Get Your Hoop Dance Jumping with Miss Strange

Miss Strange Jump throughs are a basic staple move tthat jazz up hooping repertoires everywhere, including that of Miss Strange, aka Heather Blount-Elliott. She decided to make them the topic of her new tutorial. Watch her slow down each part of two different type of jump throughs too; one from a standing position, and one from a weave. She does a great job of showing the hand movements involved in these tricks too, sharing it all from various angles. So get jumpin! Miss Strange lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Hoop Dance Jumping with Miss Strange

  1. Hi Heather. We met in December at Echo Park and you were showing me different steps to hooping. I loved it. I just got back to LA a week ago and I have been trying very hard to make a few mini hula hoops and a beginner – intermediate hoops. But I am having a problems finding the right kind of tubing and connectors. Help. Where do you suggest I go in LA. I want to join your group in another hooping get together next time you come to Echo Park.

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