Hooping Idol 3: Performance Week

Hooping Idol Performance Week Welcome back to another exciting week on Hooping Idol, our award winning contest leading us all on an ever spinning search to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Our final five are about to go head to head for Performance Week, the final obstacle between them and our amazing Hooping Idol 3 Finale with a shot at the Ultimate Hooping Idol 3 Prize Package worth more than $2500.

For those of you just tuning in here’s what you’ve missed on Hooping Idol 3 thus far. We met our 21 finalists for season three and met our four distinguished judges. The first challenge was 90s Dance Hits Week and five hoopers were sent home. Next up Hooping Idol Went Country for Country Week and six more were eliminated, leaving us with our Hooping Idol 3 Top Ten. Next came Fairy Tales Week and 3 were eliminated, followed by
Tribal Week and 2 more were sent home. Which brings us up to the here and now.

Last week our five remaining finalists were given their Hooping Idol 3 Performance Week Assignment. The challenge: perform in front of real live human beings, not just in front of a video camera. Over the course of Hooping Idol our judges have been helping each of our finalists fine tune their hooping and performance skills and the time has arrived to put them to the test. Our finalists were required to find an audience to perform in front of create one of their own providing there was a minimum of ten people in attendance to enjoy the show. And this week we wanted to see an unedited one-take video of that performance, posted with the camera view perspective of an audience member so that what takes place in the video can be seen by all of us just as if we (ie: the camera) were sitting right there in the audience with everyone else witnessing it all first hand.

hoopsiedaisy Now performing can be a lot more complicated than people think and to help facilitate that reality, we gave our finalists some directives to give it a bit more of a real life experience. We told all five of our finalists that they were performing at a White Party and they were to wear white. Guests attending the performance were invited to wear white in solidarity, although they do not have to be wearing white to attend. And given that we don’t always have control over the music we will be performing to, we assigned all five of them the same soundtrack – the brand new single “Ghost” by Pink is Punk & Benny Benassi. It’s a challenging song to perform to in that goes from incredibly intimate and emotional to super high voltage and if anyone knows how to spin this one it’s our Performance Week guest judge Hoopsie Daisy. Hoopsie Daisy – aka Natasha Young of HoopsieDaisy.com – is not only Hooping.org’s Assistant Editor, she has performed with practically every big name DJ on the planet – including Benny Benassi. So we invited her to have a seat at the judges table this week with our usual panelists.

Hooping Idol 3 Judges Panel

You all know our distinguished panel of judges: Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, the Canadian whirlwind that is Babz Robinson, global superstar Marawa The Amazing from the UK, and legendary hula hooping icon Mat Plendl. They’re sharing their thoughts this season on what all of our finalists are up to, plus they have a vote this year in who will be awarded the title of Hooping Idol and spin away with our Ultimate Hooping Idol Prize Package. What’s in that prize package you ask? Let us tell you all about it.

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Our Hooping Idol 3 Ultimate Prize Package starts off with a totally rockin’ registration to one of Hoop Revolution’s upcoming teacher trainings for 2013 to learn even more from the Mother of Hoop Dance herself – Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach (a $600 Value) along with an Original EcoHoop™ from Hoop Revolution® – the world’s first recycled plastic hoop (Spring sale price $25, regularly $34.99), plus Hoop Revolution’s highly anticipated Core Foundation DVD. We’re also so excited this year to be sending our Hooping Idol to Hoopcamp 2013, the biggest annual event specifically for hoopers on the planet. Now in it’s 6th year it’s five days and four nights of the most incredible workshops, hoopjams and more – and they’ll be performing in Hoopcamp 2013’s Amazing Hooper Showcase ($549 value). If you’re going to be a Hooping Idol you’re going to need the most kickass rockin’ LED hoop on the planet too – the Atomic Evoke 4 with DOUBLE the LEDS from Astral Hoops! Doubling the LEDs not only makes your new hoop super bright, it also helps the more complex patterns being created stand out with a whole new freakin level of clarity ($449 value)! WOW! Hooping.org also really wants to support our new Hooping Idol in being able to take things to the next level by giving them two months of site-wide graphic advertising ($200 a month, a $400 value) to get their name, performances and hooping business out there. With more than 10 million hits to our name, Hooping.org is the ultimate place to reach hoopers and those who wanna be. We had more than 60,000 hits from 40,000 unique visitors last week alone, making the actual cost of advertising with us so ridiculously cheap. Do the math! And to ensure that our Hooping Idol will be able to set the night on fire and look even hotter doing it, we’ve got a sizzling five wick Harmonic Hoops fire hoop so they can burn it up ($130 value) – and a Harmonic Threads $50 gift certificate for some super cool handmade clothes. And just in case we’re missing anything, our friends at HoopSupplies.com have got you covered with a $200 gift certificate (including shipping) to get exactly what you want and need.

