Vivacious Miss Audacious and a Hula Hoop Statue

miss audacious Last weekend, hoop worlds collided.’s very own Vivacious Miss Audacious aka Audria Larsen of Audacious Hoops wowed the crowds at a fundraiser for the Friends of the Library BBQ in Cadillac, Michigan. As you may already know, Audria has been hooping most of her life. As a kid, she won hula hooping contests at retro diners. Later as a teenager, she hooped in her backyard among the sunflowers. But it wasn’t until she saw’s resident columnist Hoopalicious aka Anah Reichenbach in 2005 that she discovered what we now know as hoopdance. She told the Cadillac News that upon seeing Anah perform, she called her mom and said, “I know what I am going to do for the rest of my life.” Since then, she has become an accomplished hoopdance teacher and performer. She explains hooping’s appeal: “It’s contagious. Children are the first to want to try and gradually the teens and adults get involved. One of the things I love so much is that once people get a hoop going, the smile on their faces. It’s an unbeatable experience. It’s a killer workout. You can tone and sculpt every inch of your body.”

attic trophySo where does hooping at a library fundraiser fit into all of this? The Friends of the Library BBQ was an event intended to raise money in support of the visiting Seward Johnson sculpture collection, including one particular sculpture called “Attic Trophy” which features a little girl hula hooping. Pure genius having a hula hooper perform at a fundraiser for a hula hoop sculpture! Seward Johnson, who began sculpting in the 1960s, is the grandson of the founders of Johnson & Johnson. Each of his sculptures takes approximately two years to complete due to the details in the clothing. After assembly, each sculpture is then bronzed and painted. “Attic Trophy” has also been displayed in New Jersey and California. The Seward Johnson sculpture collection is currently on display at Cadillac City Park on the shoreline of Lake Cadillac in Michigan. Be sure to check it out if you are in the area!



One thought on “Vivacious Miss Audacious and a Hula Hoop Statue

  1. Denise
    June 5, 2013 at 8:29 am

    One of his sculptures constantly cracks me up. It’s on the side of a busy road in New Hope, PA. the sculpture is of an old woman carrying bags and looking to her left as if she is waiting to cross the street. When I’m driving, I always forget that she’s NOT A REAL PERSON and I slow down so that she can cross.

    I’m so glad to hear he made a hula hooping statue.

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