Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity Many hoopers long for a sense of community. Perhaps it is what brought you into the circle, or maybe you began to crave it soon there after. In community we find a world that you can step into with friends where you can not only let your inner self shine, you can feed off of each others vibes. Anay Luna, Chelsey Dohman, Courtney Hays, Dan Nguyen, Shibby Thomas and Jon Warczak, join the Hoopie Award nominated videographer of A Day in the Park and fellow spinner Gaby Rodriguez for a community celebration with hoops and poi. All residing in the state of Illinois, they begin in the light of day, hoop through until sunset, then light things up for the moonshine. The song that fits the mood of this video so perfectly is “Center of Gravity” by Phutureprimitive and you can get your copy on iTunes.I

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