Katie Sunshine Hoops it Up for Zane Lewis

Katie Sunshine Yeehaw! Guess what popped up on country music star Zane Lewis’ YouTube channel this morning? Somebody hoopin’ it up, of course, and the hooper in question is none other than Katie Sunshine. Katie’s spinning things up to his song “She’s Got It Goin’ On” and Zane thinks Katie’s really got it goin’ on too. Calling her hoopdance “sexy cool”, Lewis tells viewers to take time out check out her talent, and when you combine his music and her hooping in front of a hay bale, everybody’s in for a good time. The video was made by Katie and as Zane put it, “She did a crazy good job!” Katie lives in Arkansas, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “She’s Got It Goin’ On” by Zane Lewis and it’s available for you to download on iTunes.

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