USA
• Rosalie Fan: Hooptown, Pennsylvania, USA.


Our Fire Hooper of the Year award goes to Caterina Suttin of Austin, Texas, USA.

Also nominated:

• Barbara Francesquine: São Paulo, Brazil
• Ciara Blossom: Austin, Texas, USA
• Emma Kenna: Bristol, England, UK
• Gail O’Brien: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
• Kandice Korves-Kaus: Sebastapol, California, USA
• Mary Jane Schroeder: Chicago, Illinois, USA
• Steve Bags: Bristol, England, UK


And the winner of our Instructor of the Year award in the 2013 Hoopie Awards is Deanne Love of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Also Nominated:

• Beth Lavinder: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
• Brecken Rivara: Oakland, California, USA
• Carolyn “Caroleeena” Mabry: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
• Emma Kenna: Bristol, England, UK
• Gail O’Brien: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
• Jess Wagstrom: Dallas, Texas, USA
• Katie Emmitt: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


For outstanding performance group containing two or more members, the winner of the Hoopie is the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe in Rothbury, Michigan, USA.

Also nominated:

• BLAU: Berlin, Germany
• Heady Hoop Tribe: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
• Hoola Monsters: Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
• Hooptown Hotties: Los Angeles, California, USA
• Kaleidoscope Collective: Seattle, Washington, USA
• Marawa’s Majorettes: London, England, UK
• Spunshine: Austin, Texas, USA


Our Male Hooper of the Year award goes to Matthias Elliott of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Also nominated:

• Chad Forsberg: Boulder, Colorado, USA
• Cheko Cabrera: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
• Khan Wong: San Francisco, California, USA
• Matt Porretta: Glassboro, New Jersey, USA
• Malcolm Stuart: Los Angeles, California, USA
• Mike Hayataka: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
• Nick Broyd: Bristol, England, UK



Our 2014 Female Hooper of the Year was so close that we’ve declared it our second tie. With both capturing 22% of the vote each, The Hoopies go to Caterina Suttin of Austin, Texas, USA, and Rachael Lust of Marion, Ohio, USA.

Also nominated:

• Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach: Los Angeles, California, USA
• Babz Robinson: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
• Deanne Love: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
• Emma Kenna: Bristol, England, UK
• Lisa Lottie: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
• Olive Marie: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Hall of Fame

And finally, who is our third inductee into the Hooper Hall of Fame? This award honors the trailblazers who have helped to make this movement happen, celebrating a hooper’s history and their contributions to the world of hooping. This year’s Hooping Hall of Famer is Spiral of Berkeley, California, USA.

• Ann Humphreys: Carrboro, California, USA
• Babz Robinson: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
• Carolyn “Caroleeena” Mabry: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
• Julia Hartsell: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
• Malcolm Stuart: Los Angeles, California, USA
• Philo Hagen: Los Angeles, California, USA
• Rayna McInturf: Los Angeles, California, USA

Hooping.org would like to congratulate the winners, which means congratulations to each and every one of you because you’re all winners. Hooping.org salutes all of the nominees this year and all of the hoopers in our amazing community everywhere! The Hoopies will return in 2015 and if you have a great photo or video or tutorial or something else you’d like to share with our readers this year, submit it and we’ll look forward to seeing it. So until next year, happy hooping everybody!

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