And we have a few more prize additions from the remaining Hooping Idol Judges themselves. Mat Plendl will be giving our Hooping Idol a 90 minute private lesson or 60 minute phone consultation to help them kick it into high gear, Marawa the Amazing is donating some super cool stickers.

Our second and third place finishers will also be receiving a $50 gift certificate from HoopSupplies.com and a $25 gift certificate from Harmonic Threads. Hooping.org thanks all of our Hooping Idol prize sponsors for their incredible generosity and support. It wouldn’t be Hooping Idol without you! Thank you soooo much!

And now it’s time for Performance Week with our five remaining Hooping Idol 3 finalists giving it their best shot in one take on stage. After you’ve watched their presentations you can cast your vote for the one (1) hooper that you would like to see move forward in the competition. How our five finalists choose to honor and interpret the music and wardrobe this week is entirely up to them. We know they’ll be wearing white and we know what song they’ll be hooping to, but if they want to make it to our Hooping Idol 3 Grande Finale they’re going to need to be bringing their A game with some performance surprises because when it’s all over, two more of our finalists will be eliminated. Note: Our finalists may add a short introduction and closing section to their video if they so choose, but the actual performance itself needed to be intact and unedited. So without any further ado, welcome to Performance Week on Hooping Idol 3! Please keep in mind that with several videos the page may take awhile for your browser to load. The viewing order was once again drawn at random.


1. Maryève Gaudreau of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Wow, Maryeve! Your hoop skills, particularly with multiples just keep getting better and better! It was a little odd that there were people walking around behind you, which pulled it out of the stage feeling and made it seem more random. I liked your simple white dress, but I didn’t get the whole bit with the white shirt? Also, though I loved the progression of moves and the build up, I would have loved it even more if you had hit a bigger pose or ending to your performance.

Babz: Awesome Performance! Love the extension you put into every limb and the passion you convey through your body language is fantastic! The dress was cute, but I would have liked to see a little extra done with hair and make up so that we would have had and easier time seeing your face. Love the work you do with multiples, you’ve got so many unique moves in there that I never see anyone else do.

Marawa: You deserve a much better space than this to perform!! All those people hanging around needed to take a seat and witness the skills!! Your videos always make me want to pick up a hoop – I love that – you have some really unique combinations and the starts and ends of your tricks are always neat and controlled which I love, and the story with the shirt- so French! Melodrama yes! Super work Maryeve. It’s been great seeing what you bring to the competition each week! Thankyou!

Mat: I like the opening and the transition into the performance, although I wouldn’t have actually put on the shirt, as your hoop got hung up on it a time or two. Nice range of skills – your 3-hoop section is great, and you got into your trickier moves very smoothly. Nice structure and sense of choreography. You always make me feel that you’ve planned your moves very carefully, and I am grateful. Would like to have had a glimpse of your audience – I wasn’t even aware of them until they started making some noise. Also, would like to have seen you end a little more cleanly and with a flashier final move. Still, easily the most successful of the performances this week.

Hoopsie: I really loved the transitions whenever you added more hoops. They felt very natural and organic, as opposed to the obvious stop and start I sometimes see when people add hoops throughout their performances. Nice variety of off body and core hooping too. One thing that really stood out to me were the things I saw that really happen during hoop performances: a minor wardrobe malfunction, people wandering around your performance space, a tiny bobble with a hoop, camera flashes blinding you, people hooting and hollering. What separates the amateurs from the professionals is how you react to the unexpected, and you did an amazing job of never letting any of those things faze you. I liked the little story you told with the guy and the shirt too – very effective use of a prop! My main gripe is a technical one: I wish the lighting had been better so I could see your smiling face!


2. Jozette Borrmann of Worth Center, New York, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: The set up was super cute! I would have waited till more of the beat came in to have so much action. Its such a long song that if you don’t utilize and even milk the changes in the song, things can just all blend together… The slower parts are excellent times to build your character and connect with the audience. And the faster parts will have more impact if you really hit them with a matching energy. You got great applause though and your hooping was wonderful!

