The Hooping Idol 3 Season Finale!

Hooping Idol 3 Finale! Welcome back to another exciting week on Hooping Idol, our award winning contest leading us all on an ever spinning search to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Our final five are about to go head to head for Performance Week, the final obstacle between them and our amazing Hooping Idol 3 Finale with a shot at the Ultimate Hooping Idol 3 Prize Package worth more than $2500.

For those of you just tuning in here’s what you’ve missed on Hooping Idol 3 thus far. We met our 21 finalists for season three and met our four distinguished judges. The first challenge was 90s Dance Hits Week and five hoopers were sent home. Next up Hooping Idol Went Country for Country Week and six more were eliminated, leaving us with our Hooping Idol 3 Top Ten. Next came Fairy Tales Week and 3 were eliminated, followed by
Tribal Week and 2 more were sent home. Then our final five went head-to-head for Performance Week, all hooping to the same song. Two were eliminated leaving us with three outstanding finalists making it to Hooping Idol 3’s Grand Finale!

Nick and Hannah Our final three had one last video to make and this one was entirely up to them. After all, when you’re this close to winning our Hooping Idol Ultimate Prize Package you should be doing it entirely on your own creativity and talent with no theme or restraint holding you back. The hooper that delivers the total package tonight in our search for the next great hooper star will become our new Hooping Idol – and nobody knows more about what it takes to win than our previous winners. Nick Broyd from Season One who lives in Bristol, England, UK, and Hannah Flett from Season Two who lives in Exeter, England, UK, are here as special guest judges for the final showdown!

Hooping Idol 3 Judges Panel

You all know our distinguished panel of regular judges as well: Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, the Canadian whirlwind that is Babz Robinson, global superstar Marawa The Amazing from the UK, and legendary hula hooping icon Mat Plendl. They’ve shared their thoughts all season long, plus they’ve had a vote this year in deciding who will be awarded the title of Hooping Idol and spin away with our Ultimate Hooping Idol Prize Package. What’s in that prize package you ask? Let us tell you all about it one more time.

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Our Hooping Idol 3 Ultimate Prize Package starts off with a totally rockin’ registration to one of Hoop Revolution’s upcoming teacher trainings for 2013 to learn even more from the Mother of Hoop Dance herself – Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach (a $600 Value) along with an Original EcoHoop™ from Hoop Revolution® – the world’s first recycled plastic hoop (Spring sale price $25, regularly $34.99), plus Hoop Revolution’s highly anticipated Core Foundation DVD. We’re also so excited this year to be sending our Hooping Idol to Hoopcamp 2013, the biggest annual event specifically for hoopers on the planet. Now in it’s 6th year it’s five days and four nights of the most incredible workshops, hoopjams and more – and they’ll be performing in Hoopcamp 2013’s Amazing Hooper Showcase ($549 value). If you’re going to be a Hooping Idol you’re going to need the most kickass rockin’ LED hoop on the planet too – the Atomic Evoke 4 with DOUBLE the LEDS from Astral Hoops! Doubling the LEDs not only makes your new hoop super bright, it also helps the more complex patterns being created stand out with a whole new freakin level of clarity ($449 value)! WOW! also really wants to support our new Hooping Idol in being able to take things to the next level by giving them two months of site-wide graphic advertising ($200 a month, a $400 value) to get their name, performances and hooping business out there. With more than 10 million hits to our name, is the ultimate place to reach hoopers and those who wanna be. We had more than 60,000 hits from 40,000 unique visitors last week alone, making the actual cost of advertising with us so ridiculously cheap. Do the math! And to ensure that our Hooping Idol will be able to set the night on fire and look even hotter doing it, we’ve got a sizzling five wick Harmonic Hoops fire hoop so they can burn it up ($130 value) – and a Harmonic Threads $50 gift certificate for some super cool handmade clothes. And just in case we’re missing anything, our friends at have got you covered with a $200 gift certificate (including shipping) to get exactly what you want and need.

And we have a few more prize additions from the remaining Hooping Idol Judges themselves. Mat Plendl will be giving our Hooping Idol a 90 minute private lesson or 60 minute phone consultation to help them kick it into high gear and Marawa the Amazing is donating some super cool stickers.

Our second and third place finishers will also be receiving a $50 gift certificate from and a $25 gift certificate from Harmonic Threads. thanks all of our Hooping Idol prize sponsors for their incredible generosity and support. It wouldn’t be Hooping Idol without you! Thank you soooo much!

And without any further ado it’s time for our Hooping Idol 3 Grand Finale featuring our three remaining finalists who are each giving their best shot at winning it all. After you’ve watched their videos be sure to cast your vote for the one (1) hooper you think should win Hooping Idol at the bottom of this page and welcome to Finale Week! Let the show begin!


