Hooping is Trending in North Dakota

Lydia Davis What’s trending this week in Bismarck, North Dakota? Hooping, of course, and you’ll probably recognize Philo’s Sweater – our Hoopie Award winning Video of the Year being used to illustrate that point perfectly. Watch for Khan Wong, Rob Mills, Tim “Lucian” Keough, Donnadimples Stancil, “Proud Mari” Francille and Jeff Medinas. NBC’s KFYR-TV let viewers know that hooping is hotter than ever and we’d like to thank Alyssa Marino of Channel 6 for the shout out too.

The story also spotlights a hooper from Bismarck – Lydia Davis. “You’ve probably seen her practicing outside,” Alyssa explains. Davis, a college student, has been hooping for three years now and has a pretty extensive dance background, prompting Alyssa to note, “It’s almost as if she was born to do this.” We’re thrilled that Lydia explained that hoop size varies by person and that some hoopers even make their own. Lydia is a fire hooper, noting, “I would also recommend NOT trying the fire hooping at home, that takes a lot of practice.” We couldn’t agree more. She also explains, “It`s one of my passions. It`s really fun for me and I love fire. My goal is to start my own hoop troop and maybe travel around to different concerts and perform.” Lydia finds time in her busy schedule to practice daily and she hopes to be able to teach others in Bismarck soon. Watch the TV news report below.


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