Babz: Great performance look! Really well put together and professional as if someone was actually paying you to hoop for them. Really enjoyed seeing you take the time to make eye contact and smile so as to really engage the audience. Man, that crowd was LOVING it! The more they’d cheer the more you’d smile and the more you’d smile the more they would cheer! Just shows how vital connecting with your audience can be. My favorite video from you yet and a really great performance.

Marawa: Those leggings!! Amazing!! Want want want!! You look like you’re having a great time which makes it so enjoyable to watch! The framing is a little off at times, but it’s nice to have you so close to the camera! I really did feel like I was there and a part of the performance! I feel like I can see a definite progression in your hooping so you should be really proud of your journey through this competition! Congratulations!

Mat: You have some very impressive skills, and you really seem to enjoy what you’re doing. I would also have appreciated your including a wider range of moves in a performance of this length, which as far as I’m concerned goes for most everyone. Something I’m seeing a lot is that you folks get the hoop in a particular position, and then do trick after trick with the hoop in the same position. More exciting for the audience to see you working the hoop on various planes, to break up those stretches where the hoop is working the same space. Nice presentation, though.

Hoopsie: I liked that we got to see how you were introduced and the pan of the audience was a nice touch as well. Seeing all that band equipment made me a little nervous though. I recall one performance where I was in close quarters with a similar set up and I almost took out the drum kit! Nice job working with that space and not hitting anything! As a performer I really appreciate when people use the music well, be it the tempo, the lyrics, or anything else they can accent. For that reason, I loved the head hooping during the “inside my head” line! Since the audience was so close to you, I would have liked a little more eye contact.


3. Mari Cunningham, aka Merrily Spins, of Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Mari, I lost so much of your hooping because you didn’t have better lighting! This is something you have to make sure and arrange with the performance venue! I can tell that you waited for the song to build and matched your movements, but with the lighting so poor it is really hard to make an accurate assessment. Things definitely got better when you added the fire, but I think I still would have liked a spot on you even with the fire. You were a little behind on some of your music cues, but overall I think you reflected the song well!

Babz: Cute outfit and the skirt looks so good when it flares out with those isolated spins! Unfortunately the reality is that this video is far too dark to really see what you were doing most of the time. When the music ended you didn’t seem to have a plan for a clean ending to your performance that left it with a bit of an unfinished feeling. Nice to see some very elegant moves and you using extra movements with your arms and legs to create more detail and expression.

Marawa: I am suprised you chose to shoot your video here – amazing they let you do fire inside the venue. This video, like a few of your others, is challenging to watch from a hooping perspective as it is slightly unfocused and at times the hoop is invisible. What it does become, however, is a bizarre piece of abstract movement and colour – something completely different – really interesting!! But not really ideal for this competition! The fire hoop helped focus the camera though so it was nice to watch you through that part! Salsa! So good! Next year we must have a Latin music round!

Mat: Oh Mari, Mari, Mari. What happened? This would have been so much more successful if any of those lights had actually been pointed at you! And then out comes the fire and then we get lights? At this stage of the competition, it’s a significant error, and makes it very difficult to evaluate the hooping. That said, I’ve been your fan from the beginning; you have some nice moves, and I do feel you have a sense of performance and choreography. Take note, people: if this ever happens to you, you need to bite the bullet and do it over!

Hoopsie: Nice use of the changes in the music especially when it went from slower to the breakdown. Really great use of such a large space! It’s quite a luxury to have so much room to perform, so I loved seeing you move around and really take advantage of it.
I kept squinting during the beginning, but lighting is something that is often out of our control in clubs so this was a great example of that. I was cheering when the fire hoop came out, partly because I could see you so much better with all that fire!


4. Ashley Long, aka IndigoSol of Columbia, South Carolina, USA. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Bummer on the sprained ankle Ashley! I liked your dance elements, but I think I could tell that you were being a little careful, no doubt due to your ankle. I loved that you varied your movements and punctuated the song with some power moves. I also wish you had gotten closer to your audience so you could connect with them better. Overall, great job and the audience clearly loved you.

Babz: Lol! Could you have asked for a more enthusiastic audience?!! Great beginning that really fit the music well and very visually interesting. Even though the audience is right in front of you you seem to be almost avoiding making eye contact with them by either looking down or at what your hands were doing. Don’t forget to not only look up, but make strong eye contact! Loved your ending and came by to touch everybody’s hands! Too funny!