1. Ashley Long, aka IndigoSol of Columbia, South Carolina, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: I loved the sweet message of sharing and community in your video! I would have liked to see either a little more variation in setting, angles or just a shorter video. All in all good hooping and good vibes!

Babz: Ashley! So good! So much love in this video! And my favorite from you through the whole competition. I feel like we are finally getting to see you really letting go!! love to see the stoke factor on your face at 3:38!! Makes me smile so big! Everyone in this competition loves to hoop, but I love seeing and feeling that in someone’s video – like in this one. Even your hooping seems to have grown so much in the last couple of months. Things look smoother and more spontaneous as part of your flow. It’s such a gift to be able to share your love of something with others because it makes you so happy and you want them to feel the same way. Thank you for sharing that with us and by the looks of things, with everyone that crosses your path!

Hannah: I thought my speakers weren’t working at first watching this video, I think it stayed silent for too long at the start. But when the song did appear I was so happy! AMAZING song and perfect for you. I think that for this stage in the competition I would have liked your moves to be executed a bit cleaner, but I love that you looked like you were having such a great time, getting others to join in the hoop fun and my favourite bit was when you came really close to the camera and gave us a massive smile.

Marawa: What a nice summary of your personal hooping journey! I really liked reading about why you filmed in each space and why it was special to you. The hoop friends you found along the way – so cute! I love that! You always look so so happy which makes your videos really enjoyable to watch! PLUS there were some really great tricks in there too!! LOVE the flick off your foot over your head to your hand! The ending makes me really happy – you are truly spreading the hoop love all over! Your videos have always shown what a supportive community you live in – so much love there!! Congratulations on an amazing season – you should be seriously proud of what you have achieved!

Mat: Great music choice, nice use of additional people as you spread your hoop love across the tri-state area. Fun and playful, a very simple concept nicely done, and a few new moves. Your progress in this competition has been pretty remarkable. Love the awesome ending, which pretty much sums up the enthusiasm you’ve brought to the contest.

Nick: Hey Ashley, its so nice to see someone as engaged with the camera as you are throughout the video. Its also really cool to see long, consistent, well balanced sections of core hooping, which can sometimes feel a little lost in a world of more and more dazzling tricks. Learning and displaying such a grasp on key fundamentals as you do seems to allow you the freedom to dance and engage your whole body (fantastic use of your non-dominant arm by the way), which kept me interested throughout. All that said, you’ve also got some nice multi-hooping tricks, which shows you’ve got the harder technical stuff down too and the leg throw half way through is great. Think you’ve got a great chance in this final. Its anyone’s game. Good luck!


2. Cheko Cabrera of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Anah: I liked the relaxed city vibe of this video and there were some fresh new moves in there for sure! I liked the edits and the variations in settings, kept it flowing along. I thought it was still too long though, and I would have liked to see a variation in your hooping speed.

Babz: Yay Cheko! Your smile is back!! I’ve been missing it! Loved the way you chose to go through all of the themes this year with the radio. It’s soo fun to see you just rocking out with a big grin on your face! It also looks like you’ve been adding a few new moves to your already incredible repetiore which is important after we’ve been watching so many videos from the same people – it’s nice when I don’t know what’s coming next rather than being able to pick out the same patterns each week. The overall quality of your videos throughut the entire competition really set the bar for this year and I want to thank you for making everyone step up their game and improving the quality of the videos for this years competition. They were all a pleasure to watch and I sure as hell hope we get to hoop together at Hoopcamp this year! I’m dying to learn some of those moves of yours!

Hannah: Cheko! How could I not love it? You remind me of me, but much cooler! Fantastic song choice and I love that you boogie your way through the whole thing and did some classic disco moves. You do repeat a lot of the same moves though, so it would have been nice to see a bit more variation. The settings were great, loved the colourfulness at the start, although when I noticed the rollerblading I did have to rewind because I stopped watching you for a moment, but generally they weren’t too distracting. The cuts between settings were really effective and unpredictable, I never knew what was going to happen next and I love that. Overall I thought it was really fun and really entertaining and it made me smile a lot!

Marawa: Mexico should be so proud of you! I have been especially interested in watching how Mexico deals with the hooping revolution! So many great things happening over there, itss been very exciting watching this also come out in your performances every week. I think you have a really unique and super smooth style – your transitions are always seamless – which is rare with so much freestyle – I’m always impressed with your movement. I love the disco and your happy face throwing down amongst the skaters – always a great combination! Thanks for what you have brought to this competition – and for representing the boys too!!! Viva the boy hooper!! Keep inspiring them!! You should be really proud of what you have achieved – well done!!

