Hoopie Awards 2013: Rock The Vote

2013 Hoopie Awards

Welcome to the 2013 Hoopie Awards! It’s Hooping.org’s 6th Annual Awards celebration honoring greatness in our hoop community and we’re delighted that you are here. We’d like to remind everyone that if you’re a hooper, you’re already a winner – each and every one of you! YAY!

This year the official nominations process opened on Monday, January 6th and closed on Friday, January 11th. We compiled a list of all of the preliminary nominees and presented them to our 2013 Hoopie Awards Panelists for consideration. Our panel this year consisted of 50 randomly selected hoopers who made themselves available to be of service via their nomination ballot. Panelists were then instructed to forget their personal affiliations, communities and countries in voting for their top five selections in each of our award categories. Those votes were then compiled and now we present your 2013 Hoopie Award finalists! But before we vote, it’s time to take a quick look at our rules, categories and nominees for this year, so if you’re ready to roll let’s get started!

THE RULES: You may vote for one selection in each category. You may cast one ballot and one ballot only. Please note that our voting system automatically logs your IP address, the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer. If additional votes are submitted from the same IP address they will be disqualified. Consequently, if you share your computer at home or work with others who might want to vote it would be wise to consult with them prior to submitting your ballot. We know it’s a drag and we fully apologize for the inconvenience, but it’s the very best that we can do to ensure fairness and accuracy of voting. Thanks for understanding and you will have until 11:59pm PST on Saturday, January 26th, to submit your ballot so please, take your time and review and mark smart and thoughtful decisions.

Previous Hoopie Award winners are not eligible to win in the same category twice. A few grey areas and questions were presented to the panelists for them to make the decision. And wecause we have a few nominees this year who are a part of and/or contribute to Hooping.org, the final electronic vote count tallies that are all done by computer are being validated by Hoopin’ Annie of World Hoop Day. World Hoop Day events were celebrated across six continents on 12/12/12, raising funds to gift hoops to needy kids around the globe. Hooping.org applauds World Hoop Day’s contributions to our global hooping community and we thank them for their assistance.

We’re providing you with links to view the nominated photos, videos, tutorials and more. Please make use of them and see them for yourself, watch the nominated videos, listen to the nominated songs, check out the talents of our newbies for 2012… We’re encouraging your thoughtful voting and we’ve set it all up to help you do just that. Links to the nominees will open in new windows and after a complete rundown of the nominees for this year is the presentation of the voting ballot for the 2013 Hoopie Awards which includes all of the categories. We are presenting you with the top six nominees that received the most votes from our Finalists Panel in each category, although there were so many ties again this year you will typically find the minimum of six to be the exception, rather than the rule.


In 2012 Hooping.org continued to showcase the very best in hoop photography so if you have a great photo send it in. You can view the seven nominees for Photo of the Year below:

1. Amanda Moerira Cali of Gainesville, Florida, USA. A self portrait. View on Hooping.org.
2. Daniela Hoop of Udim, Israel. Photo by Michael Razdolski. View on Hooping.org.
3. Dylan T. Bradley of San Francisco, California, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography. View on Hooping.org.
4. Jenni Fenton of Ocala, Florida, USA. Photo by Sheena Shea. View on Hooping.org.
5. Sam Carpio of Cancun, Mexico. Photo by Nicolas Eumir Lemus Gonzalez. View on Hooping.org.
6. Tiana Zoumer of Oakland, California, USA. Photo by Julie Hanna. View on Hooping.org.
7. Vivian Lumo of Tampere, Finland. Photo by Mikko Henrik Huotari. View on Hooping.org.


Solo videos may only have one person hooping in them and thanks to a major tie there are ten finalists for this award for you to enjoy:

1) BeYOUty in the World: Featuring Cressie Mae of San Francisco, California, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
2) Circles: Featuring Lisa Lottie of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
3) Hooping Idol 2 Finale – Flashdance: Featuring Hannah Flett of Exeter, England, UK. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
4) Hooping Isn’t Manly: Featuring Matthias Elliott of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
5) Incandescence: Featuring Luna Breeze of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
6) Nick Broyd Performing at SWhoop: Featuring Nick Broyd of Bristol, England, UK. Video by Alan Higgs. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
7 ) Push: Featuring Michele Clark of Taipei, Taiwan. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
8 ) Rachel Meyer – Hula Hoop Artist: Featuring La Rachel of Turin, Italy. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
9 ) Radioactive: Featuring Chad Forsberg of Boulder, Colorado, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
10 ) White: Featuring Khan Wong of San Francisco, California, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.


