Yvonne Wyse Lost 112 Pounds Hooping

Yvonne Wyse Yvonne Wyse, a mother-of-four living in Scotland, has some big news to share with the world. She’s spun up some serious weight loss having shed a total of 112 pounds (8 stone). How’d she do it? Hooping and a change in diet, of course. Back in January of 2012 Wyse weighed in at 266 pounds and she was filled with dread at the thought of being photographed at her stepson’s wedding. Today the dining room supervisor from Dalkeith isn’t worrying about such things, all thanks to a hula hoop, a hoop that came to her as a gift from her family. She told the Edinburgh Evening News, “Instead of buying me chocolates for my birthday my family bought me a hula hoop and they’ve been with me all the way.”

Wyse, who hadn’t been able to lose her baby weight after having four children, admitted that she turned to comfort eating throughout the day. She said, “I’ve always been a big girl and I dreaded going shopping. It was a nightmare and always made me feel depressed.” Then she got her hands on a hoop. It wasn’t easy at the start, but perseverance paid off. “I was covered in bruises all over from it at the start,” she explained, “but I did it myself at home at my own pace and soon got the hang of it.” It wasn’t long before she was hooping off the weight, and keeping it off too.

Yvonne Wyse Yvonne also made changes in her diet. The old Yvonne would have started the day with several slices of toast with lots of butter, followed by a big bowl of cereal. For lunch she ate sandwiches, biscuits and bars of chocolate, while her dinner would include lasagna and french fries with several helpings of garlic bread. She’d also snack on sweet treats and cream cakes throughout the day. Now the petite mum starts her morning with a bowl of oatmeal and banana followed by either soup and a sandwich, or a salad and yogurt for lunch. A low-fat healthy dinner of grilled meat and steamed vegetables is her evening meal and instead of sweets and cakes, she’s snacking on fruit and yogurt. She also no longer needs the after-dinner digestive aids that used to go down with a cup of tea.

Today her weight problem has become a memory, one that she’s reminded of pretty much everywhere she goes. She said, “It’s amazing how many people have noticed the difference, the children at school comment on the new me and people who haven’t seen me for ages stop in the street wanting to know the secret of my success. My husband feels like he is married to a celebrity.” Yvonne is becoming something of one in Scotland too. She’s one of 20 finalists who have made it through to the Scottish Slimmers’ 2013 Slimmer of the Year competition. The event is taking place this Sunday at the Westerwood Hotel in 
Cumbernauld and we’re rooting for Yvonne all the way.

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