Rachael Lust: Inside The Hoop

Rachael Lust Hooping by Shea Brock

These days there are a million ways for hoopers to get themselves noticed. You can put on bright colors and hoop in public, get involved and do something like join the Hooping.org team, you can even compete in Hooping Idol. Then there’s another option which is a whole lot trickier and rarely ever happens. Your YouTube video can go viral, and when that happens you’re apt to find your world wide web fame extending above and beyond the circumference of the local hoopersphere. For Rachael Lust her sudden hoop fame came very quickly and with not one, but two videos now that have racked up over 600,000 views a piece, we knew it was time to get the hoop scoop on what she’s all about. So join us for an interview with Rachael Lust – our Hooper of the Week.

When I asked Rachael about her explosion onto the hooping scene earlier this spring she chalked her Thrift Shop video going viral up to a magical mix of three ingredients; a popular tune, good solid moves and the surprise appearance of a naked baby. And as most of us moms know, ain’t nothing can bust up your flow like a naked toddler. How did she get started hooping? The 26-year-old Ohio native, who was raised by a gymnast and spent much of her life as a gymnast herself, discovered hooping while looking for something she and her husband, who spins poi, could do together. He introduced her to the wonderful world of hooping and after seeing some girls spin fire she explained, “I thought to myself that I would have to learn to do that”, then added with a chuckle, “but decided it might be better to start off without the fire.”

Soon she was hooping regularly and started recording hooping sessions in her kitchen, which just happens to be the biggest room in her house. She hasn’t looked back and the rest, as they say, is history. Her “Thrift Shop Hoop Dance” video has even inspired a high school student from Australia to do a school project on her video. And with all of the hoopla surrounding her virality on YouTube she soon landed herself on The Huffington Post as well as both local news stations in Cleveland and Columbus, teaching eager local anchors in heels how to shake it.

Rachael Rachael, a self proclaimed “core body hoop lover” who likes to hoop fast and hard, is currently finding herself wanting to explore the aerial/gymnast side of the hooping world too, which seems like a natural fit for her with her background. She recently attended her first big hoop gathering, Hoop Convergence, and her head is currently spinning with ideas – encouraging her to try her hand at making hooping tutorials now too.

Will 2013 prove to be the year of Rachael Lust on YouTube? It’s much to soon to tell, but if these two videos are any indication the odds certainly seem to be in her favor. You can follow Rachael on her Facebook page and YouTube channel and see her on the May 29th Premiere of ABC family’s new show “Dancing Fools.” She currently lives in Marion, Ohio, USA.


Shea Brock Hooping.org columnist Shea Brock loves hooping and sharing the joy of it with everyone she meets. She has a hooping business of her own where she makes and sells hoops and teaches as well – Boro Hoops – and she lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, where she’s slowly building an army of hoopers so she doesn’t have to hoop alone.

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    My name is Chanda Neely and I’m the city editor at The Daily Chief Union in Upper Sandusky. Ms. Lust is a native of the city and I would like to reach her to do a story. Can you please forward my contact information to her or if you can let me know how to get in touch with her that would be great.
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