Hoopjam in Portland with Hoopanista

Hoopanista Paige “Hoopanista” Tashner, the underemployed professional hula hooper behind HulaHoopla.com, takes us to a hoopjam to tell us about the wonderful world of hooping in her self-made documentary short. Paige explains, “There’s something about the circle and moving the circle around your body, in any way you can think of, and just getting lost in that movement. You feel safe because you’re within these parameters and people cannot get inside those so it’s kind of a way if you’re feeling insecure to feel secure inside your hoop.” Later on we get to meet some of the other hoopers in her area as well. They all live in Portland, Oregon, USA. The beautiful music is “Build an Ark” by FitnessGlo and you can get it on iTunes.

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