World Hoop Day 2013: The World Spins (Part 2) by Philo Hagen on

World Hoop Day 2013: The World Spins (Part 2)

World Hoop Day 2013

by Philo Hagen

World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this year in cities and towns all over the world. Celebrated for the first time in it’s new timeslot on the first Saturday in October, which was 10/05/13 this year (10/04/14 next year) hoopers all over this big blue marble were spinning things up in support of world peace and raising funds to help put hula hoops in the hands of needy kids around the globe! On six continents this year hoopers gathered together in celebration of World Hoop Day this year. We took a first look at the festivities with our feature World Hoop Day 2013: The World Spins (Part 1). Now it’s time to take another look at some of the coolest stuff that happened this year around the world, all in celebration of the coolest holiday event ever!


Hoopnation Philippines

The Hoopnation Philippines celebration went from day to night! Photo by Liyan Aprieto from this photo set.


In Sydney, Australia, hoopers of all ages gathered together in Hyde Park.


In Bristol, England, UK, one of the things going on was a challenge to keep one official hoop spinning for 2 hours between the participants, and of course they did it!

In Dublin, Ireland, hoopers spun up the World Hoop Day Dance.

World Hoop Day Iceland

In Reykjavík, Iceland, hoopers did the World Hoop Day Dance as well and made the news. Click the image above to watch the news video.

In Strasbourg, France, the World Hoop Day Dance was part of the festivities as well.


Chicago World Hoop Day

In Chicago, Illinois, USA, hoopers came together to celebrate the big event. Photo by Jessica Davis.

(The videos that were in the original post are viewable from the link at the bottom.)

The Colorado hoop community came together in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, for a color coded World Hoop Day Dance.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, the Lake Effect Hoop Troop was just one of many awesome performances and the World Hoop Day celebration there.

In Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, hoopers definitely had a blast, gathering this year at the Museum of Civilization.

Let’s go to Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, where we learn about World Hoop Day and we get to see some of the performances that took place.

In Madison, Wisconsin, USA, home to one of the best World Hoop Day events annually, Loop D Lu and Cosmic Rae spun up some fun with their performance.

In Mexico City, Mexico, hoopers galore turned out for World Hoop Day this year and Venganza TV was there to get the scoop.

Michigan hoopers came together for one of the biggest events this year in Wayne, Michigan, USA, including an amazing performance showcase that featured this beautiful hoop dance by Bonnie MacDougall.

In Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, hoopers came together and hooped it up!

In New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, festivities this year included the World Hoop Day Dance.

In New York City, The Hoop Movement had hoopers spinning up the World Hoop Day Dance everywhere – including Prospect Park, at the Grand Army Plaza, in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Washington Square Park, and at Radio City Music Hall.

In Norwalk, Connecticut, JudiAnn Jones, Karen Clauson & Veronica Vixen celebrated World Hoop Day at the Wolfpit School Pumpkin Festival.

In Santa Cruz, California, USA, Hoopcamp 2013 attendees took time out from their workshops for a World Hoop Day Dance of their own.

In Seattle, Washington, USA, hoopers gathered at Gasworks Park. Check out this video from the Kaleidoscope Collective.

Want more? Be sure to check out World Hoop Day 2013: The World Spins (Part 1). is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of World Hoop Day and to be involved in sharing the mission of World Hoop Day annually because we truly believe that in doing so, we are making the world a better place. The more people hoop it up, the happier they are. The happier people are, the happier the world we live in becomes. And even though World Hoop Day is over for another year, you can still donate to this important cause and share the gift of play and joy and exercise by visiting

World Hoop Day 2013: The World Spins (Part 2)

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