Hooping Idol 3: Tribal Week

Hooping Idol Tribal Welcome back to another exciting week on Hooping Idol, our award winning contest leading us all on an ever spinning search to find the planet’s next big hooper star! After all of the magical charm of Fairy Tales Week, it seemed that what our finalists needed most was an infusion of passion. We wanted them to bring something raw and sexy and unbridled, or perhaps even animalistic. We wanted to see them really let go and feel it, breathe it, live it. What theme would best facilitate something like that we asked? Welcome everyone to Tribal Week on Hooping Idol.

For those of you just tuning in here’s what’s happened on Hooping Idol 3 so far. We met our 21 finalists for season three and met our four distinguished judges. The first challenge was 90s Dance Hits Week and five hoopers were sent home. Next up Hooping Idol Went Country for Country Week and six were eliminated, leaving us with our Top Ten. Next came Fairy Tales Week and 3 more were eliminated, which brings us to tonight.

Hooping Idol 3 Judges Panel

You all know our distinguished panel of judges: Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, the Canadian whirlwind that is Babz Robinson, global superstar Marawa The Amazing from the UK, and the incomparable and legendary Mat Plendl. They’re sharing their thoughts this season on what all of our finalists are up to, plus they have a vote this year in who will be awarded the title of Hooping Idol and spin away with our Ultimate Hooping Idol Prize Package. What’s in that prize package worth more than $2,500 you ask?

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Hooping.org thanks all of our Hooping Idol prize sponsors for their incredible generosity and support. It wouldn’t be Hooping Idol without you! Thank you soooo much! And now it’s time for Tribal Week with our seven remaining Hooping Idol 3 finalists. After you’ve watched their presentations you can cast your vote for no more than two hoopers that you would like to see move forward in the competition. So without any further ado, welcome to Tribal Week on Hooping Idol 3! Please keep in mind that this page is video heavy and may take awhile for your browser to load. The order was once again completely drawn randomly. Thanks!


1. Ashley Long, aka IndigoSol of Columbia, South Carolina, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Ashley, I LOVED all your rolls, really wonderful to watch (especially your angled shoulder rolls, some of my favorites! I totally relate to the hoop community as a tribe and I loved the song, but I do kinda wish you had pushed the tribal edge just a touch more though. All in all a fun watch and I liked that you played to the camera a bit!

Babz: Love that you took this weeks thieme and made it your own! Some of the editing gets a bit choppy when we see you do one trick -then cut- another trick – then cut. I prefered the sections with a little longer flow and enjoyed seeing how into it you get.

Marawa: Ashley Ashley! It’s so nice when you smile at us! Do it more!
The fire stuff is kind of half lost, but I didn’t mind it too much. It made some interesting half hoop shapes! I’m really glad you kept the pace going – you seemed like you were really into this song. I think the intro saved you,
in that I didn’t really get a strong tribal sense with the footage. I felt you could have gone harder with location or costume, but I like the water slapping! and the wink yes!

Mat: Some nice shots and settings here and I like the music. Nice fire hoop. I think you need to re-think the wardrobe though, and your hooping could use an element of surprise. This one felt a little long to me.


2. Cheko Cabrera of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Ooh! YES! Loved the beginning and how you found the hoop in the sand. Your hooping has definitely taken on more texture this week too. The combo at 1:55… suhweet! Still a touch long though, as you started to repeat a bunch of moves, especially long considering you were in the desert. I kept expecting you to discover water or something! But I guess the hooping was all a mirage? Still, well done. I loved it!

Babz: Ha Ha! This song is one of my all time favorites to hoop to and I would have chosen this exact song to hoop to for this challenge! This video is incredible. The editing, backgrounds, your outfit are all amazing – and as always your hooping is beautiful to watch. I would like to see you put more emotion into your hooping itself, but otherwise this is pretty epic!

