When the Hoop Disappears

When The Hoop Disappeared [Hooping.org Columnist Shannon Loucks finds her flow.]

by Shannon Loucks

When I first began hooping I was very much aware of where the hoop was at all times. My focus was on keeping it up or deciding where to move it or when to move it. I was conscious of the hoops presence the entire time. Then one day, there was a moment when the hoop fell away. I was waist hooping to a favorite song and all I knew was that I had fallen into the music. I was dancing. Yes, the hoop was still there, but it’s size and shape had disappeared. We were no longer separate. We were one, moving together in perfect unison. It was magic and I later learned that this is where flow exists.

When I first experienced this, something deep within me was unlocked. A place that had been tucked away long ago opened. The dark corners where expressing my most creative self was far more important then the caring of what anyone outside of me might think illuminated. With the opening of this space, my true hooping self was born. I took this forward into each hoop session afterward. While this is not to say that every practice session is now filled only with the magic of a place we call flow. It is so say that reaching flow has become the heart of my hooping practice, freeing me to explore and truly dance like no one is watching.

As I build on to my hooping skill set I’ve noticed two different energies in my hooping sessions. First, there is the time spent learning a new sequence or movement. Doing the same thing over and over and over until my body can remember it without thought. This place is where my mind and body are worked out. It’s where doubt most definitely exists and where I must continually accept the glory of mistakes. This is where I grow in my hooping ability.

Then there is the second energy – surrender. The times when I step inside of my hoop, only to spin inward, to unlock once again my unique to me creative self and outwardly express it through movement. It’s where flow holds me while the rest of the world falls away. When I forget that the hoop is there, that is when it is a part of my body, my spirit, and I find ways to move with the hoop that are outside of my mind, spinning in ways that are purely instinctual. I discover new patterns, original combinations and my own unique movement. As one, the hoop and I are, dance, artist and pure innovative expression.


Shannon Loucks Hooping.org Columnist Shannon Loucks discovered the magic of the hoop in 2010 and has never looked back. She is also one of the main contributors to the pursuits of passion and play in the lives of her two unschooled boys and you can find her on Facebook. She lives in Santa Clara, California, USA.



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  1. April 23, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    What a beautiful way of putting flow into words. I often try to explain it but always fall short. Thanks for sharing this!


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