Maggie Walker: The Road to Joy

Maggie WalkerMaggie Walker of Groove Catalyst and Radiant Threads recently found herself on the road to joy that comes from hoop dance. She says, “One of my most influential teachers in the hoop once said at a workshop, ‘Dance first. Hoop Second.’ I wrote it on the mirror in my living room. I have been hooping a lot more than I have been *dancing* lately, and on this night I felt called to really DANCE it out. I found a song that I have loved for years (that carries a lot of emotional history for me) and let it reverberate through my body.” The result is awesome. She’s living in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “The Road To Joy” by Bright Eyes and it’s available on iTunes. Parental Warning (NSFW): Song contains profanity.

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