Marawa: Where are you?!?! This is amazing. I really love how its shot – the tricks are framed really well (ok, occasionally the hoops get cut at the top – watch out fot that). Super mesmerising. I love all the shapes and angles of how this is shot and I LOVE that your videos always have a clear intro and finish – it seems really basic, but it’s essential to a good video and a lot of people don’t do it! I think this is a really great example of how a good hooping video is put together – YES!

Mat: Great setup. Love the music. Some nice shots and nice moves here. By now you have set the bar pretty high with your filmmaking abilities, but I’m still finding the sequencing of moves to be very repetitive – like we’re watching a practice session. I’d love to see you give more thought to the way you sequence your moves. That pretty much goes for everyone. This clip also felt a little long to me. I think a 3:00 version would have had greater impact, but as usual, your work is at the top of the class.


3. Mari Cunningham, aka Merrily Spins, of Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Oh WOW! Mari, I don’t know what you worried about because this is fantastic! I loved every little bit of it! The only thing I can think of is that I wish you smiled just a touch here and there. But really… the outfit, the settings, your hoop moves and even the fact that the feather matched the color of your hoop!! AMAZING.

Babz: Great video with some awesome backdrops. I really engaged with the intensity you were putting into your hooping. Would have loved to have seen more eye contact so I could feel more connected to you and the story. You’ve got so many awesome moves I want to learn!! Foot hooping has always seemed awkward in every video I’ve seen, but I thought it really worked well the way you did it here.

Marawa: MERRILY MARI, WOW!! You seem like you are in your element! Such a nice location! I would have liked a bit more of a smile on your face though.
The hooping in the tree is ace! So inventive with the foot work! I love that bit the best! And all your 2 hoop tricks, really interesting – I love that reverse foot hoop at the end! Yeah! I want a tee pee!!!!! GOOD ONE!

Mat: Great locations and some amazing shots, which we have come to expect from you now. Nice music choice. Some really striking visuals and a linear narrative – I generally like it, as I do all of your work. I find the hooping to be awfully repetitive, and not always confidently executed, which made it feel a bit long. At times it’s almost as if we were watching a practice session, something I’m seeing too much of among all the contestants for this late in the competition. Also, we see little of your face, could use a few more closeups. Nice ending.


4. Maryève Gaudreau of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Maryeve, you are fantastic! I love your artistic flair and willingness to really play to the camera and commit to your movements. SO lovely to watch! I didn’t even totally mind that it was close to 4 minutes long… It was absolutely captivating!

Babz: Wow!!! This is so intense and interesting! The theme this week seemed to suit you soooo well! Great eye contact and engagement with your audience. The way you move your whole body while hooping as well as changing the level and body position makes your hooping so visually interesting. Fantastic! My favourite video from you yet!! Can’t wait to see next weeks!

Marawa: SO French SO chic. but I’m kind of a bit scared of you now! You seem quite possessed by the crows and the vultures!!! WAAAAAH!! That 4 hoop arm split throw trick is the BEST!!! Love how this is shot – all the different scenes are great – the fire stuff is particularly amazing – the wings. Sheesh! You are nuts. It’s sooo pretty – such a nice image, and right on theme!! Well done!

Mat: Great setting and bird cameo. Some great tricky stuff here with multi-hoops, and I like the music. There’s less here of what we’ve seen a lot of this week, and for that I am grateful. Extremely watchable. Love the oddball ending. As always, one of my favorites. Merci!


5. Jozette Borrmann of Worth Center, New York, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Sweet elbow reversals Jozette! And this must be the week of angled shoulder duck outs… Ha! Love it! I would have liked to see a little more set up in your story though. I did love the nature spots your chose. Really pretty! The video was still a touch long I thought, but I loved the fire hoop sequence. You sure are fearless with a fire hoop!

Babz: Great beginning and great song choice to tell your story. Your hooping is awesome and I really get the feeling of intention while watching you hoop. Your hooping style really fits with the music and oh my god that elbow/hand reversal at 2:08 is siiiick! Love that your bad ass moves always seem so natural in your flow.

