Carla Snow Spins Up Weight Loss and a Career in Edmonton

Carla Snow In Canada, hooping culture is growing in Edmonton. In fact, Carla Snow of Flowlab quit her job as an accountant to become a full-time hooper making her own hoops and teaching workshops and hooping classes. “I was usually thinking about hooping. I would be at work and be watching the clock going, ‘when can I go home and hula hoop some more?!'” she told CTV News. “I now teach hula hooping full time. I have been a hoop teacher going into my third year now. I’ve been able to make a full-time career of it which is outstanding and amazing.” Snow began hooping as a hobby five years ago and was shocked that hooping helped her lose the baby weight after her third child. “I was definitely a work-out drop-out. I was always looking for some way to get fit. I tried the gym, I tried the personal trainer, I had a treadmill that didn’t get a lot of use. But once I tried hula hooping I wanted to do it every single day. Through the hooping, I found physical activity and then this confidence also started to emerge. The better I got at it, the more I wanted to do it and the more weight I did lose the better I felt so it all just became a really wonderful cycle.” Check out the news report, photos and more over at CTV News.

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