Kelly Osbourne Lost Weight Hooping

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne joins the list of celebrities who are spinning up hooping for health. Osbourne recently tweeted, “I’m all about Hula-hooping right now! 5mins in the morning 5 mins at night… in 5 days I lost 2 inches from my waistline!” The Daily Mail reports Osbourne has been slender for awhile now, but seems to be losing even more inches to her small frame thanks to the hoop. Miss Osbourne has publicly struggled with her weight in the past, first appearing on her family’s reality show “The Osbournes” as the plus-size, wild child daughter. But Nowadays the pint-size, purple-haired star is down 69 pounds and continuing to slim down thanks to her new healthy hula hooping habit. We hope to see Osbourne, who was quite memorable on Dancing With The Stars, hoop dancing as well sometime soon.


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