Hooping.org Health Update


Many of our readers have heard that Hooping.org’s Co-Founder and Managing Editor Philo Hagen has been very ill. The staff here at Hooping.org have been deeply moved by your notes of concern and generous offers to help in whatever ways you can.

Philo has been living with a hernia for several months that causes him immense pain at times and makes it difficult to even sit up at the computer to work. With no health insurance, he was finally admitted to a sliding-scale program that allowed him to see a doctor last week. That doctor directed Philo to go immediately to the emergency room for surgery. 

At the hospital, however, and even after tests that totaled up to a $3800 bill, he was told by the staff there that the hernia was not yet serious enough to operate and he was discharged. Philo is currently managing his pain at home while awaiting the necessary surgery that will ultimately require several weeks of rehabilitation as well.

In the meantime his medical bills are rising and many of you have asked how you can help, so please use Paypal to send your gift of love in any amount to philo@hooping.org. We are so grateful for your support of Philo and of Hooping.org. Your outpouring of affection is a true testament to how the hooping community can come together in a time of need. He’s done so much for all of us for so long for so little, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

3 thoughts on “Hooping.org Health Update

  1. Philo! my heart goes out to you, i knew you were sick, but I’m so sorry to hear its gotten worse. The pain is so tough to deal with, doing anything hurts. I’m sending you soo soo much love. and some cash. <3

  2. I’m currently dealing with two bulging discs in my neck. The pain and numbness is awful and has stopped me from hooping, so in a sense, I “feel your pain”.

    Sending a little money and lots of love. Hoping for a speedy recovery!!

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