Guy Akimoto: Move Your Love

Guy Akimoto We love that hoopers are getting featured more and more in music videos and this one is absolutely stunning. Guy Akimoto’s official music video for “Move Your Love” features three hoopers, including and in order of appearance: Sloan Thompson, Jennifer Craft and Lilly Lanter. It begins with Sloan’s captivating performance with her day hoops dancing blissfully in a pool of water from the surrounding waterfall. Next, Jennifer shines brightly with her LED hoops and glowing face paint. And, finally we have Lilly heating it up with her fire hoops. The video was produced by Rebecca Jurgens of Rebecca Jurgens Videography and they’re all from Alabama. The awesomely chill track, “Move Your Love”, can be downloadeded at Guy Akimoto’s page on Soundcloud.

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