Marium Akhtar Spins the News in Pakistan

Wondermarium Father’s day may be celebrated at different times of the year in different countries, but its meaning is the same – giving thanks to those dads who’ve given that something extra to be someone special in a child’s life. Hooping ingenue Marium Akhtar, otherwise known as Wondermarium, celebrated her father’s wonderfulness with all of Pakistan in this short television news story. We not only get to see her perform some pretty slick hooping, as well as some impressive kicking skills, we get to meet her dad. As she says, he is “my friend, my teacher, my instructor”, and for a deaf man with a visual impairment it’s a pretty inspiring story, especially when you can clearly see the positive impact he has made in her life. Marium lives, performs and inspires us all in Karachi, Pakistan.

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