Our Video of the Year award features two or more people hooping, even if it’s only a little. Watch the eight nominees below:

1) Another Day in the Park: Featuring Michelle Bell and Mike Hancock of Normal, Illinois, USA. Video by Gaby Rodriguez. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
2) Flowscience – A Prop-er Demo: Featuring Carla Snow, Kacie Knight, Katt Kirk and Sheena McNally of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
3) Geronimo: Featuring Nakotah Larance and a young girl of Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. Video by Daniel Pappas. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
4) HELLO!100: Featuring 100 hoopers. Written, directed and choreographed by Bex “THE BEX” Burton of New York, New York, USA. Video by Whitaker Films. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
5) Hoop Party!: Featuring Kellee McQuinn and KidTribe from Venice, California, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
6) Philo’s Sweater: Featuring Anah Reichenbach, Baxter, Beth Lavinder, Donnadimples Stancil, Jeff Medinas, Kandice Korves-Kaus, Khan Wong, Marty Mulkey, Mani Niall, Marria Grace Kee, Nessia Star, Mari Francille, Revolva, Rich Porter, Rob Mills, Sarah Stolar, Shon Nelson, Spiral, Tim Lucian Keough, Victor Ibarra and Zach Fischer. Video by Khan Wong of San Francisco, California, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
7) Platinum Sizzle Reel: Featuring Bunny Hoopstar and Phoebe Linguini of Sydney, Australia, and Deanne Love of Melbourne. Video by Bunny Hoop Star. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
8) Turbo Fest Hula Group: Featuring Aerial Emery, Andrée Brunet, Constanza Sommi and Jade Dussault of Quebec, Quebec, Canada. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.


When it came to hoopers sharing their skills with others on the web, these eight tutorials ranked highest. Watch them below:

1) Brass Monkey: Featuring Natasha “Hoopsie Daisy” Young of Berkeley, California, USA. Video by Hoopsie Daisy. View on Vimeo or Hooping.org.
2) Dirty Pizza Toss Pop Up: Featuring Gail O’Brien of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. Video by Jaguar Mary. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
3) Double Crotchin8or: Featuring Pam Theobold of Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
4) Escalator Variations: Featuring Jo Mondy of Brighton, England, UK. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
5) Horizontal Cats Eye: Featuring Babz Robinson of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
6) Jester Dance: Featuring Jon Coyne of Seattle, Washington, USA. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.
7) Rising Sun Sequence: Featuring Ninja Hoops, aka Marria Grace Kee and Zach Fischer of Oakland, California, USA. Video by Jaguar Mary. View on YouTube or Hooping.org.


What would hooping be without music, right? Listen to the seven nominated tracks below:

1) Alabama Shakes: Hang Loose (Listen).
2) Kalya Scintalla: Dance The Spiral Never Ending (Listen).
3) The Knocks & Fred Falke: Geronimo (Listen).
4) Lindsey Stirling: Crystallize (Listen).
5) Nelly Furtado: Big Hoops (Listen).
6) Spin Matsuri Crew: Turning Around (Listen).


Since 2003 Hooping.org’s mission has been to share the joy of hooping with everyone all over the planet. This award honors events of the year that helped do just that:

1) Chanel Hula Hoop Bag Dazzles Paris Fashion Week.
2) Grace Jones Hula Hoops Up Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.
3) HELLO100! at Figment.
4) Karis Hoops Up American Music Awards with Christina Aguilera.
5) Katie Sunshine Videos Go Viral.
6) New York Times Article Gets Hooping Right.
7) Philip Golle Hula Hoops on Das Supertalent Germany.
8 ) TEDx Talk in Croatia: Clumsy People Jump Through Hoops with Urska Zajec.


We added a new award this year to honor outstanding hoop gatherings and the top six nominees are:

1) Circumference: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2) Hoop Convergence: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Hoop Path 6: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
5) London Hoopfest: London, England, UK
5) Return 2 Roots Hoop Gathering: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
6) SWhoop: Bristol, England, UK


1: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
2: Brighton, England, UK
3: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
4: Los Angeles, California, USA
5: Mexico City, Mexico
6: New York, New York, USA
7: Tampere, Finland
8: Tokyo, Japan


Of those who picked up a hoop for the first time in 2012, these seven stood out as outstanding newcomers to our hoop community:

1) Annika Korento of Kempele, Finland: YouTube.
2) Audrey Simmons of Nipomo, California, USA: YouTube.
3) Caitlin Hofer of Santa Cruz, California, USA: YouTube.
4) Carly VanGills of Ludington, Michigan, USA: YouTube.
5) Jessie Hagler of San Francisco, California, USA: YouTube.
6) Miranda Andy Pelzel of Bryant, Arkansas, USA: YouTube.
7) Nnedi Agbaroji of Austin, Texas, USA: Facebook Video.