Mat: Burn, baby burn! Great music choice, love the painted wall, which we’ve seen before, but used to better advantage here. Nice energy and smile, nice use of supporting players. This one feels a bit long to me, but congratulations on all your hard work throughout. Some nice editing, and I love the urban scene with the skates and skateboards, as well as the ending. Your clips are always a pleasure to watch!

Nick: Wow, nice video. Great quality in terms of production, and fair play hooping on a bus at the start. That’s got to be tricky. You have some cool moves and I liked the added choreography which sits with the music, just be careful it doesn’t get cheesy. You’ve got some really nice base moves and you layer in tricks of higher technical ability around these well. Just before 2 minutes you do some off body moves that have some really interesting footwork attached to them, but this doesn’t get developed elsewhere in the video: I would have loved to have seen more of this, although that is a small criticism. Overall I thought the hooping and video production was of a quality deserving of the finale. As a male hooper I wish you luck!


3. Maryève Gaudreau of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Wowzers! I love the passion in all of your movements and the rich and varied elements of your video. I feel like each week you have really up-leveled your skills in all areas. You have my vote for sure!

Babz: I love the intensity that you put into your hooping and it really comes through in your videos! So much emotion and the flavor you put in is so unique, I really love the authenticity you give. It truly makes me feel that we are seeing something that is truly Maryeve! I was able to follow most of this video, but towards the end it started to feel a bit disjointed and I was left feeling a little confused. And I ended up losing a lot of the connection I was feeling in trying to figure out what was going on. It was so amazing to be able to watch your videos evolve over the last couple of months and the way you chose to tell your stories, they really added a lot to this years competition. I still cant get over your Tribal Week video. Seriously crazy cool and just the right amount of creepy. Ces’t bon!

Hannah: Where do I start? This was the most bizarre hooping video I have ever seen! I love how different you are to any other hooper, you are truly unique, but still have technically fantastic moves. I love how you added funny creative bits like the smokey hoop bit and the balloon and top points for the hoop juggling over the shoulder move. I didn’t really understand it all, but that kind of just makes it better! Wonderful job.

Marawa: THIS IS EMOTIONAL! All the hooping at the start is intense – you genuinely look like you are possessed by the hoop – in the best possible way. All of your videos have been deep this season – and unique – which is always refreshing. Love the powder puff hoop! And the balloon. The character summary was EPIC and so good – amazing to see all the different versions and it gave scope to how big this journey has been! Red riding hood is my favourite – especially for the faces she makes at the end. You have put so much work into this season and I’m sure all your fans appreciate the detail you have put into everything. I definitely do! Thank you for all the unique combinations and tricks you have shown this season – looking forward to seeing what you do with your hoops in the future! ON Y VA!!

Mat: Hooping in a gothic cemetery? You are rocking my world! Love this piece, really avant-garde, and with nicely framed shots. Nice use of additional players, and most of them are you! Love the reunion of your video characters at the end. I’ve enjoyed your videos every single time and this is no exception. You have a great imagination and I hope you go on creating. Brava!

Nick: So…best video for me. In terms of the finalist displaying the most authenticity in terms of hoop and production, this is the stand out video. Erm…and ring rolling is really, really hard and you’ve got the basis for something epic to develop. I not only thought the dancing and hooping were fantastic, but also the little touches, like the tree leaping, balloon based story telling, smoking hoop and costuming. It is quirky and eccentric, which as a Brit has me drooling. Who’s the unicorn? More from him please. Overall, very little in terms of criticism – engaging hooping and production. Think this puts you out as the favourite.


There you have it, your Hooping Idol 3 finalists and their Finale Week submissions. Our judges have already submitted their scores that comprise 40% of our final vote and now it’s up to you. 60% of our final vote is coming from you, our viewers and the time has come for you to cast your ballot. Vote for the finalist you want to see win Hooping Idol, and only one vote is allowed per IP address so if you’re sharing a computer with someone you should decide on your vote together prior to making it. Again, there is only one voting ballot allowed per IP address. Trying to vote more than once not only will not work, but it can create problems for others being able to vote on our not so super high tech system. Thanks for your understanding and for playing by the rules.

Are you ready? Let’s vote!

SORRY: Voting for the Hooping Idol Finale has officially closed.

Your Hooping Idol 3 Finale Week ballots are being accepted until Wednesday, June 5th at 11:59pm PST and the winner of Hooping Idol 3 will be announced on Thursday, June 6th, so stay tuned for those results. We hope you’ve all enjoyed our third exciting season of Hooping Idol as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. Thank you to everyone who submitted auditions this year, who were a part of the competition, who’ve donated their time and talents as judges, who’ve donated such incredibly generous prizes, and an extra special thanks to each and everyone of you for tuning in and being a part of our search for the next great hooper star. It wouldn’t have been the same without you, so until next time when we present our Hooping Idol 3 Grand Finale Results Show, enjoy yourselves and happy hooping everybody!

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