Marawa: Great use of the music! I love that you saved your big fast moves for the choruses – it feels like you have learned a lot about choreography and putting things together to best suit your performance – good work!! And you have the best family and friends ever!! Go team Ashley!! So supportive, it must have been fun performing for them.
I’m so sad about your ankle! Hope it’s better! Really nice to see your progression through the competition!

Mat: Love the enthusiasm here, and you’ve got some nice moves. Would like to see you acknowledge your audience as you perform; often you seem lost in concentration, and that’s fine in rehearsal, but in performance we want that to go away. Would also like to see you learn to spot those turns. Keep working on your technique, please, so we can see you smiling and engaging the audience rather than thinking about the moves.

Hoopsie: Wow, you had quite an enthusiastic audience – love that so many of them were wearing white to support you! I never would have guessed you were injured just from watching your performance, so great job adjusting your choreography to accommodate that. Unfortunately, injuries are an all too real part of being a performer and, as the saying goes, the show must go on. Kudos for not letting your ankle affect your performance!
Of all this week’s contestants, I felt you used the music the best. Not only did your hoop movements correspond to the intensity of the music, but your body movements did as well. You had some really lovely twin hooping.


5. Cheko Cabrera of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. If for some reason this isn’t viewable where you live, try viewing it on Vimeo.

Anah: Cheko, I think you should have saved your tricks till the beat came in and used the first part to build the story/character. You would have gotten more mileage out of your tricks and the audience has an easer time staying engaged if our pace is varied and really punctuates the music. On another note, where the heck did your LED go??? Ha! Neat trick. I liked the ring of fire on the ground and your work with your fuel was awesome! Again, though, I wish you had saved that for when the beat came in for more impact. With songs like this it is all about attitude, attitude, attitude!

Babz: Liked at the beginning how you turned your hoop on right as you started rather than having it sitting there blinking. Great outfit and make up as well. Also loved how you managed to somehow make your LED hoop magically disappear. I kept waiting for it to come back to earth! However, it seems like you’re forgetting about what your arms and legs are doing when they are not interacting with the hoop and you almost looked bored at times, as well as not engaging your audience as much as you could be. Don’t forget to use your whole body while hooping and especially when performing! I miss that massive smile we got to see in some of your other videos that makes us all fall in love with you!

Marawa: Beautifully shot! You obviously thought alot about how to frame this – it works so well- and I have never seen the over spill of fuel used so well with fire hoops! You looked totally in control surrounded by all those flames – such a strong image. You have been one of my favourites throughout this competition and I am so pleased to see again a wide variety of skills shot so well – and in 1 take this time! Excellent! Look forward to seeing you perform in Mexico!!

Mat: I like the setting, although I would have liked a little more light on you. I think you are very talented, and I would like to see you engage your audience more, and with a wider range of moves. Here we have two sections with one hoop each, and in each section the moves are very similar, although one is with lights and the other with fire. And speaking of fire, it’s pretty impressive here.

Hoopsie: I really love how smooth and controlled your hooping is. Every move seems deliberate but without seeming overly choreographed – there is still a nice natural flow going on. You are so comfortable and confident with your hoop in front of an audience. I like that you are aware of the camera and the audience, but don’t be afraid to engage them even more. Great use of both LED and fire for an outdoor night performance.


There you have it, your Hooping Idol 3 finalists and their Performance Week video submissions. Our judges have already submitted their scores that will comprise 40% of our final vote, so now it’s up to you. 60% of our final vote is coming from you, our viewers and the time has come for you to cast your ballot. Vote for only the one finalist that you want to see continue on in the competition, and please, please, PLEASE, only cast one voting ballot. Trying to vote more than once not only will not work, but it creates problems for others being able to vote on our not so super high tech system. Thank you.

Are you ready? Let’s vote!

SORRY! Voting for Performance Week has closed

Your Hooping Idol 3 Tribal Week ballots are being accepted only until Wednesday, May 22nd at 3:00pm PST. Our two finalists with the lowest combined scores will be eliminated from the competition and our final three will be moving on to the Hooping Idol Finale and a shot at our Ultimate Hooping Idol 3 Prize Package. Stay tuned for those results and until then, happy hooping everybody!

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