Top Ten List for July 21-27 2013

Top Ten List Hello Hoopers! It’s time for our weekly Top Ten List where we count down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the past week (as based on reader response), so if you were off somewhere hooping, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’re starting things off at number ten and working our way up to the number one spot of the week, so what was hot in the hoopersphere? Here’s’s Top Ten List for July 21st – 27th, 2013.

10. First up we have a video from a guy who is most definitely one to watch, Mane from Mexico City: The Mane Event (140 Points).

9. Benny decided to try hooping for fitness and spun up a winner of a video in the process: Hula Hoop Fitness with Heathen Benny (160 Points).

8. An Aussie hooper spun her way through 29 amazing locations around the globe: Karina Hularina: Hooping Round the World (163 Points).

7. This video of Charly Tex from Mexico City got a whole lot of people excited (181 Points).

6. Our top photo of the week was this great shot of Obaro Ene (221 Points).

5. Renee shared all about The Joy of Solitary Hoop Dance (327 Points).

4. This very pregnant hooper spins things up like no other: Rebeka Poland: Hooping at 39 Weeks Pregnant (331 Points).

3. Rachael celebrated her second hoopiversary with a new video – Rachael Lust: Her Second Hoopiversary (370 Points).

2. Lara got the scoop on Hula Hoops: The Next Big Wedding Trend (696 Points).

1. And at number one this week with a bullet was something truly artistic: Katie Sunshine Paints With Her Hoop (906 Points).

That’s our Top Ten List for this week and things should get back to normal tomorrow, and remember that if you see something you appreciate here (or anywhere online), it only takes a second to “Like” it or leave a comment so share the hoop love and make someone’s day. YAY! Each like, share or comment is worth a point in calculating our weekly Top Ten. With that, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr if you’re not already doing so and we hope you had a very happy hooping weekend everybody!

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