Hooping Idol 3: 90s Dance Hits Week Results

The results of Hooping Idol’s 90s Dance Hits Week are here and Hooping.org congratulates all of our Hooping Idol finalists that are moving on to the next round – and we have nothing but love for each and every one of those who are departing us on the dance floor. We adore you all. Thanks for being a part of our exciting third season.

Hooping Idol Goes Country What’s next for our remaining Hooping Idol finalists? We’ve been thinking about for a very long time and Hooping Idol is finally going Country. And with a theme this big anything is possible. Think outside the box. Be creative. Let your imaginations run wild. Surprise us! Here’s what you need to do: 1) Choose a Country Music song for your Country Week video, 2) claim that song via email to hoopingidol@gmail.com. If the song you’ve selected is already claimed by another hooper, you will be notified to choose another track. 3) Read Hooping.org’s Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video again. Seriously. Many of the things mentioned by our judges this past week were already covered in there. Do NOT make that mistake two weeks in a row. 4) Create your next Hooping Idol video inspired by our theme for the week – Country! 4) Post your video on YouTube and Vimeo on or before Sunday, April 21st, at 11:59pm PST. Be aware that videos do take time to upload and post so don’t wait til the last minute. 5) Title your video: Hooping Idol Goes Country on Hooping.org. 5) Copy your YouTube and Vimeo video link urls and email them to hoopingidol@gmail.com. That’s it! Have fun Hooping Idol finalists – but remember, make it count – because at the end of Country Week there six more Hooping Idol finalists will be heading home. Happy Hooping everybody!

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