Doctissimo Puts Hula Hooping to the Test

Hoopera Lila Chupa-Hoops of Hoopera, a finalist on our second season of Hooping Idol that went all the way to the finale, recently helped put the hula hoop to the test for Doctissimo. The popular French website related to health and wellness decided to find out more about this thing called hooping. Lucile Woodward, who is a journalist in their sport and fitness category, decided to take her first hooping class on an investigative mission. After attending hoop class with Lila, a beginner class for first time hoopers, what did her thoughts end up being on the matter? Lucile concluded that aside from the fitness and sporty side of hooping she had discovered a whole artistic and creative aspect she hadn’t anticipated. She arrived ready to test out hula hooping and she left with a new hoop dance vocabulary, excited to learn more. Watch the segment below:

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