Leg Hooping with Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom Oh leg hooping, why are you such a challenge for so many? Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops tells it like it is and more in this new tutorial that breaks down exactly what you need to get that hoop spinning on your legs. No, not just your knees boys and girls, your LEGS! Through slow motion and more, you’re gonna get this with her help and don’t be afraid to kick it up without any pants too, cause after all, who is going to know? When it comes to learning how to leg hoop you’re going to want to get down to skin for maximum ease in learning. Jess lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.



One thought on “Leg Hooping with Jess Wagstrom

  1. December 1, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    Love it! Thank you ~ been having some fun awareness breakthroughs!

    Hoop LuV,


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