Make Your Own Hula Hoop Dreamcatcher

Hula Hoop Dreamcatcher Cassie has been doing some redecorating and with her new color palette, she wanted something earthy and textural to display on her wall above her bed. “A friend of mine who has amazing style and happens to live in town has been my sounding board through this whole project,” she writes. And what did her friend suggest? Hanging a big dreamcatcher, of course! Given that Cassie didn’t know where she could buy one, and given that she is also pretty crafty, she decided to gather the supplies to make one of her own. If you’ve got an old hoop laying around that you’re not using anymore, why not reuse and repurpose it into something artful for your bedroom as well?

If you want to make a dreamcatcher out of an old hoop, all you’re going to need is a hoop, yarn, some beads and feathers. Cassie went to the craft store and got herself some Vanna White yarn in Wheat, and scored some camel brown beads there as well. She also used pheasant feathers. She wrapped the hoop entirely in yarn, wrapping in very tightly, weaved a design into the middle, cut some longer pieces of yarn to hang from the bottom with beads and feathers and voila! A hoop transformed into a peaceful dreamcatcher for her home. Get all the step by step details from Cassie herself at Primitive and Proper.

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