A new category this year, Hooping.org recognizes that greatness comes in all ages. Check out our seven nominated finalists who are under 18 years of age below:

1) Aidan Jeavons of Brighton, England, UK: YouTube
2) Jessie Hagler of San Francisco, California, USA: YouTube.
3) Marium Akhter of Karachi, Pakistan: YouTube
4) Riley Helm of Sarasota, Florida, USA: YouTube
5) Pete Morello of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: YouTube
6) Trinity aka Little Miss Hula Hoops of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada: YouTube


1) Caterina Suttin: Austin, Texas, USA
2) Danielle Odette: Golden, Colorado, USA
3) Kenna Hoops: Bristol, England, UK
4) Mary Jane Schroeder: Santa Cruz, California, USA
5) Revolva: Oakland, California, USA
6) Sandra SaFire Sommerville: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
7) Spiral: Berkeley, California, USA
8) Steve Bags: Bristol, England, UK


1) Babz Robinson: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
2) Beth Lavinder: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Carolyn “Caroleeena” Mabry: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
4) Gail O’Brien: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
5) Jo Mondy: Brighton, England, UK
6) Ninja Hoops – Marria Grace Kee and Zach Fischer: Oakland, California, USA


Performing with two or more hoopers, these nominees spun their way to the forefront this year.

1) The Flow Fairies: Based in the Midwest, USA
2) Flowscience: Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
3) The Hoop Unit: Based in San Diego, California, USA
4) Nick Guzzardo and Kit: Based in California and Colorado
5) Nicole Wong and Sarah Stolar: Based in San Francisco, California, USA
6) Ninja Hoops: Based in Oakland, California, USA
7) Platinum: Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia


1) Chad Forsberg: Boulder, Colorado, USA
2) Khan Wong: San Francisco, California, USA
3) Nick Broyd, Bristol, England, UK
4) Nick Guzzardo: Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
5) Malcolm Stuart: Los Angeles, California, USA
6) Matthias Elliott: Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
7) Rico Titou: Hyères, France
8) Steve Bags: Bristol, England, UK


1) Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach: Los Angeles, California, USA
2) Beth Lavinder: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Caterina Suttin: Austin, Texas, USA
4) Henna Matanuska: Tampere, Finland
5) Kenna Hoops: Bristol, England, UK
6) Lara Eastburn: Winona, Texas, USA
7) Luna Breeze: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
8) Tiana Zoumer: Berkeley, California, USA


And finally, Hooping.org created the Hooper Hall of Fame last year to honor the trailblazers who helped make this movement happen, celebrating a hooper’s history and their contributions to the world of hooping. The nominees this year are:

1) Babz Robinson: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
2) Baxter: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Carolyn “Caroleeena” Mabry: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
4) Mat Plendl: Los Angeles, California, USA
5) Philo Hagen: Los Angeles, California, USA
6) Spiral: San Francisco, California, USA


Do you feel better educated for your decision making now? Excellent! Then you’re ready to vote and here is the official ballot.


Hooping.org congratulates all of our nominees this year and we would like to thank all of our panelists for their dedicated service in reviewing the preliminary nominees because it’s a major undertaking – thank you! Comments are welcome below, although campaigning on behalf of one’s loved ones or self is strongly discouraged. Thanks and be sure to tune in tomorrow for our 2012: Year in Review and Honorable Mentions Extravaganza and on Monday, January 28th the winners of the 2013 Hoopie Awards will be revealed. Good luck everybody!

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  1. January 23, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Says there was a problem and could not submit my vote. I’ve been reviewing videos all day at home, reviewed some more here at work and voted. Message says I already submitted votes but I never did. I was on and off the computer reviewing all the entries, then cast my votes this evening. 🙁

    • January 23, 2013 at 7:36 pm

      Read the reply to Hannah in the Facebook comments above on this page (not on Facebook).

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      That’s odd. I won’t even pretend to know how the system works. It’s something that comes in a box and gives you the option to limit voting in certain ways and I checked the box saying “only one vote per IP address”. Why that would be happening I really don’t know.

      It’s remotely possible that you’re getting a cached page from someone else who tried to thwart the system. Our web server (and most) often copy high traffic pages every couple of minutes and serve copies of them to visitors rather than the actual page in order to decrease browser loading time and server overload. Maybe you’re being served a cached page from someone else trying to vote more than once? Our server automatically dumps its cache every couple of minutes and saves a new copy and the url for the page with a voting form or one saying “you have already submitted that form” would be the same so it could serve you that and not know the difference.

      If this is happening, and it’s only a guess, in order to solve it people need to stop trying to vote more than once because in doing so they could be creating this problem for others. If anyone is encouraging people to vote for them or their friends it would be smart to tell people not to vote more than once because people unfortunately don’t read the rules.

      How to deal with this personally? I’d try clearing the cache for your web browser, closing it and relaunching it afterwards and trying again in a few minutes.

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    really nice! funny! and they are cute! 🙂

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    Sounds like lots of people are having this problem. Bummer that the system isn’t working.

  5. Deva Divine
    January 28, 2013 at 8:51 am

    So when are you accepting submissions again? I wish I’d known about this earlier!

    • January 28, 2013 at 12:56 pm

      For the past six years our annual Hoopie Awards celebration has been taking place in January and will return in 2014.

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