Marawa: That is a VERY tribal outfit! Nearly all the videos this week show all sorts of improvements, but you all need to be looking at the camera – it is very frustrating!! We want to be able to relate to you and feel a part of what is happening! But regardless, your tricks look great and I really like your shapes and framing. Geez – and your fire gang are super too! Nice and warm. I love the fire breathing mixed with your hooping – so bright!

Mat: Some nice things here. Nice fire, and great that you included an actual tribe. The overall concept was a bit unclear to me – the mix of settings seemed a bit random. You always include a bit of “acting” business at the top of your pieces and I’d avoid that if I were you. It’s not up to the professionalism of the rest of your work. Would have liked to have seen this in a shorter version with a few more hooping elements. Still, there are some strong things here.


6. Laurie Brenneman of Charleston, South Carolina, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Hmmm, Laurie. I liked your outfit, the camera angles were sweet and I loved the settings, even though I am not sure they were exactly “Tribal”. I just felt like your energy wasn’t matching up to that very energetic song you chose though. I am not sure if maybe you were tired or not listening to the actual song, but this song has serious pizzazz and you were just a step behind that. But I did love the sun setting, the fire hoop section was sweet and you had some nice rolls in there!

Babz: Really like to see how aware you are of your audience and the way you remember to use your whole body to dance with the hoop. A little more story would have been a niece touch but it is a beautiful video and the eye contact and smiles are so key! Thank you!

Marawa: Great outfit!
The music seems very fast/loud etc compared to your expression and speed maybe a slower track or faster movement would have tied in better.. I think its important that all the elements match.. I really like the low shots I think they work really well – ooh especially with the FIRE! and I LOVE that ending! nice

Mat: I call this one “Tribe of One”. Great HD images and settings, nice illumination on the fire scenes. This could have used more clarity about the wardrobe and the story, and I wish your energy matched the energy of the song. The performance seems a little tentative. Love the ending shot, and you have at times a kind of sassy attitude that I like.


7. Andie Asacker of Burlington, Vermont, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Oh my goodness, you playing the little drum in the beginning was so cute! The settings and camera angles were gorgeous and I like how you paid attention to the lines of your body in relation to the camera. The first one legged sequence was kinda shaky… I would have left it out myself. I would also like to see your body rolls start with a straighter sending arm. I really liked your double mini’s and the sunset shots. Wowzers!!

Babz: Some really breathtaking shots Andie with the sunset shining off the water and loved some of the intensity we got to feel when we get that closer eye contact! One thing I think you lost a little while trying to hoop on the uneven surface of the rock you were on is some of the fluidity in your flow. Would be great to watch you rock out too!

Marawa: SUCH a beautiful location – I cant get over it! I had to watch this twice! Once for you and once for the background! I really like the way this is shot – the sun reflected back lighting looks EXCELLENT!! And NICE leg hold! Such a pretty shape! You look so different with that make up! So many disguises.. This was really easy to watch – well shot and always interesting! GOOD JOB!!

Mat: Some great locations and shots. Some nice images here and some interesting moves, but lots of repetition. Also, not enough different hooping elements to my taste, especially for a piece this length. Here we have a lot of moves that everyone else is doing, and I would prefer to see more of your other stuff. As always though, it’s a good performance from you.

There you have it, your Hooping Idol 3 finalists and their Tribal Week video submissions. Our judges have already submitted their scores that comprise 40% of our final vote, so now it’s up to you. 60% of our final vote is coming from you, our viewers and the time has come for you to cast your ballot. Vote for as many as two finalists that you want to see continue on in the competition, but please, please, PLEASE, only cast one voting ballot. Trying to vote more than once not only won’t work, it only creates problems for others being able to vote on not so super high tech system. Thank you.

Are you ready? Let’s vote!

SORRY! Voting has closed for Hooping Idol 3: Tribal Week

Your Hooping Idol 3 Tribal Week ballots are being accepted only until Wednesday, May 8th at 3:00pm PST. Our two finalists with the lowest combined scores will be eliminated from the competition and our final five will be moving on to the next round. Stay tuned for those results along with the details for our next challenge. Until then, hoop it up!

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