Top Ten List for June 16-22 2013

Top Ten List Hello Hoopers! We hope you all had a the hoopiest weekend possible, because we certainly did! In fact we were so busy hooping our weekly Top Ten List is a little late this week where we count down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the past week (as based on reader response). So we’re starting things off at number ten and working our way up to number one. Are you ready? Here we go! Here’s’s Top Ten List for June 16th-22nd, 2013.

10: We kick things off this week with a mysterious video from Catherine Simpson: Harlequin Hoop Dance (90 Points)

9: Our announcement about expanding our team here at generated a lot of excitement! We’ll be getting back to everyone soon, promise! Join Our Circle as a Team Member (98 Points).

8: A video from Valerie made a lot of viewers very happy – Stay with Valerie Hoops (99 Points).

7: A Yo Yo Bounce Isolation tutorial from Gennie Garvey got people learning (108 Points).

6: Amanda Syryda spun up 4 countries in 3 months with 2 hoops for a big winner (118 Points).

5: Ailona rocked it hard and scored big with our highest rated video of the week – Ailona: Foxy Lady (120 Points).

4: This awesome photo of Rachel Baldwin at Bonnaroo is in fact amazing (128 Points).

3: And this great shot of Hannah Hummingbird came in as our highest rated pic of the week (155 Points).

2: Abby had a few confessions to share and a whole lot of readers identified. Confessions of a Casual Hooper (219 Points).

1: And at number one this week we have some very valuable info from Philo on Hula Hoop Bruising: What It’s All About (265 Points).

That’s our Top Ten List for this week and things should get back to normal tomorrow, and remember that if you see something you appreciate here (or anywhere online), it only takes a second to “Like” it or leave a comment so share the hoop love and make someone’s day. YAY! Each like, share or comment is worth a point in calculating our weekly Top Ten. With that, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr if you’re not already doing so and we hope you had a very happy hooping weekend everybody!

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