Hooping Idol 3: Performance Week Assignment

Hooping Idol Performance Week We’ve come to that point in the Hooping Idol competition known as Performance Week and our five remaining finalists are about to get their assignment. The challenge: perform in front of real live human beings, not just in front of a video camera. Over the course of Hooping Idol our judges have been helping each of our finalists fine tune their hooping and performance skills and the time has arrived to put them to the test. The first part of the challenge this week is for each of our finalists to find an audience to perform in front of or bring one together. They can assemble their own or perform at a community event or gathering already taking place in their area, just as long as they have a minimum of ten people in attendance to enjoy the show. And this week we want to see an unedited one-take video of that performance, posted with the camera view perspective of an audience member so that what takes place in the video can be seen by all of us just as if we (ie: the camera) was sitting right there in the audience with everyone else witnessing it all first hand. Don’t put us in the back row though, we want to be able to see!

Performing can be much more complicated than most people think and to help facilitate that reality, we are going to be giving our finalists some directives this week to give it a bit more of a real life experience. Wearing the right outfit for your performance can really help you sell it. Sometimes that directive comes from ourselves, like choosing an outfit that works with that Middle Eastern flavored song we are planning to use. Other times it can come directly from the party that hired us who want us to work the theme of their event into our act. Perhaps it’s something simple like the wearing of certain colors of a party or wedding. Perhaps the promoter who put the show together wants all the acts unified by wardrobe in some manner. Whatever the case, given that hoop performers don’t always have full choice over what they’re going to wear to their performance, and may not even get the information until a few days before, we’re simulating that experience here on Hooping Idol. All five of our finalists will be performing at a White Party where they are to wear white. Guests attending the performance are invited to wear white in solidarity, although they do not have to be wearing white to attend.

Ghost Performers often do not have control over the music they will hoop to either. Hoopers are often hired because event planners want that certain something extra to happen to take that music performance at that time of the night to the next level and hoop performers often find themselves on stage needing to get in synch with whatever music is being thrown their way and making it work. Whatever is spinning when it’s time to go on has got to be your hooping inspiration and if you want to be hired again you need to love it. This week all five of our finalists are being given a performance soundtrack to perform to – the brand new single “Ghost” by Pink is Punk & Benny Benassi. It’s a challenging song to perform to in that goes from incredibly intimate and emotional to high voltage – and if anyone knows how to spin this one it’s our Performance Week guest judge Hoopsie Daisy.

hoopsiedaisy Hoopsie Daisy, aka Natasha Young of HoopsieDaisy.com and Hooping.org’s Assistant Editor, has performed with practically every big name DJ on the planet – including Benny Benassi. She’s wowed crowds from the Treasure Island Music Festival to Ruby Skye, performed with Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, Donald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill and oh so many others. As a hoop instructor she’s received a Hoopie Award nomination every year since the awards inception and has taught classes everywhere from ClifBar headquarters to Lululemon to Hoop Camp. We’re looking forward to having her and her hoop dance performance perspective seated at the judges table this week. She lives in Berkeley, California, USA.

So there you have it. How our five finalists choose to honor and interpret the music and wardrobe this week is entirely up to them. We know they’ll be wearing white and we know what song they’ll be hooping to, but if they want to make it past Performance Week and into the Finale and a shot at our Hooping Idol 3 Ultimate Prize Package, they’re going to need to be bringing their A game and some performance surprises because when the week is over two will be going home. Our finalists may add a short introduction and closing section to their video if they choose, but the actual performance itself must be intact and unedited. Performance Week submissions must be posted to YouTube and Vimeo with the title “Hooping Idol 3 Performance Week on Hooping.org” no later than 11:59pm PST on Sunday, May 19th. In the meantime, on behalf of hoopers everywhere, we sincerely applaud each and every one of our Hooping Idol finalists on all of the hardwork, talent and effort that has gotten them this far and we wish each and everyone of them nothing but the best.

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