Hooper’s Delight with DJ ADUB

Hooper's Delight with DJ ADUBThank God It’s Friday hoopers and just in time for the weekend is our new hooping mix by DJ ADUB, otherwise known as Aaron Witz, and he’s spun up a killer hooping soundtrack to get your weekend spinning. So crank it up and grab your hoop and spin it up and work it out! You know you want to! “Hooper’s Delight” serves up about half an hour of tropical bass, house and summer vibes that were recorded in one take with 1200s and a DJM 800 so whether you’re ready to get your hoop dance on at the beach or simply want to spin up a little exercise, Adub’s here to make it happen and it’s a free download too so you can listen to it all weekend long anywhere you go. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and if you or someone you know have a hoop mix you want to share let us know. Happy hooping!

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